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Raider Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by Grakulen Friday August 10 2012 at 5:00PM
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Hey everyone.  I have had a few people ask me for me impressions of the RaiderZ beta so far and since I have not been asked to do an article on it I thought I would go ahead and start one of these here fancy pants blogs and post up my impressions. Deal? Ok.

As an FYI this will be much less formal than anything else I write so consider yourself warned.

Last weekend I received an e-mail from PWE with instructions on how to download and install the closed beta Raider Zeeeeee client and a request to stream the game before the general public had access to it.  Up until this point I had seen a few article about it here and there but the game really hadn't piqued my interest; however, being a good natured gent I thought to myself, "Self, sure, why not?".

I downloaded the client (at the time only about 3.5g) extracted it, set it up, and let it set on my computer for a few days.  Then I had a genius idea.  How fun would it be to sit my kid down next to me while I streamed this and let him provide color commentary.  "Kid," I shoutted.

"Yeah dad?"

"Come here and provide color commentary."

"Color what?"

"Just sit here and play a game with me."

"Oh I can do that," says kid.

So for the next few hours my son and I (heretofore know as Grak Jr. (or Liam)) played some RaiderZ.

Also  what is with the Z?  Really.  I feel like I should be in a cheesy frat house when we play this game.  Chill man, we got some Raider Zeeee up in this piece.  Also from now on I will never pronounce it Raiders, it will always be Raider Zeeeee. 

Silly name spelling aside I did enjoy my time with the game.  There are some obvious localization errors that will more than likely be corrected by the time the game goes live so we won't talk about those.  Spelling and grammar aside I hope they pick up on the subtle things that are common to the west.  If you are color blind you'll never notice this one but when you accept things the word is in red.  When you decline things the word is in green.  My Grak Jr. (who is 7) picked up on this.  Where you at PW?  I hope you get that one fixed before the game goes live.  While obviously not game breaking it feels a little lazy to let that slide. 

I spent a lot of time referring to the game as a "Poor Man's Tera."  To clarify, that isn't a bad thing.  Those that have followed me for a while know that I really like Tera.  I even did a series of videos on Lancer game play from beta, and a few dungeon walkthroughs.  I managed to win a Logitech G700 for my efforts.  Thank you En Masse and Logitech.  I called it a Poor Man's Tera because the game controls play a lot like Tera.  You can attack with left mouse, block with right mouse.  You have active dodging.  You have special abilities that you can place on your hot bar and the artistic style is generally the same but of lower quality.

Yes. The graphics are not as good as Tera.  I have read people state this game is beautiful.  Unless you have been playing all the current games on your T-80 calculator this game is not beautiful.  It isn't horrible either, it just isn't bleeding edge like The Secret World. 

[I wouldn't hug this tree]

This game is NOT a Tera clone though. Both of these games draw influence from monster hunter but they have taken divergent paths.  Raider Zeeee does not have cookie cutter classes.  You will start the game off as one of four archetypes but you will not have to stick with them.  When you level up you can purchase talents from the four different  trees.  You can switch between the character types based on what weapons you equip. 

Another thing that I really like?  Crafting.  I'm sort of a crafting nerd.  I like to craft.  In this game the NPCs do the crafting for you.  You get to go out and collect the materials for the patterns and bring them back to the NPCs.  You can collect the pattern from the NPC and it will display on the side of your screen like quest objectives.  Based on the rarity of the items the harder the mobs you will have to collect the materials from, up to boss level mobs.  An example of this is to kill the Crawler in the first zone to make the Pirate outfit.

That's it for my first impression.  If you like action MMOs I suggest you download the game.  We are giving away free closed beta keys on the site.  I'm on the Crawler server as Grak.  If you see me please say hello.  I have a 5 month old trying to chew on my arm now so I'm going to leave it here.  I'll post more thoughts as the beta goes on.

Thanks for reading!


This is the stream pushed to YouTube.

< width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></>

sominator writes: RaiderZZZZZ! #ZZZZZZ Fri Aug 10 2012 5:29PM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

It's actually very similar to TERA, except with less classes and less restrictions. Graphics are a lot weaker as well. Just like TERA, monsters receive no "impact" when hit, their HPs will drop but otherwise, your hit did nothing and they'll continue to attack (they can be knocked down by certain skills however). That is something I really hate to see in games like these, takes away realism from the combat gameplay.

I can perfectly understand Large monsters perhaps not taking as much impact, but for smaller mobs? I'm hitting you with a giant mace twice your size and you're unaffected? C'mon!

