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Drak's Soapbox

An old time gamer who started playing MMORPGs with the Ultima Online beta test and has had a love/hate relationship with them ever since.

Author: Drakon911

Jumping...The answer to a lot of prayers!

Posted by Drakon911 Tuesday February 5 2008 at 8:59PM
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Since my last post generated some responses in comments that truly caught me by surprise, it got me thinking. Like happens quite often when I do that, I passed out. When I woke up, it hit me. I'd accidently stumbled upon the answer to the prayers of game developers and corporate bean counters in the MMORPG business around the world. 

So cue the drumroll please...My answer to improving the mmorpg market is: more jumping.

You're probably rolling your eyes or laughing at my naive idea, but I have proof! Just look at some of those comments to my first post on jumping. While sifting through the dross, I found a diamond of truth. People LOVE jumping! These people were obviously quite hurt that I chose to pick on their action of choice when confronted by superior tactics and teamwork. These were just a small vocal minority but there had to be others out there that felt as strongly. So why not tap that market? After all, it worked for Nintendo with Super Mario, why not Star Wars Galaxies? A few of my ideas to improve certain mmorpgs are as follows:

Star Wars Galaxies, The game we love to hate:  A new skill for the Jedi called Force Super High Jump Of Doom. By using The Force, which everyone loves to do, the jedi leaps so high he enters the stratosphere, where he must continually smack the spacebar to keep aloft, before dropping faster than subscription numbers after the NGE (Sorry, couldn't help myself) striking his enemy on the head and atomizing him instantly. To be fair tjhough you'd have to give this skill to every other class just change the name from Force to something else. If you don't, the message boards would fill up with a huge fight between the non-jedis, the jedis, and the sycophantic fans of the dev team. Oh never mind, that's already happened.

World of Warcraft: Everyone knows a true jumper loves PvP so...A new battleground called Murloc's River. The Horde has a camp on one river bank, The Alliance on the other. The river's water is full of flesh eating Murlocs. There are logs that float down the river from the lumbermill upstream. Each side has to cross the river to the opposing side's camp by jumping from log to log. Fall in the water and you DIE from being eaten by the flesh eating murlocs, because well, they eat flesh. And are evil. When you get to the enemy camp, you have to find a Stick of Mighty Smiting that you must use to break open a giant furbolg that's hanging from a tree. No, not a real giant furbolg, a fake giant furbolg made out of colorful paper that's stuffed full of  Murloc River tokens. Then you have to grab as many tokens as you can and take them back across the river to your camp and give them to your side's camp master. All the time the other side is trying to keep you from accomplishing this. The Alliance's camp master is a cute pink furry bunny, the Horde's is a giant poison gas breathing dragon named Bubba. After you collect 250 tokens for your side, the camp master gives your team the Almighty Buff of Boss Slaying which gives you +05 to your attack power. You're thinking that's weak and the Alliance is screwed as usual. No, you're only half right, the buff gives you that amount of attack power every time you jump! And it stacks up to 25 times every 30 seconds! Can you smell that? I smell pure carnage and I can already hear the high-pitched squealing sound that always accompanies a typical Alliance thrashing!

Those are just a few of my great ideas for improving things in the overcrowded mmorpg market. I'm full of ideas. People are always telling me how full of it I am. I just know they are referring to ideas.

Rajai writes:


Tue Feb 05 2008 10:59PM Report
Dulain writes:

Matrix Online and City of Heroes have awesome jumping. Why bunny hop when you can clear buildings with a single bound?

Tue Feb 05 2008 11:42PM Report
Mequellios writes:

Ahhh... I love sarcasm :D

Wed Feb 06 2008 1:55AM Report
mudkip9001 writes:

its true, i've always loved the "super jump" power in city of heroes/villains

Wed Feb 06 2008 6:45AM Report
Vindicoth writes:

I think you're misunderstanding things. It's not that I like substituting jumping for skill, quite opposite in fact, but I use THE OTHER PERSON JUMPING to my advantage. I prefer the strafe method, or the run through method. In games like WoW where you can't control your character as he's leaping through the air, it gives me that slight advantage where I strafe outside of their range and they don't get that one attack off while my global timers are resetting.

Oh and just for the record, I'm not playing any MMO right now. All strictly FPS for me, no jumping here :D. Unless I play a scout.. then I double jump.

Wed Feb 06 2008 10:05AM Report writes:
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