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Message From the King

Glen "Famine" Swan from Funcom's Age of Conan answers questions, and discusses the game, life, and the industry. Let us know what you would like to hear about.

Author: FC-Famine

Updates are Coming!

Posted by FC-Famine Monday April 6 2009 at 2:48PM
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I really wanted to get something published last weekend because of the insistent poking I’ve received on the course of preparing something new. I’ve still fail short due to all the craziness going on over here at headquarters (slacker) but I will soon make up for it later on down the road! Nonetheless, those of you who have not kept up-to-date with the current happenings should know that we have been crazy hard at work with launching the free trials; the next big update and picking ourselves back up from GDC.

(Ymir's Pass - Developers slaving away. I think if you look hard enough you will spot Craig and Henning)

Free Trials

Before I spew into it, let me just toss a shameless plug of the free trials. We are happy to have launched the trials and we’re also hoping to see some fresh feedback from those trying out the game for the first time or even those who might be returning for the new meat. I highly recommend that you head on over to the MMORPG.COM Age of Conan community forums and toss us some feedback on your initial reactions to the game or just general feedback on things you like and even dislike about the game. I frequently troll the forums here and I know many developers do as well thus anything that pops up there, big or small, will still be read.

Developer Update

Moving along here, this week I have a small update on the future developers that will be touching base with us on the blog. I sat down with our game director and our producer of the live team to discuss what special guests I can expect to kidnap. I’m happy to announce that the actual producers will step up to the plate and stop by to introduce themselves as well toss us frequent updates on their progression with the game. Just to give a peek, the producers and associate producers will represent the following teams:

• Live – The current game as we see it now.
• Content – Dungeons, Quests, and etc.
• System – Classes, Crafting, and etc.

This will be very interesting for of those who are becoming onlookers because we will surely introduce some new faces to the crowd over the coming weeks. I think the new faces will also open some new doors because of the new informative communication from those who lurk in the darkness from the public eye.

(Ymir's Pass)

Advocate Update

The last blog update was on the Advocate introduction. This week I wanted to share that we have recruited the bulk of our Advocates and have since then put them in place to help round of the current class concerns, issues, and suggestions for the communities they help represent. We have also completed our first round of the feedback process by asking each of those class Advocates to list 1 top issue (assumed bugs) that they feel the community sees as the biggest issue for the class they represent. That list of issues were compiled and sent off to the developers for feedback. We then took the developer feedback and tossed it back at the Advocates to update their top issue list and pass the information on to the class communities.

Now that the initial phases of the feedback process have completed, I’ll just drop right into why we only asked for 1 top issue per class and what ground we look to cover.

This first step of asking for just 1 top issue proves that the process is in place and is currently working how the Advocates want and how we want. The next step is to take it further by covering more ground and doing bigger concern, issue, and suggestion lists per class in the form of waves. What this means is that instead of asking for all top issues for all the classes from within the community, we will ask for the top 10 concerns, issues, or suggestions for 1 class at a time. That way we don’t end up tossing a 30 page report to the developers and overwhelming them with updates to get us the feedback now. Instead, we will take smaller steps to improve on the feedback process time as we have seen similar programs become burdened in that step of the process.

The last thing to mention here is that we do notice the communication of the developer feedback on those Advocate issues is lacking in visibility within the overall community. We notice that we need to develop better channels in which the Advocates can provide updates as well what we can do to increase visibility of those updates. This has been the only visible problem with the feedback process with the program and we aim to improve it for the future. That way you can pop in the class forums, see the top stickied lists, and then see the developer feedback sent to the Advocates in those specific forums as a whole.

Until we meet again!

Spellshaper writes:

 HI thanks for the update.


I hope you take feedback from Advocates program as a whole and not on class by class basis. Because when I see feedback from latest patch its kind of my class is weak, this spell or skill is too expensive and so on...  If you dont connect all of them, you just think that ONE classe is underpowered, but as a whole it seems that they are ALL underpowered :D (of course there is allways one class that everyone agree is OP, but hope you get my point).

