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Eldevin Online Developer's Blog

Eldevin is a free to play, 3D browser based MMO developed by Hunted Cow Studios. This blog will showcase the awesome world of the Eldevin Kingdom, which aims to be the biggest 3D world in browser-based MMOs. We hope to see you there!

Author: EldevinOnline_Press

Eldevin Has 14 Professions for You to Learn

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Friday December 27 2013 at 9:15PM
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Eldevin has 14 professions which can be divided into two categories. The first category is Gathering:

Fishing Catching fish. The fish can be used in the Cooking profession.
Skinning Skinning creatures you have killed. The produced meat can be used in the Cooking profession and the skin and hides are turned into leather that can be used in the Leatherworking profession.
Farming Growing various crops on designated farming plots. The harvested materials can be used in Cooking and Tailoring.
Foraging Picking fruits and other parts of plants, that can be consumed directly for health and energy or used in the Alchemy and Cooking professions.
Forestry Cutting down trees and making them into planks which can be used in Weaponsmithing.
Prospecting Mining ore and turning it into metal bars and ingots. The bars can be used in Weapon-smithing and Armor-smithing, and ingots can be used in Jewelry.
Crystal Cutting Mining quartz from deposits and turning it into gemstones that can be used in Jewelry.


Early on, it's quite easy to simultaneously level up your gathering professions and your character's own level. You'll gain a little bit of XP every time you use a gathering skill, so you can level your character quite fast if you're taking advantage of foraging apple trees while you're in the forest killing and skinning pigs, for instance.


(There's something so satisfying about skinning pigs)


The second category of professions is Crafting. You'll use the items you gain from Gathering to make rare, unique items that can't be found anywhere else.


For example, foods you cook can give you increased health and mana regeneration, as well as temporary stat boosts.

Cooking Cooking different food items that can be consumed for faster health and mana regeneration and various temporary stat boosts.
Leatherworking Turning leather into leather armor (medium armor).
Tailoring Turning cloth into cloth armor (light armor).
Alchemy Mixing potions that grant instant health and energy and other stat boosts.
Weaponsmithing Using metal bars and sometimes timber to create various weapons and shields.
Armorsmithing Turning metal bars into metal armor (heavy armor).
Jewelry Using metal ingots and gemstones to create amulets, charms, and rings, that all boost various stats when equipped.
All over Eldevin City you'll find apprentice trainers who will have a daily skill quest for you. These quests will usually involve gathering a specific amount of materials for them. Completing these quests on a daily basis can really make your skill level go up, and you'll be crafting the finest armor in Eldevin Kingdom in no time.

Dungeon Relics & Epic Armor

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Thursday December 26 2013 at 8:23PM
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Eldevin has a dungeon relic system that allows you to exchange elite dungeon tokens for epic armor sets. The first available armor set is the Beetle Carapace armor, and it's actually quite easily obtainable. There's an elite dungeon that's accessible at level 5, and it provides some very rewarding loot drops from the bosses.

A corrupt warden in the prison has allowed the prisoners to escape their cells and overrun the prison. You and your dungeon party must restore order to the prison, slaying any prisoners and their leaders. Doing this dungeon with a party is entirely optional, as our level 9 Assassin is able to easily solo through.


When you reach the prison courtyard, you'll see the Warden surrounded by 3 lackeys. When you dispatch his corrupt guards, the Warden will challenge you to a fight. He wields a massive hammer and occasionally unleashes a powerful stun attack on you while yelling "Hammer Time!!". Once you beat him, he'll drop his mighty hammer, a strong item for anyone in your group who uses 2h melee weapons.


On your first time through this dungeon, you'll have a side-quest to free prison guards who have been locked in cells by the escaped prisoners. This is an easy objective, although sometimes a prisoner will ambush you from the cell you just unlocked, leaving you guessing which doors hold the trapped guards.

At the end of the dungeon you'll fight Raelin the Wrathful. He's a little tougher than the Warden, and he'll heal himself when you think you've got him beat.

