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The Explorium Adventures

Here we talk about The Explorium's adventures! We will talk about MMOs, browser games (rarely) and singleplayer RPGs.

Author: Explorium

Are Singleplayer RPGs better than (new) MMORPGs?

Posted by Explorium Friday April 8 2011 at 6:58PM
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Why I've gone back to playing singleplayer RPGs.

New MMOs tend to have small worlds...grind quests over and over and are instanced. In UO, Asheron's Call, SWG...I didn't need to do 1,000,000 raids to grind for items...I could CRAFT my own items. I could EXPLORE and FIND my own items. What is it with raids? Or even sandbox/open world games are all PvP focused.

Nothing beats Fallout 3 (or New Vegas if you prefer that) or Oblivion (or Morrowind/older elderscrolls if you prefer that). My Oblivion world literally beats Rift in world size. By a long shot...Rift has a tiny world. It may even rival one WoW continent. Why is my Oblivion world so big? Well because of all the mods! I haven't taken the time it takes to compare world sizes, I just play to have fun...but my Oblivion world is huge.


If old SWG was still around (well actually it is, but I can't post about it) I would be playing that...or if there was an updated Asheron's Call or an updated Ultima Online...I would be still playing MMOs full time. As it is, I just casually (very casually) play LOTRO because it is the best modern MMO out...that is PvE...


Sadly, all new sandbox/open world games (well Fallen Earth, I'll go into a bit of detail on that) are PvP focused as I mentioned in the opening paragraph...great for some, but I'm a PvEr...not a raider either, I prefer making rare items by CRAFTING...or exploring and finding rare stuff.


As for isn't post apocalyptic at is lame. EVERY item can be bought from the merchant. I tried selling a crafted item and someone said (exact words) "wtf? You are selling that for 50 extra chips, you can buy that cheaper on the merchant...NOOB!"...I quit and have never been back. Along with having to grind for AP, though I guess they fixed that? That wasn't really my only problem. Just what knocked down the barrier of me quitting. Sorry, but to me, Fallout 3 actually does a GOOD post apocalyptic world...well, if you mod it that FO3 gameplay mod makes everything really rare (medicine/stimpaks/food/ammo/weapons, etc) among other challenges, and I have to eat/sleep/drink to survive and stuff. Some may not like that, but that is what I want to do when I play a post apocalyptic game. I want it know...actually feel like I'm trying to survive in a post apoc world.  


Then there is Oblivion...better than most MMOs and RPGs in general (well, especially modded, only RPG "FOR ME" that rivals it is Fallout 3) Oblivion is so much fun. I can add races (I only add ones that actually fit with the Elder Scrolls lore)...add tons of new land...add lots of quests. I can turn Oblivion into a game that fits ME...add dungeons...items...etc, list goes on...because of mods.

If I could mod MMOs, I probably would like them more. But I can't do that. I can't add player made races, or player made quests or I can't turn a MMO into something that fits ME (note that "me" not "you or we"...I doubt a MMO will come out that is specifically for ME...because there is a lot of MMOers that want a MMO that fits THEM...and their MMO/game is different than my game.

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