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My missions of this blog is to report on MMO news while writing my own reviews and articles about various MMO's. I don't expect many viewers, which is fine, I just want to write down my thoughts somewhere.

Author: Fkpuz

How Not to Do Your Job

Posted by Fkpuz Friday June 12 2009 at 4:03PM
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A week ago I heard about a spectacular supernova explosion on the Star Wars Galaxies forums.  It happened a little while longer ago than a week, but I don't keep up on Star Wars Galaxies stuff that much anymore.

Many people who play Star Wars Galaxies may have heard about the new Community Manager, Draakull, having a complete meltdown on the forums only after being employed for three days.  This happened on the days of May 29th and 30th, so I know I'm a bit late to the party here; meltdowns are just too funny to ignore though, especially when it happens in Star Wars Galaxies. 

Please keep in mind that there was only one or two people personally attacking Draakull, all the other complaints were directed at the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game which he made a thread about as the "Friday Feature" (FF).  Throughout the whole thread Draakull maintains a calm ravenous composure and shows his professionalism by doing things such as: threatening to ban people who don't like the Trading Card Game; insulting others / calling people trolls when they don't agree with him; mentioning personal life / troubles; and much more!  


For those of you that may have missed it, I will give you the greatest hits of his meltdown.

Draakull: "So now, rather than getting things done for you all, I sit here PO'd and thinking who should leave my forums."

Some dude: " anyone else feel a bit SHAFTED by the TCG new/latest expansion... and i take it that we will have PAY just to get it and not get it off the bat?




Draakull: "I feel shafted by many in this community. I am doing my job and I get all this flack about it?"

Some dude: "What a joke"

Draakull: "you or the FF? insult someone without ban rights in another place like your neighbors house please."

Draakull: "Give me a little credit but back off on the sniping at people. I have the sniper option here and yes it's a double standard. I don't do it unless you push me in a corner. You think I will just let comments like that go by and let trolls troll and insults come my way? Welcome to a new way of doing things. Don't talk trash to my mod team EVER. They volunteer to make this place better while others come in and just trash up the place.

Show some respect for the people that work so hard to make this place better. We can work on manners later if needed but since you all wanted a fight I will spend the evening doing this. I had something cool I was working on but forget it. Let's do this. Let's keep wasting my time from working on issues and wasting the mods time from getting to play SWG.


Great idea! not..."

Draakull: "bumper sticker slogan job didn't work out for you eh?

Mods.. get with me so I can make sure you have all my contact information. Never too late for spring cleaning."

Draakull: "you all see that these things are getting you no where fast with me right? I am just going to keep doing these replies because that is obviosly what is really wanted. Not game fixes but arguing. All that therapy I had.. darn it.. down the drain. lololol"

Draakull: "keep reporting threads that are not a violation and I will ban you for abuse of that option. Please don't see if I am all talk. Take a step back and rethink your approach to getting something changed. Otherwise, the change you get you will be even more upset over.


Draakull: "OHHHHH man.. now I know.. You want SWG game FF's..?? DOH! Why didn't I think of that? geesh.. give me a break... I should make a whiners forums and start moving threads."

Draakull: "I feel my hammer swinging arm getting stronger by the minute tonight on this thread."

Draakull: "ahhhh.. you hurt me... I am...... I..... I am crying.. what ever. IT IS LOOT CARDS. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT for in GAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME and that brings in new PLAYERSSSSSSSSSSS. and new players mean more members for guildddddddddddddddddssssssssssssss.. and I am am tired of reading all this about TCG and getting nothing done for events I wanted to do let alone badge ideas. Now I just want to make a badge with a crying smiley on it and blast it out on here.

I get it. You don't like it. Attacking me got you on a list you would rather not be on with me. May as well go talk to yourself now.



Draakull: "Now I just want to dust off the ban button.. put away my project lists for FF's events, badges, and other things I wanted to do and had in works ALREADY and just slam away at this thread until people get it that I am not any of the other CRM's that were here before. That I love to have fun but once you get me POd it's game on.

Again.. this relationship is based on what the community wants it to be with me. Keep setting this tempo and you will get what you always got. I don't scare away. I have not been scared of much in my life. I don't have the typical background people might expect and for those that get to meet me at fan fair... you will get a better idea.

I said it before. I am fun to be around but I protect my community with ferocity. Threats in community can come from within as well. I could not warn anymore than I have. People just decide to not take me seriously. Ahhh.. he's nothing. Can't do nothing.. blah blah blah and then PM me with.. hey.. Drak.. can you fix this for me? lol

almost 2am. Getting tired of this more now."

Draakull: "I know. Most in SWG are awesome people. I just know that TCG is red meat for anyone wanting to start an argument. Wait until I make my forum on here live. It will be safe because it will be no warning shots like I do everywhere else."

