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Girl Gamers, please stop

Posted by Gameloading Wednesday January 2 2008 at 6:23PM
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Before  every female gamer starts jumping me with knifes, blades, baseball bats and cooking pans I'd like to clarify the thread title first.

If you're a female gamer who enjoys playing games, enjoys talking about games then rest assured, you can sit back and enjoy this entry as this is not directed at you in any way or form. However if you're a female gamer that feels a strong urge to rant on how terrible your gaming experiences as a girl have been and if you feel a strong need to let others know that girl gamers do exists and that they can in fact compete with males in gaming then please read closely and pay attention.

If you visit gaming website frequently then you're bound to come across a few articles that either have girl gamers rant of the 'many' horrible online experiences they have encountered or to point out that there are many girls playing online games and possibly reffering to a professional girl gaming clan like Frag dolls or something like that.

Everytime I read an article like that I sigh a little and I find it difficult to even finish the article, because I already know exactly what the article is like the moment I read the first line.

"guys don't believe I'm a girl"

"guys ask me for pictures"

"guys are flirting with me"

"guys give me items and equipment just because I'm a girl".

I'm sure I left a few out, but you get the point.
I can't help but feel that many girl gamers exaggerate....a lot.

I have known many girl gamers over the years and I rarely hear complaints. Some girl gamers would like to make you believe they are being harassed all over the place, but there is little truth in that.
Yes, we know that you, girl gamers, get crap sometimes. Well guess what: We all do, male gamers included. What, you thought I never got a request to show other people my picture? You think I never had a girl hitting on me online? it just happens, get over it already.

Seriously, so what if a guy or a girl flirts with you and gives you items? I can imagine far worse thing then a person of the other sex flirting with me and give me free items (I apologize for the lack of political correctness in this sentence. If a lack of political correctness bothers you, please don't read the previous sentence)

Now to be fair I don't know of anybody who would suspect of a male character to be a female in real life while many people often question the real gender of a female character. Phrases as "Male until proven otherwise" "MMORPG: Many men online role playing Girls" and "Girl: Guy in real life" are not uncommon.

However the issue here is that there are, in fact, a lot of men who play female characters in games, I think it has little to do with the perception on girl gamers.

Yet some girls insist that there is a significant number of male gamers who believe there are no such thing as girl gamers. They seem to base this on surprising reactions from male gamers when they find out you are, in fact, a girl.

However most men do in fact, know there are female gamers, they just aren't as common as male gamers. I play Xbox live quite often and I don't encounter a lot of girls. It's less worse in MMORPG's, but..the vast majority seems to be male.

Even though I know of the existence of female gamers, I still get to read tons of articles of females who are trying to let me know there are girl gamers. I don't care about professional gaming at all, I wouldn't be able to name one professional gaming clan even if a gun was pointed towards me and yet even I know of the "Frag dolls". Why you ask? Because the Frag Dolls are a female professional gaming team which has been pushed in my face by insecure girl gamers to prove that girls can game...just in case I had second thoughts about the gaming abilities of girls.

type in the words "girl gamer" in google and you'll find tons of websites dedicated to girl gamers, there has even been a gaming show "Girls n game" about girl gamers and girl game development.

Yes girl gamers, we know that there are female gamers out there, you don't have to remind us over and over again, please stop asking for attention.

thank you

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