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Dragon's Prophet Europe Developer Blog

Welcome to the official Dragon's Prophet EU blog! Dragon's Prophet is free-to-play, published by Infernum Productions where you can capture and train over 300 types of dragons. Learn more by reading below or visiting

Author: DragonsProphet

PvP in Dragon’s Prophet Frontier System

Posted by DragonsProphet Friday November 8 2013 at 10:13AM
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When battling against monsters in our various regions just isn’t enough for you, you should consider challenging the most dangerous species any MMORPG has ever seen: other players!

A persistent conflict is raging high above the heads of every player out there which you might have not noticed yet. There is a lot at stake but more to be won, so get your battle gear ready and join the fight to conquer a whole floating island for your alliance. This is how:

Either you are a member of an alliance (formed by two guilds) or a single player just looking for the thrill of a fight, you have to go to the floating islands first by using the “Path of the Elders” located in Artecia - Laedis.

The stages of war

Each war consists of four stages.

Stage I: Standby
The crystal tower is functional and can be attacked to initiate a territory war.
Once an enemy player begins to deal damage to the crystal, the defending alliance will receive a warning message to alert them of the attack. The defending alliance will then be able to teleport to their island via the Frontier Map to begin their defense.

Stage II: Preparation
The crystal tower has been destroyed. The territory war will begin the following day at 9pm CET.

Stage III: War
The territory war lasts two hours, or until one alliance reaches the required number of Victory Points.

Stage IV: Peace
The island is at peace and it’s up to you to decide how long it will last. During this time the ruling Highlord (you can read more on that system soon) has time to repair the Citadel, bolster the defenses and prepare for the next attack.


Stage III is what this is all about and we would like to go more into detail about what happens when the islands are at war.

Strongholds are key when it comes to succeeding in conquering or defending the islands and are guarded by powerful monsters obeying their Highlord. At least as long as an attacker does not manage to beat them up, in that case they may switch sides. They’re really not that loyal after all. Players are even able to hire Mercenaries at these strongholds by spending Tactical Points.

So it is wise to protect these spots very carefully.

Tactical Points are basically a currency you can spend during Territory Wars to purchase mighty Siege Weapons or hire Mercenaries and will be reset after a war has ended. They are gained by doing the following:

  • Killing enemy players
  • Killing Stronghold NPCs
  • Killing guard NPCs
  • Destroying defensive structures
  • Killing the Alliance Guardian Dragon
  • Gathering resources

Gathering Resources
During a Territory War, players of all levels can assist their alliance by retrieving these resources and bringing them to the designated NPC. Players who gather enough resources in one trip will be rewarded with a title, but be careful because being killed by an enemy player will undo all the hard work.

Siege Weapons are not only offering great defense for players manning them but also deal an enormous amount of damage to enemy structures. They can be purchased by spending Tactical Points and players can choose from the following vehicles:

  • Dragonflight Demolisher
  • Spincoil Siegebreaker
  • Onslaught Battlebarge
  • Ragefire Behemoth
  • Cinderflail Chariot

Alliance Guardian Dragon
Something very special lurks in the depths of the battlefield: a mighty Alliance Guardian Dragon. A Mysterious Altar will randomly spawn and you should make sure that it is your group that finds it first. Praying at this altar will summon a mighty Dragon under the control of your war commander. Once under control it will spread fear and despair amongst your enemies

The spoils of war go to the winning team and every member will receive rewards based on their participation level, anything from Warforged Insignias to Resonating Draconic Flutes, capable of summoning powerful dragons to capture. And the cherry on top is the ownership of the Island for the winning alliance! writes:
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