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Epocylipse: the AfterFall

The latest news about the first game from RazorEdge Games. Subscribe to get the inside scoop about our upcoming game.

Author: RazorEdgeGames

Contributor: SarahRoses

Sound Design update

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Thursday January 19 2017 at 8:52PM
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In recent weeks the dedicated members of the sound team have been working on noises that if done right should slip past the ears. That is, until they’re not there. The footsteps people make, the howling of wind and the bustling chatter of communities. These invisible yet invaluable elements are sure to make the game feel more whole!

The past couple of months however we’ve also been busy making the most noticeable sounds.  Guns!  One of our newest additions to the team, Ray Gonzalez has been hard at work getting some great sounds for the projectile weapons you’ll see throughout our wide wasteland. Trusty Shotguns, long range sniper rifles and backup pistols to name a few.  The recording sessions can be challenging and the editing process complex. There’s a lot more to it than just pulling the trigger!  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t loads of fun.

Meanwhile other members are using their creativity in the studio, imagining what the hi-tech weapons in our future will sound like.  Just as other design elements tell the story of the Afterfall in their own way, we’re helping to reinforce that story through continuity of sound throughout the game.  At times it’s subtle, subliminal even, but it can make a big difference.

Pictured above is Reinaldo Gonzalez, a sound engineer for Razor Edge working to get some amazing sounds for Epocylipse the AfterFall…

New Weapons for Epocylipse the AfterFall

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Thursday January 19 2017 at 8:49PM
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The Hard Surface team is back with some new toys. In our last post we showed off some of our more advanced weapons. This time we’ll start things off with something a little more home made.

If you ever feel like you need to go ahead and make your own gun in the apocalypse, then take some pipe, barbwire, and a bike seat. You’ll be gunning down those pesky marauders in no time. Just be sure you know what you’re doing when crafting these crude weapons.

If you’re wanting to trap enemies then why not grab yourself one of our net launchers. You’ll be able to ensnare your enemies, rendering them in a staggered and slowed state. Leaving them wide open.

If some scrapped together gun or trapping people isn’t your style. There is always the Gauss Rifle, ready to give more of that impact you’re looking for.

Gauss rifles not your thing? You’re more of a long range specialist? Well we have our first Sniper rifle from Chykor Industries, the M-187 ASMR. I’ll tell you this thing will pack a punch.

Along with the net launcher there are various types of non-lethal weapons to choose from. This one in particular may still hold a charge when fired, so best not to get in front of the darts.

Last thing to show this time around, a weapon with various types of ammo such as Anti-Tank rounds, High explosive rounds, even an anti-matter round. If you’re wanting to walk away from an explosion, this Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher may just very well be for you.

First look inside Epocylipse the AfterFall

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Monday January 9 2017 at 6:06PM
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Pull up a chair, grab a drink and kick your feet up as Creative Director Arthur Tomlinson walks you through the first footage inside our game, Epocylipse the AfterFall. Watch and listen as we describe our first scene, the opening bar scene, and the details that went in to it's creation.

Video link:

Journey Through Sound, Voice Over Edition

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Saturday September 24 2016 at 4:25PM
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As we move along our project we delve deeper into the Epocylipse. We decided to take a break from the treacherous journey and settle down in one of the settlements.  We find a rather interesting bar in our journey. I needed to relax and quench this agonizing thirst I had. The bar looked as if it needed a good repair, but you can’t be too picky when it comes to the AfterFall.

The work for voice over was spent working on some of the essential voices that will be in our bar. One of the biggest challenges with being a team lead is organizing the work flow to complete assignments and making sure we hit all our deadlines. I think the biggest challenge for me with this bar is trying to find a way to assign characters voices to our actors. With a game like this we don’t want to limit ourselves on certain lines they should do.  So we had our actors voice all the characters so that we can cycle through all the voices. Basically you will hear our actors’ voices playing different characters at different times through the game. Just to keep you entertained, here is a quick sound file of our characters’ conversation in one of our scenes.

To listen to the voice over sound clip click here.

Concept Team update

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Saturday September 24 2016 at 4:18PM
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Greetings and salutations! This week is the concept team’s turn to share what we have been cooking. You probably noticed the animated trailer on our site. That was created as a joint effort between many different artists and animators on the team. It was a lot of work (and painting) but in the end a cool product since it really captures the vibe our game is shooting for.

Along with that we have also been working on some character concepts and trying to create some cool ideas for the various marauder gangs you will run into in the wasteland. As an example, check out the Fire Devils who are a savage group of rapscallions you may encounter in the world of the AfterFall.

