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Ignited Games Blog

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Author: IgnitedGames

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Closed Beta in Review

Posted by WonderKing Thursday August 20 2009 at 12:20PM
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WonderKing’s Closed Beta launch can be best described as wild and entertaining. I am hesitant in using the term “wildly entertaining,” because it was both mayhem and a joyous event at the beginning of Closed Beta. Imagine over 1,000 users playing in one area competing with each other to kill one rabbit for a quest. That could not have been entertaining for certain users, given that their mob kills were stolen from them occasionally, but those who managed to complete the quest right away were satisfied indeed. We also created characters and joined them in the chaos. It was definitely fun for everyone interacting with each other.

The beta reception was amazing. We had positive reviews from a large majority of our community. The competitive nature of our players urged them to reach the highest level and explore every area that the game had to offer. Rare drops played a big role as users boasted in the forums about obtaining rare equipment such as Jackpot Rifles and reaching high levels of Enchantments for their Saw Sabers. The Mission features of WonderKing were highly praised by users as they ventured into personal portals with their friends and fought off legions of mobs.

Our objective for Closed Beta was to test the game at a larger scale and see how users would interact with each other, what the various things we needed to change were, and hear what the community had to say. We had users submit bug reports to help us in our efforts to create a more perfect WonderKing. Also, we were eager to have users participate because we wanted to see if they would encounter any technical difficulties so that we could try to fix the problem as soon as possible and continue providing enjoyable game play.

One of the major bugs we fixed was the passive nature of boss mobs inside mission portals. Most boss mobs would just stand around while users would unleash a flurry of attacks and reap the rewards from its remains. This posed no challenge for users to gain high quality items and the boss monster could be farmed. Now, users must face an aggressive and challenging boss monster that will only relinquish its items to formidable players. One of WonderKing’s biggest features, PvP, also had a major bug in certain maps. Upon accepting a challenge from another player, the map would not allow players to participate in PvP and would disconnect them. We wanted PvP to be a prominent feature in WonderKing so we resolved the issue quickly so that users could enjoy battling each other. We are now able to witness epic duels between players.

It was a bittersweet sensation to see Closed Beta come to an end. But to every ending, there is a new beginning. Closed Beta II has launched on August 13, 2009 and we are very eager to see what adventures our users will have in it.


scaarab writes:

This person obviosly fails to realize that its impossible to lvl a mage beyond lvl 7 without outside help and that it may be not so fun for those who doesen't want to make an another char just to feed their main, cuz potions take away all their money, and they have no way to hunt other than using ridiculously nerfed skills. Or going around using ther staff and try mellee(guess the outcome)

There is no such things as player interractions as magic classes get only lvl ed up by zerg/HC guilds, who will need em at later lvls(100+ ??),  to deal massive damage, as a SUPPORT class, and not DPS. at the 2nd day of CB they "fixed" a skill which was AOE hit mobs three times, thus allowing mages to have the same damage output as a warrior or a thief who use phisical attacks(they dont need mana) they fixed this, so it wont go thru mobs, it wont hit but one time, and it is not healing either(skill description still says, it heals friendlies btw).

1 day ago we had an another "EMERGENCY SERVER MAINTENANCE" We mages know this means: "WE FRIGGIN GONNA NERF THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!" Now every and all classes got their skills "fixed" Priest got even more nerfed, since even tho we have buffs, and 1 holy elemental attack, which is an AOE (needs some skills to be able to aim properly btw) NOW! We got the buffs nerfed in a way, we will never get into a party ever again. Now everyone is making knigths since they can take a tonn of damage and still stand despite they are weak at offense. OHH!! I forgot to say, thats a 2nd job at lvl 30... (first job advance)Good luck getting there with the nerfbat hitting wherever furtuna never shine. The dev team and the guys running the game, never heard of something like "BALANCING" they think a WIZARD is a SUPPORT CLASS.... They were biased towards warriors since the beginnning now they like knigths... when they get bored of their knigths they just nerf em as well. its riddiculous how they do business. They are changing skills drastically, yet fail to provide reskill items so we could change our builds according to their changes. They fail to provide us with PATCH NOTES so we have to find out every little change ourselves. Sometimes wasting away valuable skillpoints since, you cant see the skills, only after U put at least 1 lvl into them(Yes lvl, there are skills for classes that take 5-10 points per lvl, u get 2 skillpoints / lvl)

Epic duels mean: "a lagfest where the guy with more luck(real life luck) gets to win, it has nothing with ingame skills, or gamer skills." There are no such things as EPIC duels, since U cant duel properly since U LAG WAY TOO MUCH!.

If you ever see the games forums, and I suggest you reader who migth want to check this game out, to start there, you will see the riddiculous injustice going on. Drama as banning totally legit characters cuz they powerlvl eachother and they lvl fast. Yet fail to find the guy who hits every mob on the map with one swing, and teleports all around said map even though they get detailed explanation is an everyday thing. Nerfing classes that are already really week is not uncommon. Giving a shit about players is. Making weird "adjustments" to skills is common. Making a game totally different that ALL the other versions is totally common.


Sorry for my bad english, but I doubt nDoors deserves my time and effort to write in a proper manner. When they treat games as humans, and not as insignificant scum, THEN I may study english a bit more.

Thu Aug 20 2009 4:08PM Report
choujiofkono writes:

Wow.  They call it beta for a reason...   .    .        .

Thu Aug 20 2009 9:34PM Report
Trucidation writes:

@choujiofkono: beta means testing before release. Not the corrupted meaning it has come to take, using players as guinea pigs to find bugs and imbalances that were supposed to have been ironed out during the freaking DESIGN stage.

Imagine if the automobile industry operated on the same design principles. GM's new car would come with shiny chrome spinners, but good luck with that untested brake system, and god help you figure out why turning on the stereo also makes the car shift into reverse.

Alpha builds are there for a reason.

Sun Aug 23 2009 8:31PM Report
mas5949 writes:

Wonderking, while pretty and had some nifty features, just didn't have that lasting appeal that Maplestory has. Unless it brings something that really stands out, it's never going to make it.

Mon Aug 24 2009 9:50PM Report
Loathly writes:

It's just a nice try to copy-paste MapleStory. Don't get me wrong, I like the game but, it has so many cheaters that it brings me the feeling that this game never going to make it.

Good luck.

Tue Aug 25 2009 6:19AM Report
slask777 writes:

Cute game. Not for me though. Seems aimed at kids, allthough I must admit, I love a good platformer, which this game seems to be a hybrid of.

Tue Aug 25 2009 7:18AM Report writes:
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