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Author: Inktomi

Rash of Hackers Plague Aion Customers, NCSoft slow to respond.

Posted by Inktomi Monday January 25 2010 at 2:56PM
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 Dear Community,

I have many friends that play different games and lately I have been getting reports from my friends that play Aion, that many NCSoft accounts have been hacked. One report from the Aion Online forums here.

It seems that keyloggers are exploiting an unknown system to get players usernames and passwords. They have been witnessed by fellow legionairres that they will log on and change your password. After that they walk straight up to an NPC and sell all over your gear and I guess send the Kinah out to whatever account they want to.

This is unacceptable!

But there are a few ways to protect your account:

  • Keeping your user name and password to yourself; never sharing your password with others, including NCsoft staff.
  • Using good judgment on how you communicate in-game and out-of-game.
  • Protecting your computer system from being accessed by others (hacked).
  • Protecting your computer system from viruses.

Taken directly from the NCSoft Support FAQ.

I got a call this morning from a good friend telling me she lost her account to a hacker. But what she did to protect herself was take screenshots of all her gear and her banked equipment. Also take pictures of your Stigma stones also. 

I have reports that NCSoft has been restoring accounts and replacing certain parts of gear. Some people have had their accounts restored in 48 hours, some it took over a week. Unfortunately they have been overwhelmed of reports of hacked accounts and are working diligently to get things resolved I am told.

If you have found your account to be hacked follow these steps: 

  •  1. Be patient, it took me 1 week + for a reply, and it doesn't matter how many petitions you put in.
  • 2. Have ALL information ready for when they ask you, these can include serial keys accounts, character names etc.
  • 3. Don't be alarmed if you find your AION account banned, it was probably due to Gold Sellers using your acocunt to advertise.
  • 4. Be respectful, when you send E-Mails and petitions remember these are people you are talking to, and as much as you are pissed off they are only human.
  • 5. Since your account got hacked there is a chance you may have a keylogger, so make sure to either scan or do a FULL reformat like i did to minimise the risk of your account being re-stolen.

 Hopefully this problem can get resolved quickly before it's starts having a negative effect on the entire Aion community. 

Play safe,



Lonewolf2nv writes:

I played Aion in beta and right from the start. It was amazing to me to see how NcSoft turned a blind eye right away to gold spammers, seller, and bot farmers. I remember some zones that you could not complete quests in because there might be 20 bots in the zone killing all the mobs. I would use up my 10 reports every day within minutes of logging in. NcSoft finally did a mass ban to get rid of the bots but it took well over a month for them to make that move. They still allow gold sellers to setup up personal auction houses and advertise in game. I mean how hard would it be to have a dev who logs in hits all the major hot spots bans all the morons sitting there obviously selling kinah. About a month ago my account was hacked and I lost everything from all 3 of my characters. Unfortunately it happened on very poor timing, my Grandfather had just passed away and I was out of town for 5 days for the funeral. I came back to the email that my password had been changed by someone and it listed the ip address which I back traced to somewhere in Asia. I contacted ncsoft immediatley and they did respond after a few days. I had to scan all my game keys (I also owned two copies of guild wars with all the expansions) to prove to them that I was the proper owner. After days of back and forth emails (I run a group of 5 NAPA stores I got better things to do than email from home all day) they finally did restore my account passwords to me. I logged in of course to find my characters stripped clean and all the gm would offer me was a basic set of armor for the level of my characters. Now granted I was not rich but I had a little over 3 million kinah between all my characters and some blue armor pieces. Then the GM told me that normally they would ban the account because of the gold selling that was done using my account because they had no way of knowing if it was me or the hacker but seeing the situation with my grandfather they decided not too..... But all my hard work from months of playing was lost. I went to Aion as a casual player with just one friend so I had no friends to really ask for help. They gear they gave me was so horrid I didnt even feel I could tank on level. So I told NcSoft to F off and I canceled my account.

Just a warning I rarely every communicated in game at all because my friend that I played with and I used Vent to communicate. The only sites I had ever visited for Aion was the official site, Aion Armory, and one other whose name escapes me that had quest information. So one of those three sites has to be where the hacker got my information or some form of key logger got on my computer. After the Aion ordeal I was not about to lose my other game accounts so I did a format C and changed all my passwords for all my accounts. I feel like NcSoft is a victim of its own lack of taking care of their game. I guarentee that if you log in right now and go to any of the hot spots you will find a gold seller setup advertising his current price for kinah.


Tue Jan 26 2010 5:59AM Report
Inktomi writes:

 I'm sorry that happened to you Lone. I also agree with you about NC being a victim. I don't know if it's possible to be everywhere at the same time to catch goldspammers. I also think it's part of the communities responsibilities to look out for each other. 

Thank you for the comment. =)

Tue Jan 26 2010 10:45PM Report
Noobkilar writes:

TBH I think NCsort has a corrupt member or members of staff, this is just too odd to even happen for most parts aion armory also runs warhammer sites same server and they never got a massive hack flux. It's aions staff sorry, but they are corrupt.

Fri Jan 29 2010 5:07AM Report
Lonewolf2nv writes:

Just wanted to add a little information, the 3rd site I visited as Aion Source a site that NcSoft says is legit. But my friend who plays also decided to test the theory that they are the problem. So he signed up for their forums and within a day he got an email that looked legit giving the your account password has been changed by x IP address, if you did not request this click this link which when he did his virus software popped up and said hey this doesnt look right. He said the email looked like it came from ncsoft but it clearly did not. The funny part is he made up a fake email account and of course just some random password so he was never in any danger of losing his account. He posted in the Aion forums about what he had found and he told me there were other posts on there pointing fingers as aion source as well. I do not know if it is a ncsoft employee or not but I know the only person who knew my login information was my wife, myself and ncsoft.

Sat Jan 30 2010 6:36AM Report writes:
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