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Posted by WonderKing Thursday October 15 2009 at 6:05PM
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Written by Tommy Luo
Assistant Product Manager


Mages have the two most contrasting skill paths of any character class in WonderKing. One path leads to the most powerful spell caster in the game: the Wizard. The other leads to becoming the most essential member of any group: the Priest.

Initially, Mages get off to a slow start due to their dependence on their mana supply. Their low vitality combined with the mana drain involved in essential spellcasting forces them to drink a lot of positions, and the cost adds up quickly. Furthermore, their lack of combo attacks makes it tough for Mages to hold their ground, especially compared to other classes. However, despite their shortcomings, they are by far the most powerful “area–effect” magic class. Given time, Mages attacks can do status ailments on multiple enemies with a single skill, while dealing devastating damage. They also gain the “Magic Shield” ability that serves as a powerful line of defense, bolstering their current physical armor while converting some of the damage taken into mana. For the patient player, Mages are one of the most rewarding characters in the game.

At level 30, Mages make a major decision; they can either become a dynamic damage-dealer or WonderKing’s best support class. Wizards are masters of elemental magic, while Priests are skilled healers who are essential for successful party play.

Wizards start off fairly simply as they bolster their previous elemental talents. Upon reaching mid-level, their spell arsenal becomes a major force to reckoned with. Gifted in the use of elemental magic, Wizards are able to sprout volcanoes from the ground, summon bolts of lightning from the sky, and launch a legion of ice needles at enemies. These abilities are useful for more than simply attacking foes. The volcanic eruption stops enemies in their tracks, stunned by the fiery boulders that shoot up from the ground. The lightning bolts can shock enemies, while the ice needles push enemies back and freeze them in place. A Wizard excels in burst damage, taking away a chunk of an enemy’s health at once, but the cooldown in their ability forces them keep a safe distance. To keep clear of foes, Wizards have a teleportation ability in lieu of the other characters’ dash. The teleport ability moves the Wizard further than a regular dash, while bypassing all physical obstacles that get in the way. This is a unique feature given only to Mages. Upon reaching level 80, Wizards delve into the realm of dark magic, adding to their already impressive knowledge of elemental manipulation. When they harness the darkness, Wizards earn the right to call themselves Warlocks.

Priests take the opposite approach of Wizards. They have the largest supply of character enhancements with which to bolster their party, as well as curative magic to help their allies stay in combat longer. Priests are indispensable when parties explore a dangerous dungeon. While they don’t deal the most damage, they are not to be underestimated. The Priest is able to launch an exploding Holy Cross from their staff, knocking enemies back multiple times and stunning them in the process. Although the Priest does not boast a great defense, enemies will learn to regret attacking this holy warrior. The Priest can summon a holy bolt, harness it and turn it into armor. This divine might will instantly strike any foe who dares to approach. At level 80, the Priest becomes a Saint. This powerful character is loved by the gods, protected by the divine, and revered as a hallowed being among humans.

The Mage class may suffer at low levels, but quickly becomes a powerful character with highly sought-after skills. Higher level Mages make great partners, filling both destructive and supportive roles. Mages are easy to overlook, but deep down they are a powerful ally and an asset to any battle.

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