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Gremrod's Terminal Chat

Chat about Perpetuum and more....

Author: Gremrod

Part 3. Perpetuum - Industry - Mass Production (A Sandbox MMO)

Posted by Gremrod Tuesday December 27 2011 at 4:08PM
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So in the last part I talked about Reverse Engineering. So now it is time to take a look at the mass procduction in Perpetuum.

So once you have a Calibration Template (CT) from the Reverse Engineering process found in Part 2. You can take that CT and place it into a factory line in the factory facility.

Once the CT has been installed into a factory line it can be used to mass produce the item. you can see the components it takes to produce the item(s), the amount of in game currency it will cost for manufacture time and how long it will take.

The amount of lines you can have at any given time depends on the level of certain industry extension for production.

Once the item is finished it will drop into your personal storage hangar.

Well that is it for now.

To check Perpetuum out for yourself head on over to the games official site

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2. Perpetuum - Industry - Reverse Engineering (A Sandbox MMO)

Posted by Gremrod Friday December 23 2011 at 1:27PM
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In part one we looked at Prototyping in Perpetuum. In part 2 I am going to look at Reverse Engineering.

Once you have your prototype you can choose to fit the prototype on a bot or mech. But be advised this can be very expensive to lose if defected on the field. But you do have some beneifits from prototyped modules over regular modules. We can talk about that in another post.

Okay so the best path to take with prototypes is to Reverse Engineer them in the Reverse Engineering Facility.

In the picture above we are going to RE a small sheild generator module to product a Calibration Template (CT) for mass production in the Factory facility. 

There are two requiredments to RE an item, this can be a T1 item or your prototyped item you want to mass produce. 

The second item is a Decoder of the correct level. Decoder

Decoders come in levels from 1 to 10. An item will tell you under the item details what level is required. You can use a decoder of the required level or higher.


The higher the decoder the more efficient your CT will be when you place it into a Factory line for mass production. 

Once the Revserse Engineering process is complete you will have your Calibration Template (CT) that can be used for mass production.

Calibration Template

Now your ready to use the Factory facility. I will cover that in part 3.

Until then I invite you to vist Perpetuum's offical game site at

Until next time.

Part 1

Part 3

Part 1. Perpetuum - Industry - Prototyping (A Sandbox MMO)

Posted by Gremrod Thursday December 22 2011 at 2:53PM
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This is the first part of a three part look at the Perpetuum Industry. Perpetuum has three facilities for the industry side of the game. Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Mass Production (Factory).

In this part I am going to look at the Prototyping facility and what is involved to prototype an item in game.

A player needs to research the alien technology before they can prototype any item. This is accomplished by consuming cubes of data called "Kernels". These kernels contain the alien technology and come in various lines. All alien npcs' can drop these kernels when defeated.

Once a player has researched any item to 100% by consuming the kernels, they can then prototype the item in the Prototyping Facility.

The players character knowledge displays as a tech tree in the Prototyping Facility. The player can then choose which item he/she wants to prototype. Once the item is selected it display a list of needed components to produce the prototype.

Once the prototype is complete, the next step would be to Reverse Engineer the item in the Reverse Engineering facility to produce a Calibration Template (CT).  Once the CT is produced it can be taken to the Factory Facility for mass production.

The prototyping facility is key when it comes to producing T2 to T4 items. All T1 items can be Reversed Engineered, but T2 to T4 items can only be obtained by npc drops, bought off the market and by the Prototyping Facility.  

(Note*) The tech tree is also displayed in the character's profile. The difference is the tech tree in the character profile display your progress for all items and not just those you have at 100%. 

In Part two I will take a look at the Reverse Engineering Facility. Until then, I invite you to head on over to the official Perpetuum game site: and check this great sandbox game out for yourself!

Part 2

Part 3

Sandbox mmo

Posted by Gremrod Wednesday December 21 2011 at 1:59PM
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