If not I rather say it again. Hope you can get valuable feedback from advocates and put it into global point of view before boosting or nerfing individual classes based on individuals (cry babies)  feedbacks.

Mon Apr 06 2009 8:01PM Report
FC-Famine writes:

Thanks for the input and I agree on the points of taking feedback from the guys as a whole. That's generally the idea because of the many feedback channels. :)

Tue Apr 07 2009 4:17AM Report
Spellshaper writes:

It maybe seems obvious to you, but reasons I pointed that out are testlive forum threads. I think they should be deleted and locked for at least a week (maybe more) an let players only play the game for that time :D if you know what I mean ;) .

Tue Apr 07 2009 6:03AM Report
snapp69 writes:

What are the chances of giving old players free time to come back and check out the game? I would love to try it out but I want to do so on my account and toon I already have but do not want to pay to check it out. Any chance of that soon?

Tue Apr 07 2009 8:17AM Report
FC-Famine writes:

Chances of that are very high. As to when? Well we will have to see about that later on.

Tue Apr 07 2009 9:26AM Report
tool089 writes:

Initial reaction:  Omg! I've been wanting to see what's new with this game!

Yeah, after that, I realized what this trial meant.  I get to play through Tortage again!  That place was great! But wait... it was amazing when I played through it in beta, early access, and several times on other toons through the first summer of the game.  So... if there were no bugs or problems there, why would I be convinced to resub to the game by getting to play it again?

Why don't you guys do a free week resub to all of those that have stopped their subscription..  I'd like to see what's been fixed in the upper level areas where I left off, and I left off there because I felt it was too buggy to be worth playing or the quests were too few at the level bracket that I got bored.  If you guys have gotten your act together, let us see the fixes where they actually occured..

Tue Apr 07 2009 2:37PM Report
EvilGeek writes:

If you make sure you can take good advantage of the trial period it shouldn't be that hard to get out of Tortage and into one of the lvl 20 areas, while that may not give any returning players a glimpse of anything 'new' it will show them how much the performance of the game has increased, I know alot of players found the initial bugs too taxing to deal with.

I returned after a 3 month break and have to say its now my No1 MMO, look around at voices from people like me and they will nearly all tell you how much the game has improved. I've just come from the test server having had a brief play with the new up and coming area Commons District - it really doesn't dissapoint even at this early testing phase :)

I Hope FC do allow people to come back on their own accounts for a trial as i'm sure, like me, they will be impressed by how far the game has come and how much further the game is currently moving...

Tue Apr 07 2009 7:22PM Report
pasarmalam writes:

I hope FC will allow free transfers to those who missed out and probably give something back to the vet players.

And 1 more thing FC must do is let us buy lifetime subs :P

Because I don't think I'll be quiting anytime soon.

Tue Apr 07 2009 9:25PM Report
FC-Famine writes:

Veteran rewards are for sure planned and it's just coming down to what unique rewards we can provide our older players and at one times. I think it's important we do this as we already have a point system in place if you haven't seen from the account pages.

Wed Apr 08 2009 5:43AM Report
Tarka writes:

There have been many calls for paid transfer services and enticements to get previous subscribers back into the game.  Hopefully these things will be soon :)

Good work Famine. 

Wed Apr 08 2009 8:47AM Report
Jpizzle writes:

Good on ya. Loving the game. Really enjoying how much effort and love the FC team is pouring in.


FOR CROM!!!!!!!!

Wed Apr 08 2009 11:53AM Report
Adeklis writes:

I havnt been playing AOC for very long now, but so far I think its pretty amazing. Ive played many mmorpgs including WoW, Warhammer and LOTRO and i can tell you that imo AOC is the best of them all. I had a few friends who played the game when it first came out and they said that it was very buggy abd unfortunatly they had to quit.  As i didnt play it back then I dont really know how bad it was, but I can tell you guys that are having doubts... that ive had NO probloms with bugs or dissconecting or anything since ive started playing.  Ive also heard from many ppl that used to play and have come back to the game that its like a million times better. Anyways just my two cents.

