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Casual Thoughts from a Semi-Retired Philosopher

I play MMOs as an alternative to TV. Sometimes it even turns into quality time with the wife and daughter. Most of the time it's a distraction from doing something productive or meaningful.

Author: Hluill

Trying out Mortal Online

Posted by Hluill Friday May 13 2011 at 4:11PM
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And it has been a struggle.  I really want to love this game, but I the process easily reminds of the time I wanted to date the cute cheerleader.  Sweet girl, but I just couldn't stomach the perky shallowness, real or feigned.

So my relationship with Mortal started with cruising their forums years ago.  The idea of an open-world, skill-based MMO really intrigues me.  I like having the the ability to make my character the way I want and not be hemmed in by classes and levels.

Last December, I was bored with LotRO and EQ2 and Vanguard, so ordered the game disk.  Weeks later I receive an email saying my subscription has run out.  Huh, I haven't even received the disk yet.  This isn't a good sign.

When I receive the disk, I install it, but it won't run.  Yeah, did the un-install-re-install thing.  I emailed tech support back and forth.  And then did the download.  Three days of uninterruptable downloading later, it still won't run.  Dissappointed, I give up on Mortal and get back into Vanguard and working with the girlfriend's guild in EQ2.

Then my computer meets an untimely demise.  May it rest in peace, or, um, pieces.

So I start the process of breaking in a new computer: installing, copying and downloading.  I am using the girlfriend's high-speed so, intrigued by the fourteen-day free-trial and the upcoming expansion, I try downloading Mortal again.  Remember me mentioning three days of UNINTERRUPTABLE downloading?  Yeah, well with the patches it's now almost four days of like three, three-thousand mega-byte downloads and some little ones.  My girlfriend dutifully monitered the process.

And, surprise, surprise, surprise!  It ran!

Trying to log on, I learn that I don't get a fourteen-day free-trial and must subscribe for one to six months.  Oh well, it's not too expensive.

So, now I am logging in a rolling up the Nave version of Hluill.

Character creation is pretty barebones.  None of the models are attractive, at all.  But that's okay, because the game is all in first-person and one only sees his character in the profile's paperdoll.  Consequently, a lot of folks are running around naked, oblivous to their own flacid penises...

So there is that. 

Then there is the whole open world thing.  Yeah, no mater what your character's age, he starts off knowing nothing about anything.  Dialogue a couple NPCs to learn some skills, which are so low they are almost worthless.

Activities for starting characters?  chop wood, gather rocks and mushrooms.  This increases skills and attributes.  Sell the stuff you've gathered to make money to buy books to learn the skills you'll need to be able to do anything.

The problem is, the books are really expensive.  Like plan on spending hours of looking at your axe hitting a tree or rock, which will also get your strength up...

Yeah, Hluill starts in his home village of Vadda, thirty-five years-old, knowing nothing, not even how to jump.  A few places mention character backgrounds, but I never saw them during creation.  Maybe the expansion will help some of this.

So far, Hluill is still in rags, hunting deer, training his sprinting and jumping and a myriad of combat skills.  And he still can't afford a book.

Jumdor writes:

Wow. How harsh is that. Not your review but the game. I actually just finished downloading the client and just registered to try and play it. I hope I find it more appealing than that, but I could understand if I do not.

Good read and I liked how you broke it down with little bits about personal life thrown in.

I have major interest in a game with the aspects they discuss as well, but not at the cost of my immense amount of time dedicated to buying books. I'm a warrior I can't read! =P 

Anyway cheers and kudos on the post.

Fri May 13 2011 7:17PM Report
Hodo writes:

That oddly enough sums up MO nicely.   Hit trees and rocks till you can buy a book, and hope you dont get ganked while doing it.

Sat May 14 2011 12:06AM Report
Hluill writes:

I will say that Hluill has not bought any books.  Many of the skills are trainable by doing them: lots of sprinting, jumping and swinging my short sword.  The advantage of books is that the charcter can learn a skill while doing other things.  So, the popular method is to gather stacks of wood, sell them, buy books (and more hatchets), skill up while reading them WHILE chopping more wood.

And, surprise, surprise, Hluill has not been ganked once. 

Sun May 15 2011 9:09AM Report writes:
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