Fri Aug 10 2012 5:49PM Report
FenderSaxbey writes: My impressions are pretty much the same. Its not a bad game and fun to play, but nothing really stands out other than the F2P model. Good to see you blogging and one day I may even catch a stream again if you start staying up late once more ;) Fri Aug 10 2012 6:03PM Report
Zooce writes:

Entertaining read, I thought the color commentary would be a bit silly but it was actually about color- unexpected.


Killing time testing this myself.  I despise TERA, but enjoy RaiderZ for what it is.  Someone with lofty expectaitions and no f2p experience (Game is bad) might not care for it though.


I've spent a decent amount of time (money too before I wised up) with korean f2p's and RaiderZ should perform well in that division.  Is it going to threaten GW2?  No, best PWE can do is study Anet's innovations and try to mimic them where applicable.  The game's suggestion forum is full of threads asking them to make RaiderZ more like GW2.


Biggest flaw I've noticed is no timed auto-logout, which leads to being denied entry into the game after a crash due to duplicate login issue.

Fri Aug 10 2012 6:19PM Report
Lord_Athon writes: It would be nice if everyone could try it... even all who have the beta key. I have a tech issue, it just doesn't start, it say it doesnt have a net connection. :x Fri Aug 10 2012 6:59PM Report
Torval writes: It's fun and I like it. The GameGuard could be a dealbreaker though. Fri Aug 10 2012 11:12PM Report
Lanfea writes: its a 'low budget f2p asia grinder mmog' ... some people will like it, most won't. Sat Aug 11 2012 3:11AM Report
Maelkor writes:

The combat is fun. More fun that I expected. I will likely not look at this much after gw2 release though so who knows. So far for a f2p it hasnt felt grindy or  pay to win yet, however, from the looks of things characters are going to go to lvl 100+ so who knows i am only lvl 14 atm.


Also the first 5 skills in any given class are locked in. You have to take one skill in each of the 5 skills or so it seems. After that the skill tree opens up as you can keep advancing a tier one skill if thats what you want to call it and completely skip a tier 2 skill and then go for tier 3 type skill and so on. You dont have to follow any specific pattern after the first 5 except a few skills have a prerequisite skill.


So props for skill customising.

Sat Aug 11 2012 4:15AM Report
Grakulen writes:


I think the current level cap in Beta is either 20 or 30.  They mentioned in a interview the cap was going to be 40 on release.  Also they aren't sure wether or not there will be respecs.  That last part concerns me.  I think people will just make alts if they are capped on skill points.  Why else would you deversify if it ends up gimping you.  That whole jack of all trades master of none deal.

Sat Aug 11 2012 5:25AM Report
fogfrog1990 writes: Beta maxlevel is 30 and maxlevel is 60. Sat Aug 11 2012 6:22AM Report
Banquetto writes:

"There are some obvious localization errors that will more than likely be corrected by the time the game goes live so we won't talk about those."


That would be a first, an Asian F2P title correcting the obvious localization errors.

Sat Aug 11 2012 6:31AM Report
Rohn writes:

This is actually a really fun game.  No, its graphics aren't on par with some of the other games with extremely good graphics being released today, but they aren't bad either.

The game plays very smoothly.  I like the combat, just as I liked the combat in TERA and other action-combat games.  There are minor glitches and bugs here and there, but it is a closed beta.

Overall, not a bad game.

Sat Aug 11 2012 10:29AM Report
Leethe writes: It's funny. In the Uk it's pronounced raider "zed". Sat Aug 11 2012 5:31PM Report
Grakulen writes:

Raider ZeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeD.


That works for me too.


(Lived In Harrogate for two years)

Sat Aug 11 2012 5:41PM Report
Cursedsei writes:

Heck, just do what I do with the Z and treat it like they do in Dragon Ball Z.

And by that, I mean completely ignore it, and when that isn't allowed put it to the tune of the original opening theme.

Raider, Raider, Raider Raider, Rai-der Z! Yeah!

It might not solve how annoying it is, but it'll definitely preoccupy your mind with trying to get that DBZ theme out of your head.

Sat Aug 11 2012 9:10PM Report
adenbrazza writes:

I enjoyed the review, everything seemed spot on and it's great to see the little things such as the red text for accepting being picked up on.

I'm really not sure if I really enjoyed the game. RaiderZ is just one of the games condemned to being compared to Monster Hunter for eternity. I feel even a terribly translated and balanced game like Hunter Blade will have as much, if not more to offer me, particularly in boss fights and PvP... where half the limited amount of weapons are useless.

I'm a massive GunZ fan, it's great to see MAIET hasn't destroyed their game with bugs and glitches, but if RaiderZ isn't improved tenfold by the time of the launch I doubt I'll stick around for long.

Sun Aug 12 2012 3:18PM Report
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