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Ignited Games Blog

Ignited Games is a leading publisher of online games world-wide. Read our blog for the latest games news, previews, and much more!

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WindSlayer 2: Ranged Classes

Posted by IgnitedGames Thursday October 27 2011 at 12:39AM
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Tommy Luo


Greetings once again Slayers!
With Closed Beta Testing in full swing and players embarking on epic adventurers in the world of Beuritania, it is time to make another entry into the developer’s diary. Last time we covered WindSlayer 2’s tenacious Melee classes. This time we’ll be previewing the Ranged classes: Priest, Mage and Archer.
Aces of Artillery
Unlike the seemingly indomitable melee classes that thirst for close encounters, the ranged classes draw their powers from the arcane forces of magic or impressive weaponry to assail their enemies from afar. With an array of destructive spells, crowd control effects and buffs, the ranged classes can not only keep their enemies at bay but can also provide cover and relief to their party members. Typically seen as frail and vulnerable, this is not the case as each ranged class can completely change the tide of battle and surprise their foes at a moment’s notice.
The Pious Priest
Priests are unparalleled in their power to preserve life, restoring the health and spirits of their followers. They are also known to wield righteous spells to smite their adversaries from the heavens. Their magic is for the people; its purpose is to heal the body and protect the innocent, although some Priests have taken to extremes to profess their beliefs in an almost villainous way. Depending on the path chosen, Priests can become extremely potent healers as a Bishop or embark on the dark side to become a Dark Priest.
The Mystical Mage
A Mage studies the flow of magic and bends it to their will to enable them to conjure more powerful spells or to summon and control the elements. In battle they are extremely lethal, casting destructive magical spells that are unparalleled, but lack the physical strength of others due to their pursuit of scholarly perfection. This is only a minor inconvenience to Mages though, as they can easily teleport away from foes getting too close or even levitate and dash away.
The Adept Archer
The masters of ranged combat, Archers are deeply in tune with their nature and their senses. Using their surroundings to their advantage, an Archer can easily stalk and vanquish their prey with ferocious efficiency. Their marksmanship skills are renowned throughout the lands, making them ideal Snipers and bounty hunters. Some Archers, known as Beast Masters, choose to delve deeper into their bond with nature, connecting with the beasts that populate the world and calling upon them to do their bidding.
The Adventure Has Just Begun
Even though they appear to be weaker in strength than the melee classes, WindSlayer 2’s ranged classes can prove to be just as commanding on the battlefield as their counterparts. Taking advantage of their reach and abilities, the ranged classes are essential to any adventuring party looking to conquer the evils in the world.
Now that you are aware of the character options available to you, next week we’ll be discussing the economics of WindSlayer 2 including crafting, enchanting, gathering and the Flea Market. Make sure you visit our newly launched forumsand ‘Like’ us on Facebookas well.

WindSlayer 2 Launches into Closed Beta!

Posted by IgnitedGames Thursday October 20 2011 at 9:40PM
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Shared by Tommy Luo


Gamers looking for their next online fantasy adventure can join the closed beta test (CBT) for WindSlayer 2,Ignited Games’ 2D side-scrolling, multi-player, online role-playing game (RPG), which is now live. Players interested in experiencing WindSlayer 2’s fast-paced action can register for a beta key by heading to the game’s official site.

Featuring colorfully rendered 3D characters converted to a fast-paced 2D gameplay experience, WindSlayer 2 delivers a dynamic visual presentation. Players battle their way through the mythical world of Beuritania, dealing fast and powerful attack combos to vanquish their foes.
The CBT includes a wide variety of events and special opportunities, including:
  • Bragging Rights – Players participating in the CBT will receive a symbol denoting their status, which will appear next to their character name and remain even after WindSlayer 2’s official launch.
  • GM Events – Game Masters will interact with players during the closed beta, engaging in Hide N’ Seek and Monster Invasion.
  • Facebook Events – Players who join and participate in WindSlayer 2’s Facebook community can receive additional in-game rewards.
During closed beta, WindSlayer 2 players can advance to Level 60, while participating in hours of high-level content. Players with beta codes can participate in closed beta testing by visiting the game’s website at For the latest update on WindSlayer 2, fans can like the game on Facebook at

WindSlayer 2: Melee Classes

Posted by IgnitedGames Sunday October 16 2011 at 5:17PM
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Tommy Luo


