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What if..

My MMO thoughts and desires for all to enjoy (or flame). Sometimes it may be worthless, others may be a diamond in the rough. I hope to spark, tickle or cause thoughtful conversation.

Author: Hathi

Insect Online - can it be done?

Posted by Hathi Tuesday February 17 2009 at 10:38AM
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 Deadly Creatures – the first step to a interesting world - Insect Online


Ever see those movies like “Honey, I shrank the Kids”?, “Bee Movie”, “Antz”, “Bully”?

These movies did spark interest. Numerous single player games about playing a bug are also out there. Maybe they were not blockbusters but this game stimulated some neurons.


Deadly Creatures appears to be a game where we can enjoy an environment where your world is not in a far away place, but in our backyard. Its scenery is not of mountains, lakes, river and vistas. The points of interest include a closet, a soda can or giant shovel. The hazards of insect life are challenging. Survive other insects, predatory reptiles, and a human shoe or (insert rolled up hand held tool here).


Insect Online would be a interesting reach into our MMO genre. You can put a twist on things so the game is not too foreign to us. Change is scary.


Insects have interesting “skills”. They have ranged weaponry, regeneration, armor, poison, flight, webs, light, etc and some even have professions. Insects have soldiers, hunters, assassins, queens, crafters (workers), etc.


So there is plenty of room to work with in an MMO game. Now how can a game go from Spiders vs Scorpions into a vast MMO system?


This is where we pull a little fantasy from the Pixar movies. We personalize our bugs with the option of humanizing our faces. We can throw in a small face like in Charlotte’s Web can’t we? Or if we don’t like a face, keep the natural look. Customization is a key to an MMO success, right?


But insects don’t have gear. This is MMO blasphemy! City of Heroes did not launch with permanent gear either, the game used enhancements. Electronic Arts hit game Spore offers evolutionary pieces to the creatures that can also act as gear.

Gear fanatics do not despair. Who says you have to look the same all the time? Why can’t that Praying Mantis avatar pick up a piece of bark and don it for additional protection? Why can’t a Wasp avatar snack on a meal laced with radiation for a freakish result?  A clever Soldier ant comes across a bleb of Elmers glue and a sharp toothpick and voila! A weapon. Our avatars won’t be wielding Frostmourne, but they can have potent attacks with pincers, horns, venomous tails, dazzling light, bites, stingers, and so on. Loot would be enhancements to ones skills. Legendary items would be evolutionary breakthroughs.

Evolutinary breakthroughs are shape modifying, functional enhancements that are applicable to ones progeny.

Progeny is important is this game. Life is too difficult and too short. It is how the game handles death penalties. If you die, one of your offspring takes your place. An insect is immortal only through its offspring. You would be assigned a mate (and find better ones as you travel) and given your own lair (housing) from which your kids can emerge and prosper.


Our enemies are mighty and vast. Giants named Bobby and Jenny are always threatening with their feet, they wield foreign mauls of death marked with an arcane inscription by a wizard known as Playschool. Hazards like the Bladed Reaper that cleaves the forests must be avoided (Lawnmowers) and the Gas Lords from Orkin always mean certain genocide.


If that weren’t enough, PvP is on. Drop your enemy for enhancements or body parts. Be careful not to mess with those insects associated with a Hive, Colony or Collective (guilds).


Insect Online has potential. 

otomage writes:

I'm surprised to say it, but i agree. Its like a spore MMO, but with enviormental hazards. Nice idea.

Tue Feb 17 2009 10:54AM Report
Kainis writes:

I like it. Now if we could just get a studio to take it up...

Tue Feb 17 2009 10:56AM Report
Sargoth writes:

IO does have potential.  But if it was done in the same fashion as all the rest of the mmo's out there it would fail.  IO would need inovation to comptete in the fantasy market out there now. 

Evolution for levels.  Gear through new body parts.  Your Progeny is interesting but I'm not sure how it would be taken by parents. 

It could be interesting.  You could fly but not have armor.  Armor but not fly.  Jumpers would be the middle ground.  Spttiting damage and poisons. 

The game sounds neat.  I put a lot of time into that Ant sim game where you tried to take over the humans back yard. 

Flesh out the skills traits and what not and pitch it.  Be the next mmo millionaire.

Tue Feb 17 2009 10:58AM Report
TenchiMuyo writes:

I did a blog on this subject just a week ago, there were a lot of good idea's presented. I really hope a developer can pick up on this idea. It may take a decade to get it right...but I'm willing to wait frankly. I hope if a developer does grab this, they take the time and care to do it right. I don't want to see a clone of something else. I want to see it truly original, and to have a lot of thought put into it. If you want to see some of the idea's they presented, here's the link.

Tue Feb 17 2009 1:45PM Report
Hathi writes:

Good stuff Tenchi!

I definitely think as long it is approached for an audience that is over 13 it could make some headway.

It could also break some MMO molds by adding more humor than todays selections. As the Joker would say, "Why So Serious?"

Figure how many ways you can die as an insect and make it humorous. A Big SPLAT with guts everywhere or a pile of sticky goo. A few seconds of your reincarnated self hatching out of an egg sac and you are back in business. You can do a corpse run back to your parts if you want to salvage anything you might have acquired in your travels. Make dying hilarious.

Tue Feb 17 2009 3:24PM Report
TenchiMuyo writes:

Could even make the legs twitch after you die. Like a real bug.

Wed Feb 18 2009 9:17PM Report writes:
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