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The Explorium Adventures

Here we talk about The Explorium's adventures! We will talk about MMOs, browser games (rarely) and singleplayer RPGs.

Author: Explorium

What happened to MMOs? Were the ever for me in the first place?

Posted by Explorium Friday October 8 2010 at 2:02PM
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First problem I have is the AI. And this is just one reason most MMOs are boring (for me). Most MMOs have stupid, idiotic mobs that stand in place and do nothing. Its like someone aiming a gun at you, about to kill you and you go "LOL, I'M GONNA WAIT FOR HIM TO ATTACK ME FIRST!! Okay he shot! now I can attack!"


Well, except for Ryzom. Ryzom actually HAS AI! Mobs migrate depending on the season, animals go up to you and examine you...its very good AI for a MMO. Oh, and the big thing...carnivores actually attack other mobs (like herbivores).


I guess Darkfall has good AI too (so I've heard), but I've never played it, not a big PvP fan. I prefer PvE.


I guess some people like mindless combat and grinding 24/7...probably why a lot of these "next-gen" (LOL) MMOs suck for me (note the "for me" part, I know some of you will miss that and flame me.)...all it is, is boring grinding, mindless and unfun combat (for me)...grinding to get uber loot (BORING!...for me)...or grinding dungeons/raids 100s of times a month to get some lame item that doesn't mean anything in real life. The only good thing about MMOs is the social aspect, but I can get that by hopping on Raptr/Xfire and talk to my friends while I play games. Or use skype and have conversation(s) while I play.


The only good MMO right now that I've personally played is Ryzom, it actually feels like a world...and sure there is grinding, but at least the AI is smart.


Hence why I've gone back to singleplayer games for the most part. I'm having WAY more fun in Oblivion (and Total Conversion mod, Nehrim which is uber awesome), Fallout 3 (and soon to be Fallout New Vegas), Fable 1 (well, not sure how long the fun will last in Fable 1, but its fine so far, but I just started)...singleplayer games seem way more advanced than these mindless, grinding MMOs. I actually have FUN in these RPGs...Mass Effect 1/2 are fun and amazing, with a great story, Dragonage is awesome...Anno 1701 is tons of fun (not a RPG, but its a city builder)


Oh, and the biggest winner so far this year (for me, always gotta add that part, or someone will take it personal)...MINECRAFT! Most fun I've had in years. Minecraft puts most if not all MMOs to shame (in my opinion)...sure graphics aren't OMG!! but its so fun...after playing Minecraft and Nehrim, I think I've grown out of the MMO genre. 


There is one chance of me coming back to MMOs and if it fails, I am completely done with this genre (that has NOT improved barely at all from early days, and in my opinion (note my opinion), its gotten WORSE. But that one MMO, and that is Guild Wars 2. Why? Because I actually see my (and other players) actions effect (or is it affect? Get those confused) the world, with permanent changes. Okay so AI may be bad, but least grinding will be done to a minimum (if its like Guild Wars 1 in that aspect...and btw, I thought GW1 was boring, I didn't really like it)


But this isn't a thread about GW2, and for all I know, all the promises and things they have said will fail, or not be put in the game. I've seen that happen with countless MMOs (and games in general really...a lot of promises and talk, but no cigar)...but, its only MMO that has a chance of reviving the MMO genre (for me).


Well, back to Nehrim, Minecraft and the actually FUN games (you know, ENTERTAINMENT, not WORK...most MMOs seem to be made as a second job, no thanks...I actually have a life, I have friends a job already, I go to school.


I play games to have fun, not to be forced to do tedious mindless tasks, or grind 100000 (I know exaggeration) raids to get some lame, useless item.


^all the above is my opinion, so don't take it personal (have to add this in or someone will take it personal and flame me...actually, it will probably happen anyway, oh well, I don't care)


Guess the MMO genre is not for me anymore. Either that, or maybe it really was never for me.

afk-guy writes:

I see what you are trying to get at. I kinda feel the same and kinda dont at the same time. For alot of people though that is all fun. They find leveling and gearing up for hours on end to be fun. It depends on the game for me.

Sat Oct 09 2010 8:44PM Report
Datarin writes:

Well, if you don't have gameplay to fall back onto, then there's always the community. Most of the time players only stay in an MMO for end-game rewards and/or their friends/guildmates.

Thu Oct 21 2010 8:46AM Report writes:
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