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Kotor MMO? Please no.

Posted by Gameloading Tuesday November 6 2007 at 8:49PM
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If the past few years have taught me anything, it's that there are 2 ways to get the mmo playerbase in an uproar. One is Blizzard announcing a new World of Warcraft expansion, in which half of the mmo playerbase jumps in the air of excitement, and the other half will nitpick at the expansions because these days it's cool to bash whatever is popular. The other is the mentioning of Bioware or star wars, preferably both.

Ever since Bioware announced a new MMORPG project fans have speculated what the project could be and some new rumors add a bit of extra spin to the rumor mill.

The vast majority of MMO fans are hoping for a Star Wars MMORPG developed by Bioware because apparently fans feel that the franchise hasn't been milked enough just yet.

Perhaps it's because I was never a fan of Star Wars or Bioware games that I'm not having the same religious experience everyone else is apparently having.

To me, Star Wars has always been nothing more than completely unrealistic boyish fantasy.

I personally like my sci fi movies, books and games a bit more realistic, something that gives you the idea "wow, this could actually happen!". The Matrix is a perfect example of this.
When we reach the space age I'm pretty sure that there is no way we would ever shoot red and green laser beams at each other out in space, nor would we wield glow - in - the - dark swords.
And if we were ever to get an evil person the universe, I'm pretty sure he would not be stupid enough to wear something silly like Darth Vader and his storm troopers are wearing.

Another reason I hope Bioware will come up with something unique instead of using the star wars license is because Bioware promised to do something new, something that has never been done before. Jumping on the "lets create an MMO based on an IP!" bandwagon is a bad start, and the fact a Star Wars MMORPG already exists only makes it worse. creating an MMORPG on an already existing franchise seems to be a popular trend these days. It's getting so far that we almost have more mmorpg's based on an existing franchise than MMO's who are not and it's not just happening to mainstream franchises anymore.

Nowadays there are MMO's about anything. Star Wars, The Matrix, World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings online , Warhammer, Final Fantasy, Lego, Conan, Ultima and I could go on and on and on.

Somehow I hope Bioware will be a bit more imaginative than to just rely on a popular franchise.

Ulrik writes:

I know its probally hard to grasp the idea but the KOTOR idea for an MMO is properly the best thing I have heard in a very long time. I do understand that alot of companies and IP's are jumping on the band wagon of the MMO crazy, since Blizzards huge success with World of Warcraft.

But unless you are a star wars fan or have a great deal of interest in Star wars universe, I can see why this troubles you as BioWare are releasing a new RPG game and it would be kool to stick with some thing like that as an MMO.

But if there are people out there like myself who one is a star wars fan and also was burnt by the first Star Wars MMO by SOE they will relish the fact that EA BioWare is developing this game.

Imaginative? The Star Wars IP is very very vast, you may think its a boyish fad but the books and also RP books by wizard of the coast broaden your imagination of how grim the Star Wars universe "should" have been portrayed.

But no the movies make it look more of a happy place than it should do. Your comment on MMO's tho are becoming any thing and every thing. It will happen myfriend. Any thing and every thing will be milked, and I'm quite happy. That means there will be loads of diversity in the industry and more to choose from.

With your comment about Sci-Fi movies yes I think that aswell but you must understand, the movies/books/comics all dipict a universe FAR FAR AWAY. It's not about Earth or any thing to do with our own exsistance just remember that.

"And if we were ever to get an evil person the universe, I'm pretty sure he would not be stupid enough to wear something silly like Darth Vader and his storm troopers are wearing."

Note: the movies were created in the 70's, if you look at movies now yes they are awesome looking but you must remember technology and ideas have branched out alot more.. Jesus look at the first TV program for Star Trek, looks like it should be in a drag queen contest some times..


In conclusion, you should stick to World of Warcraft my friend and worry less about what other development teams are doing.

Tue Nov 06 2007 9:52PM Report
Lateris writes:

What the world needs now is more Devo and a proper Star Wars MMO- PLEASE YES!