The apology, kind of.

Draakull: "I locked this post so that I can make a final comment.


My approach is not to do what I sat here doing with people through the night. It's a great example how fighting with each other achieves very little.


My apologies again for those that get stressed over heated discussions. I don't like these threads either. To be honest, you really have nothing to comare to in regards to my little tolerance for personal attacks towards me or the team that works with me unless I demonstrated that frustration. That one demonstration, as bad as things were, is enough for me.

Anger, in general, is often ugly in nature and very disruptive to anything being accomplished.


I prefer and request constructive conversation. If that is not something that can be done for some people we can just enforce the rules without coming to "blows" in threads.


I like each and every one of you because you are new to me. I have no resentments against anyone here but I know, just walking in the door, many of the community do towards me.


Learning all that I had to do to get that out was tough and under a lot of pressure to get it done. It's a topic for many that is very frustrating and knew that it would not go over well but some things you just have to do. I have a daughter to feed and raise too. I wish I had nothing but great news for everyone. You don't have to support the topic but it would be wonderful if you could support my over all efforts.

For those that do support my efforts I thank you soooo much and for those that don't.... well I just ask that you leave the insults for posts that never see the submit button.


Not going to reply to any of the replies on here since I went to bed a few hours ago. Just going to lock this down because we, I, etc need to move on today with work that needs to be done and events I am trying to plan.

I wish you all the best day today. I hope we all can agree to disagree on this topic and to agree not to treat each other this way moving forward.


Best wishes to everyone here,


There were many more, but those were the best.  He made like 10 posts in a row at one point.  What a trainwreck.  If this happened about 2 or 3 years ago when Star Wars Galaxies was going as the unopposed Star Wars MMO that was focusing on "refreshing" the community and revitalizing the game then the thread would have mysteriously disappeared, Draakull would have been fired, and his account would be deleted.  But since a new Star Wars MMO has been announced and the goals for Star Wars Galaxies to attract new players have all failed spectacularly there's no point in hiding anything any more.  Star Wars Galaxies will be gone within a year after the new Star Wars MMO is released and I'm sure all of the people working on SWG right now realise this; they have given up.


The lack of professionalism that Draakull showed just left me gobsmacked.  Your job as a community manager requires you to have thick skin, it's a message forum!  The sad part is that there was no real trolls in that thread since all of them have quit SWG, they were just legitimately upset customers.  Yet Draakull goes around claiming nearly everyone is a troll and that his forums are going to be "troll free" with his ban-hammer.

Just think if you were somebody considering joining Star Wars Galaxies and then you see this level of professionalism from an employee.  I know I would turn the other direction.

Death1942 writes:

best read i've had in a while.  Breakdowns are always funny to watch

Fri Jun 12 2009 4:24PM Report
sanders01 writes:

It seems pretty fair to me, when I read the thread. If people give constructive criticizm, then it's welcome, but when people give opinions without backup, then I wouldnt welcome it either. He was doing his job very well imo.

Fri Jun 12 2009 5:40PM Report
Fkpuz writes:

I agree with you Sanders, to an extent.  It's just a matter of professionalism though and Draakull clearly didn't handle it well at all.  Plus there were only a few people that were getting mad at him directly, the rest were upset over the Trading Card Game interfering with the actual game.  Draakull just got mad at anyone that didn't like the Trading Card Game, even if it was a fair post without attacks.


Besides, even if the community is acting like a bunch of babies the professional thing to do is to roll with the punches.  From a player-to-player perspective, Draakull was on a roll in some respects and dealt with some harassers hilariously.  But that is something I would expect from another player that isn't employed by SOE.  But seeing those snide comments from someone that actually is employed by SOE is different.

You would NEVER see someone from Blizzard entertainment blow his top off like that without getting unpunished.  It makes your business look bad.

I guess what I'm trying to poorly explain is that from a professional standard Draakull was about as professional as a six year old at a party filled with people who are twelve years old.

Fri Jun 12 2009 6:52PM Report
sanders01 writes:

 The way he posted was unprofessional, but the act he was doing, was not. 

Fri Jun 12 2009 10:33PM Report
Fkpuz writes:

Ah I see where you're coming from.  I'd have to agree a little bit with that.  I would disagree if Star Wars Galaxies was a newer MMO though.  But since it's filled with mostly hardened vets and people counting down the days to its demise as well as a fairly small forum posting population, I guess you need to start taking measures in which Draakull did.  Kind of.


Thanks for posting mate, I can sort of see the other side of this argument now.  My point still stands that he has incredibly thin skin and needs to formulate his concerns with the community in better ways than "insult someone without ban rights in another place like your neighbors house please".

Sat Jun 13 2009 12:26AM Report
sanders01 writes:

Hehe, your welcome :P

Sat Jun 13 2009 12:35PM Report writes:
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