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I Intend to use this blog towards the primary ends of clearing up misconceptions. Diffusing Buzz Words. And, providing viable definition for otherwise watered down terminology. It is also opinion based. Though sometimes very assertive, take it as such.

Author: Helleri

A Dynamic MMOG?

Posted by Helleri Monday April 22 2013 at 9:45AM
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  What does this mean? To my mind, this has become another one of our many ‘buzzwords’. We talk about how dynamic a game is or is not, without even taking a second to stop and realize that all MMOG are both dynamic on the whole and have many dynamics within them… Let’s start by taking a look at the words two best and highest use definitions (definitions source from a cross-reference between the Oxford Dictionary of English and the Merriam-Webster’s English Dictionary.):



1 (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress: a dynamic economy.


2  a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.


  So, an MMOG could be called dynamic because the developers add new content, in the way of items, quests, NPC’s, abilities etc. that further the development of the game.


  But, if this same game has a static world in which player decision does not change the way things appear or function much, or if we happen to view new content being injected into the game as generic or unnecessary…we can also say that game is not dynamic?


  This makes no sense. Something either fits a definition or it does not… And, an MMOG cannot be both dynamic and un-dynamic. The fact that all extant MMOG’s fit the definition in at least one real sense makes them dynamic systems. And, we don’t get to revoke that status, because one aspect within the system of an MMOG is more static then we would like.


  You don’t need to go on a hard hunt for a Dynamic MMOG in order to find one…just click on anything in this sites game list and play. You may not like the style of play or some of the sub-systems within the game that help make up the game as a whole… But, it does not make them any less dynamic. And it is entirely unfair to call an MMOG ‘Not Dynamic’ because it does not fit an uninformed/misinformed definition of the word.

What is an MMO vs. an MMORPG?

Posted by Helleri Sunday April 14 2013 at 9:20AM
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[Note: This is a rant. This is my blog and a I feel entitled to one on it every-so-often.]


  An MMO, firstly, is an incomplete acronym (and one could argue fairly a perturbation).

  It is a contraction MMOG (Which stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Game).  As an acronym is already the most compacted form of a contraction, reducing MMOG to MMO is both redundant and harmful towards being clear about what we mean.  MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) simply does not make sense as a descriptor without a target for what it is describing. And, it is a term I feel we should stop using.


  So, why do you see it used so many places instead of MMOG or MMORPG?  

  It seems vague. And, that is exactly why it is used.  In order to allow things that would normally not fit into the MMORPG genre to ‘join in the reindeer games’. MMOG was by itself a way to do this as more and more games that were not MMORPG’s – But, launched from the same principle of being played online with other people - were being created. This allows types of online games such as MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) to be lumped in with MMORPG’s in their categorization.


  But, you may still be wondering why the G is commonly dropped from MMOG.

  Because, MMOG is not vague enough (apparently).  While MMOG allows something like a battle arena we play with each other online or a real time strategy game of the same level of interactivity into the fold. It does not allow for things we can do virtually online in a persistent environment that are not necessarily games. This would be your social MMO or Building and Exploration Platform or 3D chats.


  So, this is where we come to the meat of the confusion and the contention I take with this…

  In order to be ‘fair’ we have allowed our genre’s very definition to be chopped away at. So that, almost anything that can be  participated in online with other people, is an MMO.


  And, I for one have to ask…When will face book be added to the games list? I mean it is massive, it is persistent (In fact it is constantly in your face all over the internet and especially in your face if you have a smart phone). It is multi user as well.  It’s content rich, And there is something competitive or game like about it.


[Note: I am being sarcastic.]


  In my opinion we would be better off if we take a few steps back. Have a good look at what we got up. And, trim down the game list to only include things that truly merit being there. It is one thing to make a new acronym like MMOARPG (the ‘A’ emphasizing ‘Action’) to reflect that a game is an MMORPG that is largely based in combat. Adding one or two letters, if nothing else makes it more descriptive. It is another thing entirely, to butcher our own terminology so much that we might as well change the site address to


[Note: That domain name is available…And yes, again you may again infer sarcasm.]


  This not only does a disservice to our sanity, by proliferating misnomers and poor description in discussions - that leads to confusions and arguments - But, it buries real MMORPG’s that may never get noticed under a pile of games that have mistakenly found a fit.


  Seriously... a line needs to be drawn somewhere, and just because a site calls itself an MMO (which should be a tip off, that even its developers don’t know what to classify it as or are hoping to ride the buzzword train) that doesn’t mean we should.  If we continue to allow the bar to be lowered, then nothing we have to say about the realm of gaming this site is supposed to deal with is credible.

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