Bai! =)

Wed Apr 08 2009 7:17PM Report
Qetuu writes:

Can you give us some details obut new blogs, interviews? When? Where? :)

Thu Apr 09 2009 6:41AM Report
Shabla writes:

+1 for snapp69, I played the 2 first months after release, and then quit AOC for various reasons, but now I would really enjoy to try it again on my account with the 7 day trial...

Fri Apr 10 2009 6:37PM Report
Morbius_v1 writes:

All I want to know is where is the sexy armor. I play an Assassin and I was hoping to look something like the girl on the top left of this very page. Instead it looks like I'm wearing a potato sack.

It's Conan, where is the sexy clothes???



Sat Apr 11 2009 1:34AM Report
Tarka writes:

There is nice armour, but its high level where it should be to be honest.  Culture Armour, Tier 1 and Tier 2 armour.  All nice

Sat Apr 11 2009 9:18PM Report
Harlequin_S writes:

Famine, I resubbed a week or so ago been gone since last Oct and am pleased at the game thus far. I however have to touch upon a few things one of them a touchy topic.

First, I know you designed AoC as a grouping, raid MMORPG and single player, solo dungeons are the red headed children step-children of the family. However sometimes I don't want to spend 30+ mins of the game time trying to scrape a group together. I simply want to go tackle a dungeon myself and not hastle finding or forming a group. My main PC is a 71 conq and except the villa's there really not a lot for me to do solo wise. The quests I have are either group quests or red and thus am under powered to tackle them. I realize you only have so many resouces for things but SOME amount of love to a solo dungeon for PC's in their 60s or/and 70s would be really appreciated and IMO needed.

Also one suggestion, I realize why you folks included the bind on equipt mechanic but perhaps you can include some kind of payment quest or system where a PC and unbind one item per every 10 or 20 lvls or so for a fee or required quest. It really pains me when I outgrow a great blue or puprle and it in effec becomes useless. Where as if I could unbind it I could sell it to someone that can use it. I understand the whole logic behind the bind mechanic and I am not disagreeing with it as a whole. Simply a suggestion so not all the items we outgrow become useless trash in effect. Just a thought.

With that said, this is going to be a sore spot but I would be remiss if I did not address this. I would be VERY nice if you gave us in North American PvE-RP server, such as designating Wiccana such since the RP community has dubbed it the 'unofficial pve server' anyways and many RP players and guilds call it home.

Also while on that topic I am a bit taken aback by the recent comments made by a producer they more or less dismissed the RP community stating to paraphrase while FC won't do anything to impead RP it won't go out of it's way to assit it either. I really am perplex by your attitude to the RP community. Without tooting our own horn the RP community, as a whole, bring maturity, history and community to the.. well.. community. While I understand you want, and perhaps need, all the kids on daddy's computer who only care of ganking and raiding as thats what AoC focus is it would be nice if you threw other aspects of the community a bone rather then dismiss us. If all you want is kids running around raiding and PKing and want the adults to leave then let us know. Otherwise I respectfully ask you give us your ear a little too as well as the other part of the community.

PLEASE NOTE I realize not all the raiders and such are kids, some are fine adults, I was simply using a broad brush to make a point, no offense intended to those player.

I hope I have not come off too harsh or insulting, that was not my intent, I am simply passionate about my hobby and wish FC would give us a little bit of appreciation for what we bring to the community.

I hope you take my critisim in a constructive way as that was it's intent, and overall I am happy with the game. I however did feel the need to bring these points up.

Thank you for your time.

RP Guild leader of the The Black Ravens
Wiccana Server

Tue Apr 14 2009 11:24AM Report writes:
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