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Game Developers Conference 2008

Our ramblings of the happenings at GDC 2008 in San Francisco.

Author: GDC2008

Contributors: skywisenight,Taera,Stradden,Szark,

Stargate Worlds

Posted by skywisenight Friday February 22 2008 at 4:02PM
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Last night we managed to get together with Kevin Balentine of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment to talk about Stargate.

We were treated to an unreleased trailer of the game. In the trailer we saw 3 different worlds, Tollan, Lucia, an Ancient City whose name escapes me, and an ice planet. It's nice to know, talking to Kevin, that CME is tight with the producers of the Stargate Franchise in Vancouver and are staying true to the universe.

Kevin wanted to also make strong note that everyone knows the timeframe that the game is set in. It takes place after season seven, the demise of Anubis at the hand of the drone chair in Antarctica, and before the Ori story arc that was started at the beginning of season nine.

As a big fan of the show (more so pre season 9 SG-1), I was a bit confused over the design of the latest ancient city we were shown, and has been released. Why you might wonder, let me tell you why (and prove that I've watched this show far too much): Firstly, at the time when the ancients were dying off from the plague they architectural design style as presented on the show was a long the lines of the head sucker repository of ancient knowledge, where their tech was often set in dark stone with etched circles or utilized the stone table panels (etc). Now, we have been told on the show that this stuff was designed as such to last the test of time and fair enough, but keep in mind that Taonas and the Antarctica Outpost also have a very different style from the current Atlantis tech. So, anyway, the city of Atlantis traveled to Pegasus to seed new life in that galaxy and escape the plague and their designs, etc evolved as such to what we see on SGA.

So, my point is as such, considering the lore of the show, the style of this city in the game just doesn't seem to match that of the show. One could argue that Pegasus ancients returned to earth 10,000 years ago and what not, but as I understand this city far predated that. Maybe there will be extra lore added in the game to cover that, who know. We will have to wait and see, and I have again proved that I have seen these episodes too many times and maybe I need to go outside and get some sun.

Other than that very little nit pick, that game seems to be coming along nicely, they seem to be pretty honest with what they show. There were a few times in our recap of the video that Kevin mentioned to us spots where the developers didn't want stuff to be shown or mentioned. Now, take this in mind that just because it's rough now, doesn't mean it's not on it way to polish. It's just nice to see actual in-game captures with their flaws and all.

ElRenmazuo writes:

I dont realy care if they done stay all true to lore of the show.  I like the show for what it was and I am going to see if like the game for what it will be.  Maybe the game can do what they could not do with the show, with story and special effects. 

Fri Feb 22 2008 4:44PM Report
wolfmann writes:

Not staying true to the lore, is like making a WW2 game, then have the air war fought by F-16's, the ground war fought my MKI tanks and lasers... Might be a fun game, but it aint WW2 any more...

So for those saying "who cares about lore", maybe you really don't want a Stargate game?

Fri Feb 22 2008 6:29PM Report
Anofalye writes:

I politely disagree with you here.


See, as far as I can tell...the closest race to the anciens are the humans themselves.  Now, the architectural style of humans over 10 000 years would be extremely messy at best.


I find variation of styles likely, especially for the ancients who, afterall, are very close to the humans.  This is like been annoyed that they pick Chicago, New York or LA as the "typical american city"; they all fit the bill.  You don't like Chicago?  Well, it is still a very american city.


It is all about arguing over architectural styles...see, take the Metro of Montreal (best metro IMO), each station is done by a different architect with no communications with the other, the result is interesting, fun, and know at which station you are with 1 quick glance.

Fri Feb 22 2008 8:01PM Report
Ujaya writes:

Agree with Anofalye, the Art Deco of the Future look of SG Atlantis could have easily been a regional style as our own Art Deco style was. I don't know that the ancients would have homogenized themselves to the extent that they were bound to a single aesthetic.

Fri Feb 22 2008 11:27PM Report
grimfall writes:


Sat Feb 23 2008 8:41AM Report
hyena69 writes:

That was pretty useless post. Somewhat more interesting would be news regarding the game itself. Is it on schedule, what innovations to the world of MMOs can we expect, and so on

Sat Feb 23 2008 9:00PM Report writes:
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