Throughout the dungeon you'll obtain dungeon relics (the coin with two swords in this screenshot).

Right outside the dungeon is the trader for relic armor, and each piece of armor costs between 4 - 6 relics per piece. A full set should be easily obtainable in 3 - 5 runs of the dungeon. This is a great low-level armor set to have, especially for Assassin characters who wear medium armor.


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The Battle of the Dragons

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Thursday December 26 2013 at 6:49PM
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Early in your Eldevin quests, the Prince of Eldevin City will summon you to his chambers. He knows things about your past that you are not aware of, and he wants to unlock the memories hidden inside your mind. You were once a knight in the King's elite army, and you took part in a great battle against one of the six dragons that guarded the magic artefacts that unleashed the corruption plaguing the Eldevin Kingdom.

The Prince will ask you to close your eyes and relax so his mage can help you remember some key facts. You have some choices to make which will determine which dragon battle your character will play. Here, our character remembered that he fought against the Blood Dragon. We traveled deep into our memories to re-live the epic fight against the fearsome creature.

In the memory, you find yourself clad in armor, standing next to soldiers of the King's army. Your mission is to follow Major Davias and meet up with the 2nd battalion scouts. Shortly along the way, the dragon swoops in and carries off one of your party members in its mouth. One of the other scouts panics and flees off, and Major Davias orders you to follow him and bring him back to the party.

Upon finding the scout, the dragon launches another surprise attack, using his blood powers to seal the area in cages of red webs. The wizards in your party cast fire spells to incinerate the cages. Your party engages the mighty beast, and a violent battle erupts. Though the dragon kills some of your party members, you emerge victorious from the battle, and your party stands over the fallen creature's lifeless body while cheering.



The Early Quests

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Monday December 23 2013 at 6:36PM
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In the beginning quests of Eldevin, you find yourself in the Void, a strange place that exists outside the normal world. You remember nothing of how you got there, or your identity. As you progress through the early quests, you begin to unravel the mystery, of who you once were. There's a reason you're so adept at mastering the combat abilities.

Of course, you won't discover the powers inside you simply all at once. First you must prove your skills in Melee, Archery and Magic on wild pigs


flying midgies


and crazed, deadly squirrels of doom


While you're out slaying these fearsome creatures, it's useful to carry a skinning knife. You'll gain experience points towards your character level, and it can't hurt to have a few stacks of animal skins to cure into leather. Also, skinning animals gives a really satisfying "scquish" noise and accompanying splurt of blood.


A few giant beetles and a goblin cave later, you'll find yourself in Eldevin City, which has a load of quests for you to complete. You'll speak with master trainers in Melee, Archery and Magic, each with a different quest for you, and each trainer will grant you a new ability and some cool items. That's partially why Eldevin gameplay is so fun, right from the beginning you're able to utilize abilities from the 3 modes of combat, instead of focusing on just Melee, or just Magic.

You'll also be able to start investing Talent Points into your chosen class at level 5.

The six classes are:

Warrior: Clad in heavy armor and wielding 2h weapons, they deal the most melee damage.

Templar: Similar melee damage to the Warrior, but carries a shield and healing spells.

Assassin: Masters of dual-wielding, critical hits and damage over time abilities.

Ranger: Wields the bow with deadly precision, with skills such as shooting magic, exploding arrows.

Mage:  Fireball-hurling, blizzard-summoning, lightning-casting badasses, with some healing spells.

Prophet: A master of Healing spells, an invaluable party member to any group.


Personally, the Assassin is my favorite. There's nothing better than slicing and dicing foes to ribbons with dual-wielded blades. One of the quests given by the Melee trainer involves taking out a camp of crimson bandits, and they were definitely no match for my Lacerate skill.

Nor were these plagued zombies in the sewers beneath Eldevin City


After doing these quests for the master trainers, the Prince of Eldevin City will summon you to his chambers to reveal a bit more about your past. Stay tuned for our next article, The Battle of the Dragons.


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