But not to worry, you will have ample resources available to you if you persevere and play smart. And one thing that can help you survive such encounters with bandits is a vehicle. We have many vehicles you can drive but one of the coolest is a hovercraft. It has 4 seats so you and the entire family can cruise the wasteland in style!


With vehicles like this, the world is yours to explore. Perhaps you can come across an abandoned Airport in the city…


Or maybe you will find a destroyed space elevator. Who knows?


That’s the beauty of creating concepts for this game. It’s the creative freedom to help design the game world and create that seed of an idea the rest of the Razor Edge Team can play off of.

A first look at Companions

Posted by LawrenceCicchetti Tuesday August 2 2016 at 3:54PM
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Life in the AfterFall can be harsh. It can be a cruel mistress that leaves you cold and alone. For the lucky few, those that can navigate the murky waters of the budding political climate, there can be no shortage of allies. With enough ambition and determination, a survivor can ingratiate themselves to one of the major factions vying for control of this world, and with equal parts guile and charm can rise up through the ranks. But no journey starts without a series of tasks, like the great heroes of old, an adventurous survivor can take on contracts and earn great riches. With enough prestige a survivor can convince fellow allies to join them on their journey, as every great story begins with a friendship.

Companions are members of the major factions that can be found in the cities throughout the AfterFall. These companions can help you in various endeavours, their skills can make the difference between life and death. As with everyone in the AfterFall, your companions also have a faction reputation. This can be used to help you in negotiations. Companions can also take over for you; should you fall. Unfortunately, as with all companions, they too will require a share of the spoils. In the AfterFall no one works for free.

Stay tuned for later previews! We will talk about companion loyalty, as well as the different types of companions you can find.


Forge your story

Posted by LawrenceCicchetti Tuesday June 14 2016 at 8:38PM
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In Epocylipse: The AfterFall you can play your game the way you want. One of the most important ways to carve your path is to forge your own story. Is your character trying to become the greatest bounty hunter? Perhaps they want to be the greatest engineer the AfterFall has ever seen? No matter how you want your story to go, you still start off as no one. You are born into the AfterFall screaming, afraid, and vulnerable. You must learn to survive on your own and start your path to glory. Eventually along your path you become somebody, you matter somewhere. At that point people will want something from you. Strangers will want you to help them and contracts will come in much easier. As your story develops you’ll have access to better rewards and harder contracts. Gaining reputation with the major factions will net you exclusive rewards only available through these factions.

Maybe the other side of the coin interests you. Perhaps the factions don’t matter to you with their agendas and you want to shuffle on with your own bad self. You can become the old man in the mountain of which there are only tall tales. You can be the mysterious wanderer going from town to town. Or the woman with no name who simply comes to town to serve justice. Your story forms as you want it to. So go out into the AfterFall and make it your world.


Death and Destiny

Posted by LawrenceCicchetti Thursday June 9 2016 at 1:50PM
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The AfterFall is not the kindest place in existence. The world is vast and full of danger. Around any corner could be the bullet with your name on it or an animal that sees you as its next meal. In Epocylipse the AfterFall, when your character dies, that is where their story ends. But sometimes a person can curry enough favor with the powers that be to give them an edge in life-threatening situations.

Death is the end of most stories. But with destiny points, you can gain an extra chance to keep your story going. Destiny points allow you rewind and try again. They can be used to cheat death, save your equipment, or do more damage. These miraculous points can save you but they are limited in availability. You aren’t going to find destiny hanging out in town for you to find. Destiny is out there where few dare to tread. Destiny favors the brave and the bold. Destiny points will be given with epic contracts and by toppling formidable enemies. So go out into the AfterFall and take your destiny into your own hands.


Thank you to everyone who visited us at Phoenix Comic-Con

Posted by LawrenceCicchetti Tuesday June 7 2016 at 8:39PM
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With Phoenix Comicon over with we wanted to take a moment and just say WOW! The turnout was fantastic and we got some incredible feedback from the community. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, it was great to meet you all and we are so glad to have had the opportunity to show just a bit of what we have cooking up for Epocylipse: the Afterfall…

Over the next few months things will be ramping up for us here at Razor Edge Games so stay tuned to see what’s happening! You can check us out at and chat with us on our forums at


Razor Edge Games releasing new exclusive content at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Tuesday May 17 2016 at 5:55PM
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Razor Edge Games will be at the 2016 PHX Comicon convention June 2-5. We will be showcasing Epocylipse the AfterFall. Visit us in room 211B at booth 7&8! Be sure to come see us for EXCLUSIVE CONTENT only being released to Comicon attendees!

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