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Things you need to know before playing World of Warcraft and Diablo 3

This blog provides information about Blizzard games for starting players that want to know the basics on the games that one of the best massive multiplayer game makers have.

Author: Fatality001133

World of Warcraft Best Profession Combinations

Posted by Fatality001133 Thursday June 6 2013 at 3:13PM
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With the professions you can get into in World of Warcraft, you may notice that you can't just take one and abscond the rest. They go hand in hand, and some even compliment each other so well that you can't pick one without the other. Perhaps this really is for the best as these combinations do quite well in enhancing your chances in surviving and even thriving in World of Warcraft.

It's actually possible to take all professions and max them, but that does take too much time. You might as well specialize in those that you can actually give focus to for most of the time. This is why learning these combinations are important, especially if you're either a novice WoW player or someone who's starting to play a new character. There are also useful WoW leveling guides out there that you can check out if you want to learn the basics.

It must be said that among the professions in WoW, Mining is perhaps the most versatile of them all, bar none. It has combination with 3 other professions, all of which you can profit from in some way. Also, Mining itself can be a source of profit if you can get large amount of raw materials at each time and know where to mine. Therefore, Mining may be considered with this decision.

Here are some of the best WoW combos you can play with in the game.

Mining - Engineering

Most of the Engineering profession is about crafting metal bars, so you'll be requiring metals and minerals in order to make use of this profession. Leveling up Engineering is slow and costly, especially if you choose to bypass Mining, but is a good supplement to other professions and can be a source of income as well. If you do pick up Mining, then perhaps all you'll be spending is a considerable amount of time in getting the resources.

Mining - Jewelcrafting

As the name suggests, the Jewelcrafting profession is all about gems, which can be acquired from minerals through Mining. Most minerals are cheap enough though to buy in order to save some time, especially if the mining location of one required mineral is very far away from that of another. Some Jewelcrafting designs also need metal bars, so having Engineering to supplement your Jewelcrafting is recommended, although not entirely required if you don't want to invest extra time into it. Take note though that the metal bars are rather expensive in the Auction House, so you may want to reconsider your corner-cutting measures.

Mining - Blacksmithing

The thing about Blacksmithing is that, like in Jewelcrafting, it also goes well with Engineering since you need those metal bars for most of the recipes. You may want to take up Engineering anyway if you wish to spend a lot of time in Blacksmithing in order to level up as quickly as you can. Blacksmithing is one of the most useful professions in the game as it is directly tied to the weapons and armor that everyone needs to fight. If you are able to make quality equipment, then you stand to potentially earn a fortune, as long as you play it right.

Herbalism - Inscriptions

We now move away from Mining and into the realm of Herbalism, which deals with the various plants you can find all around the game for various purposes. One of the uses for these plants is for the creation of inks, which you can then use for the profession of Inscriptions. Becoming a scribe is dependent on having various types of inks in large quantities at hand, and having a Herbalism profession to back it up is very useful indeed.

Herbalism - Alchemy

The other more obvious use for Herbalism is in the realm of Alchemy, which is about potions and flasks that you need in the game for various effects and buffs. It is obvious that these two professions are a compatible pair, and being an alchemist means that you must also become an herbalist. Even though you may have enough money to buy herbs, it's still best to pick them yourself since it gives you more control over your ingredients and actually helps in letting you progress faster. If you're short of potions and are in the middle of nowhere, you can look for herbs which you can then turn into potions right then and there, which is definitely useful. writes:
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