Tue Nov 06 2007 10:05PM Report
dA_fReAK writes:

I agree, I would think most of Star Wars fans to be huge nerds and geeks. And basically this is pretty much fact.

People cry over the SWG NGE etc... Okay okay, game F'ed up... Why whine over it soo much?

Tue Nov 06 2007 10:33PM Report
dA_fReAK writes:

So therefore... No Star Wars MMO for me atleast.

Tue Nov 06 2007 10:34PM Report
Protest writes:

If you enjoyed the Matrix trilogy more than the original Star Wars trilogy, than I believe their isn't even a remote possibility of reaching a consensus regarding this issue, therefor I humbly bow out. Cheers.

Tue Nov 06 2007 11:49PM Report
kemphbc writes:

Man, hadn't thought about a KOTOR mmo, I think that'd be awesome.  I would love to be a sith...seriously, nothing would make me happier.  I might have to take up two mmos, WAR and the KOTOR one!

Wed Nov 07 2007 2:52AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Oh Gameloading... I've always enjoyed and supported your writings.... up until now.

Matrix doesn't even compare to Star Wars. The first Matrix, yes, very ground breaking and yes, as you said, "could happen." But beyond that they turned Neo into Jesus and give him supernatural powers, completely pooched any storyline they had running after the first one, etc.

Just research the life changes the two brothers made after the success of Matrix 1. I know one of them divorced his wife of years and years to marry some exotic dancer / tatoo artist or something... point is, they went nuts. Absolutely nuts.

Matrix would have been a great stand alone movie, terrible, terrible trilogy.

Original Star Wars (4,5,6) are classis movie making at its best and without a doubt a world changing phenomenon. They kind of screwed the pooch with Ep 1,2, and 3 but any real Star Wars fan will tell you that Star Wars is still defined by 4,5,6; and that metachlorians were just a bad nightmare....

There haven't been many good Star Wars games in a while, except for KOTOR, but with Force Unleashed on the horizon, and the potential for a KOTOR MMO from Bioware, you can't blame the masses of Star Wars fans for being excited.

SWG was a great let down to all Star Wars MMO fans... Is it so wrong to hope for a golden new age of Star Wars MMO gaming?


Wed Nov 07 2007 9:07AM Report
Khorian writes:

So you don't like Star Wars, and won't like a new, good Star Wars MMO. Why make this post then? There are enough companies out there working on different, more realistic MMOs.

Bioware are the only guys that have the expirience with the SW franchise to make an awesome MMORPG out of it. So why not?

Wed Nov 07 2007 12:37PM Report
vajuras writes:

I've always enjoyed your blogs Gameloading never ever doubt. This was excellent too. I am a big fan of Star Wars games, books, etc but I draw the line at an MMORPG. Everyone will want to be a Jedi and I am not sure how you balance that.

I wrote a blog somewhat related whereas I stated 'movie based' games have always lacked creativity and freedom:

some have stood out like Spiderman 2 games on PS2 but imagine a Spiderman MMO? See the problem it just cant work!

Thu Nov 08 2007 2:42PM Report
jahar writes:

I am gonna have to support gameloading here. As always, it is well written, with decent explanations of all points. No where does he say anything about the Matrix trilogy. Nor does he say that the Matrix, or the trilogy, is better than the Star Wars trilogy. He states his preference for the Sci-fi genre to be more geared towards scientific possiblilities and realism, which, you must admit, Star Wars is not. Oh yeah and don't judge The Matrix on those other 2 or you have to lump eps 1-3 in with the original Star Wars trilogy

And when you think about it, it seems kind of silly to have another company use the IP when there is already a game based on it out there. If they do that, I'd rather see them make a D&D game. But, of course I would most rather see something original. They have made great games out of IPs before, it is time they made their own IP.

PS. Gameloading, I really do hope you were just referring to the original Matrix movie.. I personally thought the other 2 were horrendous.

Mon Feb 18 2008 4:34AM Report writes:
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