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Cool down: Behind the Scenes

Posted by WonderKing Wednesday November 25 2009 at 2:22PM
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Written by Tommy Luo
Assistant Product Manager


During every cool down period, there is always a great deal of work to accomplish and a different set of challenges that the WonderKing team has to face. This is a Behind the Scenes look at the cool down periods of WonderKing.

Closed Beta I – The Weeks Before Launch
Prior to our first Closed Beta, the WonderKing team had many big tasks, but one of which required a great deal of work: Game Text.
We wanted to make sure our text was understandable to all ages. So we worked hard to review the text to make sure everything was written perfectly.
“Even after it was deemed ready to be inserted into the game, I remember so many people working after hours just to make sure that the version of the text we have is perfected upon the launch of our first Closed Beta. We made the effort to color up the text so that they’re not only understandable by players of all ages, but they sound great to readers that enjoy the storytelling element of a RPG,” said [GM]JustWondering.

The WonderKing team finished all the text reviews and they were inserted into the game. Closed Beta launched successfully on June 16, 2009.

Closed Beta I Cool Down Period
During Closed Beta I, the WonderKing team exclusively tested out the second advancement classes. It was the most anticipated feature that we were introducing to the game, so it was tested extensively.
In addition to the second advancement, the WonderKing team focused on the new maps we were introducing. Further text QA, as well as game QA was necessary for this phase. The WonderKing team finished in time for the next phase to launch successfully with these tasks fully accomplished.

Closed Beta II Cool Down Period
When Closed Beta II ended on August 27th, it began the longest cool down period between WonderKing closed betas. This cool down period consisted of game QA activities after new patches were implemented of our newest feature, the Guild War. Upon trials and errors within every patch, it was very important to getting Guild Wars just the way we wanted it.
[GM]JustWondering and [GM]Luna also continued working on articles to further promote WonderKing through various social network channels including Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, etc. This was one of the busiest times for the WonderKing team.

To entertain our fans during this cool down period, the WonderKing team created various events. [GM]Zabu came up with the idea to give our users a great challenge of mounting up fans to achieve certain milestones in Facebook, to give the entire player base to earn a Shabel mount in the next patch. It was a great success and our fans managed to reach the milestone with a week to spare.

Closed Beta III Cool Down Period
This is the cool down period the WonderKing team is currently working on. The team completed its first full 1st advancement balance report.
“I felt that we could improve on the first balance report that we gave out. So what I did was to start on another one as soon as possible,” said [GM]JustWondering, “We’ve taken the initiative to complete this as soon as Closed Beta III started and I am very optimistic this will improve balance in the game”
The most memorable experience during the closed betas is the steady increase of the number of fans on social network sites. The WonderKing social network has been growing steadily ever since they first came to be. Currently, WonderKing Facebook boasts 12,033 fans, MySpace has 1,414 friends, and the forum has 9,910 players communicating frequently with each other, anticipating what the next phase would bring. Even now, the number of fans for WonderKing continues to grow.
We’ve accomplished many things so far so that I’m very proud of our team,” said [GM]Zabu, “However, we aren’t satisfied with just this. We will never stop striving for perfection in WonderKing.”
“I really think that the sky is the limit for WonderKing,” [GM]JustWondering states, “Every cool down period had its own set of challenges, and we conquered them all. I have no reason to believe that we will ever fail. Every set of new challenges brings a test to us, and we are fully equipped to meet that challenge. I can safely say that we are getting closer to the launch of WonderKing with every passing day.” writes:
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