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What if..

My MMO thoughts and desires for all to enjoy (or flame). Sometimes it may be worthless, others may be a diamond in the rough. I hope to spark, tickle or cause thoughtful conversation.

Author: Hathi

The WAR Movie basics

Posted by Hathi Friday August 31 2007 at 4:05PM
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Wouldn’t be interesting to have a Warhammer Movie buttress near the release or the Age of Reckoning game? Now that we know a book is to be published, at least we havea chance for an investor to try to make a movie. Heck we had movies made on similar genres including Dungeons and Dragons.
Lots of IP to draw from of course. This Warhammer film can also be tied into contemporary issues as well. The Empire can be loosely tied to the countries trying to beat back the wave of destructive forces (terrorism). The Destructive side can have their point of view told as well and portray themselves and defenders against Empire “imperialism” or stopping its blasphemous influence from spreading.
Now I realize this is not the true, die hard theme of the Warhammer backround. Nor it is exactly fitting for the Warhammer Online game. Warhammer is all about strife and a never ending struggle. To those not familiar with Warhammer at all, you may get a shrug response with “Just another fantasy based war film” and the most likely comparison with “Lord of the Rings”. So, I think for a Warhammer film to have success, there has to be a believable reason for these races to fight. We don’t have to end the war in 2 hours, not even in a trilogy series. But there has to be a sign of progress in our protagonists agenda. There has to be a villain as well. Although the villain can be adored like Darth Vader. 
So just to play around a bit, what actors would you consider for what types of roles?
I can’t imagine having a major character role for each of the WAR careers in a film setting. Even in Lord of the Rings, we have only a few of the fellowship which we follow closely. Figure we only have 2 hours to make a picture, so I would focus time on order heroes and destruction generals. The iconic types.
Picture each of these actors narrating the movie from their point of view. The warrior priest on the brink of desperation against a soulless foe who numbers seem to be legion. The Chaos Magus loyal the Chaos cause and campaigning against the blasphemers of the Empire. The Dwarven Captain trying to rally his comrades from the loss of his home a few years ago by alien invaders that seek nothing but blood. A Druchii making her case against the usupers of the glorious elven kingdom. She is driven by hate because of this apparent political upheaval. The archmage is part of the nobility, almost living in fear of the terrorist like tactics of the “insurgents”. The elven kingdom falls from peace into a police like state in the hopes to end insurgent incursions which seem relentless and more and more difficult to stop.
Main characters
Warrior Priest – Jason Statham would be great
Witchhunter – Hugh Jackman looks good especially since he played in Van Helsing
Knight of Blazing Sun - Gerard Depardieu seems to fit for me
Bright Wizard – Vincent Cassel
Dwarf main character – John Rhys Davies (of course!)
High Elven Archmage – Kate Blanchett seems perfect for this noble beauty.
Orcs – just use WWF or similar wrestlers and use computer graphics
Chosen - Vin Diesel would work for me
Marauder – Clancy Brown is always a safe choice. Can also be Chosen too.
Chaos Magus – Colm Feore – A perfect leader of the twisted arts, as he was playing Lord Marshal in Chronicles of Riddick
Witch Elf – Alexa Davalos was a natural match with Vin Diesel. I have no reason not to put her in dark elven gear

Kristanna Loken would look sweet as well either as a Witch Elf or Sorceress

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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