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Casual Confessions

In search of the lost mmo

Author: Draccan

ONE MORNING (The Secret World - fan fiction)

Posted by Draccan Saturday August 29 2009 at 5:42PM
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Lilac Strachey woke up one morning - a Sunday like any other - or rather, it could have been any Sunday, but for one small mishap; her left arm was replaced by a tentacle. At this point most people would have started screaming hysterically, not not Lilac - not only was she the epitome of cool, but she was also kind of expecting something like this. In place of hysteria she merely rolled over to the empty spot on her left and grapped the phone and called her friend and mentor Hagner Palle Blomkvist.
- Hagner, the man on the other end answered
- it's Lilac, I think I need to see you, she said. Something urm... happened.
- what is it?
- I think we should meet. Can I pop by your office?
- It is Sunday, how did you know I would be here? And after a pause he added, sure.

The green slimey thing attached to her had a life of its own. While she was trying to catch the milk for her cereal it violently jerked the carton of the table and milk spluttered the kitchen floor.
- guess breakfast is not an option today, she said, and got up and dressed herself haplessly with her right arm.

Hagner was an old friend. He had always been there for her, when her parents abandoned her as a young student. When they one day told her they were moving to South America and left her a small sum that hardly covered her studes, Hagner was there to support and advice her - he even gave her a part time TA. Hagner came all the way from cold Oslo to the big apple before she was even born. He was young, bright with a big beard and a phd diploma in History in his pocket; that and 1000$. He eventually settled, become lecturer and then a professor of History at the Columbia University. And in his spare time he collected old books and opened an antique bookshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn long before the area was even remotely popular with the crowds.
The old world had nothing to offer me, he always said, when asked about why he left Europe. And that's all he had to say about that.

When Lilac entered his office she could immediately see Hagner's awareness was raised and all his senses heightened. Not the least because of the brown leather bag she was oddly hiding her left arm in.
- you know professor, ... erm.. that book you lent me. You were right. It wasn't to be messed with.

She took her arm out or what was supposed to be one out of the leather bag and flaunted her newest, proud limb. The tentacled growth swirled left and right - almost as if frightened by the rendezvous with Hagner and his big, crowded beard. And if one looked really closely one could almost discern little scared eyes a mere two inches from the tip of the tentacle.

Hagner squinted his eyes in half curiousity and half disbelief.
- Looks like this Sunday is not going to be like any other Sunday, he said.




(to be continued ........ maybe)

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