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Epocylipse: the AfterFall

The latest news about the first game from RazorEdge Games. Subscribe to get the inside scoop about our upcoming game.

Author: RazorEdgeGames

Dev Journal Update! - Organic Modeling

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Thursday June 22 2017 at 8:40PM
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Hello MMORPG Universe!

This week we have for your distinct viewing pleasure a little teaser from our Organic Modeling team! This is animal-centric, and these animals are looking fierce - come check out all the action here at our website.

You can also follow Razor Edge Games on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ( to stay up-to-date on all things Epocylipse. Who doesn't want to be prepared after the Fall?! Throw some hype our way if you enjoyed this week's update. Appreciation all around.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to stay tuned for more!

A Survivor's Journal: August 18th, 2196.

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Monday June 19 2017 at 9:34AM
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We are happy to announce the return of our Survivor Journal Entries! Every Monday we will be releasing a new entry which will put you into the perspective of those living after The Fall; for you to better understand how the world has vastly changed and is affecting everyone.


"August 18, 2196" is now up on our website at - if you haven't read any of the other entries, we encourage you to do so!


And if you need more Epocylipse, make sure to keep up with our Facebook - ttps://


- Marketing

Dev Journal Update - CONCEPT ART!

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Thursday June 15 2017 at 11:37AM
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Hello MMORPG Universe! 

This week, we have an EXCITING Dev Journal update...form of, CONCEPT ART! 

Please feast your eyes on this snippet of writing and collection of beautiful work. Razor Edge Games has some of the best artists working in our employ, so give these talented some folks some love if you enjoy what you see and read. 

Click here to read this update from our website. 

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for even more news! 

Social Media Concept Art!

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Monday June 12 2017 at 8:51PM
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Hello MMORPG Universe!

Back at it again with some encouragement to check out our social media sites! Today we shared some concept art that is guaranteed to knock your socks off!

Check out our various social media accounts, and the content we shared today, here:

Facebook | Twitter

Our Instagram is, so feel free to give us a follow there as well. :)

Please feel free to give us some hype if you're enjoying the content release thus far!


Thanks so much for stopping by, and stay tuned for more.

Dev Journal Update! - Writing Team

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Thursday June 8 2017 at 4:58PM
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Hello MMORPG Universe!

One of the best features of our game (in my humble opinion) is our fabulous story line. The top-notch writing team here at Razor Edge Games is happy to walk you through what they're working on in this:

Dev Journal Update!

If you enjoy what you read, please be sure to give us some hype and follow our page!

Thanks for stopping by, and as always - stay tuned!


Dev Journal Update! - Marketing Team

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Thursday June 1 2017 at 4:38PM
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Hello MMORPG Universe!

Today, we have the MARKETING TEAM dev journal update!



Hey everyone! The Marketing team has been bustling the last few weeks with many new and exciting things for us to share. The first big exciting piece of news is that Razor Edge Games is now officially on Twitch! We highly encourage our community to go ahead and follow us at ahead of time, as the Marketing team will be using Twitch in the coming weeks to unveil a ton of new content.

The second piece of exciting news is that our MMORPG landing page is now fully updated, and our MMORPG blog is back up and running. Our blog will be updated alongside our Facebook entries, and expect two to three new content entries a week from us on these platforms, including concept art, Dev Journal entries, full texture and animation videos, and much more!

The Marketing team is very excited for all of the stuff that we’re going to show off to our community in the coming weeks, and hope you’ll be as excited as we are once you see it. As always, have a question for a specific team? We’re here to help! Head on over to the forums, follow us and comment on our Facebook, or comment on our blogs here at MMORPG. We will do our best to get those questions answered as quickly as we can!

– Marketing



Thanks for stopping by, and as always...stay tuned!



Posted by RazorEdgeGames Wednesday May 31 2017 at 9:04PM
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Greetings MMORPG Universe,

We are back with an exciting new asset to share with you all!

In real life, wasps encourage folks to run away screaming and call an exterminator while they crouch in fear in their homes...but once this beautiful model got passed along to the marketing team, we had to share with the rest of the world.

Here is the Sketchfab 3D Model for your viewing pleasure, and we can't wait to show off even more.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned!

Behind-The-Scenes: Texturing

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Tuesday May 30 2017 at 10:52AM
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Hello MMORPG Universe! 

Thanks for stopping by our blog, and if you like what you see please stop by our page and bump up our hype meter. Don't forget to follow our page to keep up on all the news related to Epocylipse: The Afterfall! 

This post I wanted to share this insane video our talented Texture Team Lead, Elsie Rivest, posted to give our fans a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective on how to texture objects for a game. It's posted up on our Facebook page - please check it out here! 

You can also find Razor Edge Games on Twitter and Instagram for all of your social media needs.


Stay tuned for more! 

Programming Dev Journal Entry!

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Thursday May 25 2017 at 6:16PM
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The Programming Team has been working hard to get out some more working items for the game. Countless hours have been poured into multiple aspects of the game. The first and longest one was the map syncing over a network with a host server and clients. This was so that we had a center map that tracked everyone’s information, but allowed only the players to have access to the map section they, themselves have seen. If a player were to walk into an area already discovered by another player, then the stuff that is there will be one the other player saw there. This simple idea took months to work out but is finished and works.

The team has also been working on cleaning up code and cleaning up our projects to work better. The code for our combat back end is essentially done other then some additional rules that are choice rules. Our UI has been updated a bit and is continuously updating so as to build a game and a player turn with the ui. We have a player turn that currently functions, and we also have been able to get a clothing system in memory to track items that equip in whatever locations they equip, plus progress on this for layering the clothing as well. Our progress has been strong but there is always stuff for the back end.

For our future updates we plan on having more stuff connected to visuals of the game including combat, AI visuals, and have the player turn and UI done. We will also have the character creator finished, and have the first scene of the game populated with characters that are randomly generated. So when Programming ends this with “more to see in the coming months”, we literally mean you’ll actually see stuff in the coming months!


Sound Design update

Posted by RazorEdgeGames Thursday January 19 2017 at 7:52PM
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In recent weeks the dedicated members of the sound team have been working on noises that if done right should slip past the ears. That is, until they’re not there. The footsteps people make, the howling of wind and the bustling chatter of communities. These invisible yet invaluable elements are sure to make the game feel more whole!

The past couple of months however we’ve also been busy making the most noticeable sounds.  Guns!  One of our newest additions to the team, Ray Gonzalez has been hard at work getting some great sounds for the projectile weapons you’ll see throughout our wide wasteland. Trusty Shotguns, long range sniper rifles and backup pistols to name a few.  The recording sessions can be challenging and the editing process complex. There’s a lot more to it than just pulling the trigger!  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t loads of fun.

Meanwhile other members are using their creativity in the studio, imagining what the hi-tech weapons in our future will sound like.  Just as other design elements tell the story of the Afterfall in their own way, we’re helping to reinforce that story through continuity of sound throughout the game.  At times it’s subtle, subliminal even, but it can make a big difference.

Pictured above is Reinaldo Gonzalez, a sound engineer for Razor Edge working to get some amazing sounds for Epocylipse the AfterFall…