Greetings WindSlayer 2 Fans!
This is Tommy Luo, the lead producer of WindSlayer 2, bringing you another entry into the developer’s diary. As we get closer to release, we wanted to give you a peek at our Melee classes; Warrior, Rogue and Monk.
Champions of Close Combat!
If you enjoy diving head first into hoards of enemies, dealing impressive damage while being able to take quite a bit as well, then a melee class is perfect for you. Specializing in close-range combat, these classes require the player to make decisions on the fly, whether it is inflicting precise and lethal damage or protecting their self or party. Each melee classis unique in its mechanics, so how the player chooses to react in battle will decide which class they wish to pursue.
Way of the Warrior
Warriors are possibly the toughestand most durable melee class. They are able to withstand and inflict an incredible amount of damage using the highest quality armor and weapons in Beuritania. This allows them to draw enemies’ attention away from the weaker party members.  Later in their careers, Warriors can develop advanced combat techniques choosing to either focus on annihilating enemies as a Berserker, or strengthen their resolve to endure vicious battles as a Paladin. Regardless of choice,Warriors are a force to be reckoned with and instill fear onto their adversaries.
The Renegade Rogue
On the opposite end of standing stalwart in the face of enemies as a Warrior, Rogues prefer to dispatch their foes from the shadows. With their ability to stealth, Rogues launch surprise attacks and are able to deliver astonishing amounts of damage quickly. If leaving scores of decimated enemies in your wake piques your interest, training to become an Assassin is the logical next step; but if subjugation and torment is your desire, then a Trapper can bring you quite a bit of satisfaction. It is the delight in pain and gold bounties that drives a Rogue’s passion.
The Masterful Monk
Embodying the truest form of melee combat, Monks rely on their fists and steel-like physique, which have been hardened by constant training and meditation. Based on quick and powerful martial arts skills, Monks have honed their entire being into a deadly fighting machine by disciplining their bodies and minds. Some Monks are known to be reclusive, preferring not to fight unless provoked or dishonored. These Monks, known as Counters, emphasize the mental approach of training, observing an enemy’s weakness and using it against them. Another sect of Monks, distinguished as Fighters, prefer to travel the world and test their skills in tournaments and duels to achieve their true potential.
Whom Will You Choose?
As you can see, there are a number of ways to jump into the fray and combat enemies face to face in WindSlayer 2. How you choose to tackle combat is up to you, but I hope this entry helps to make up your mind. There are plenty of abilities and combos that each class can unlock to maximize their damage potential and impress their comrades.
Be sure to read next week’s installment regarding WindSlayer 2's Ranged classes: the Priest, Mage and Archer. If youhaven’t already, make sure to visit the WindSlayer 2 website to sign up for closed beta, become a Facebook fan to discuss everything WindSlayer 2 with your friends and get our latest tweets on Twitter as well.

Introducing WindSlayer 2!

Posted by IgnitedGames Monday October 10 2011 at 12:44PM
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Tommy Luo


My name is Tommy Luo and I am the lead producer for WindSlayer 2. In this developer's diary, the first of many to come, I wanted to share with you the three incredible aspects of WindSlayer 2!

Incredible Graphics!

WindSlayer 2 is a 2-D, side-scrolling MMORPG with distinctive graphics that sets it apart from other 2-D games. There are charming character designs, beautiful background locations and scenes, and many incredible skill animation clips that will surprise you throughout your heroic journey!

Incredible Action!

Players can take on the role of an Archer, Mage, Priest, Monk, Rogue or Warrior and grow their character's ability, allowing them to evolve into more powerful classes to unlock dynamic combos with new techniques.

You can dash around, double jump and even triple-jump to engage your enemies. The monsters will follow you and try to attack you. While you lure all of them together in a spot, you can use your blazing magic skills to defeat them and put them to rest!

Incredible Story!

Players are taken into a series of tales that focus on a young hero who seeks to rescue the Beloved Mother from the evil darkness. There are many obstacles all players must go through from fighting bosses to solving major puzzles to obtain a key to a mysterious land.

In fact, WindSlayer 2's story has only just begun. Our team has been working continuously with the localization team to evolve the story and share our chronicle plots with the game developers to create content that immerses you into the story.

We welcome all of you to sign up on the WindSlayer 2 website for the closed beta and experience a fast and entertaining 2-D, side-scrolling world.

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