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Divina Global English

Divina is an upcoming free-to-play (F2P), 3D MMORPG set in a fantasy world filled with Gods, Demons, and a mixture of mythologies. The player embarks on an adventure with intense battle and destruction. Keep update on this Developers Blog!

Author: DivinaEng

Divine Wheel - the power of Customization

Posted by DivinaEng Tuesday April 17 2012 at 2:08AM
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In the world of Divina, it’s not the clothes that make the man, it’s the Divine Wheel. You could keep the same set of armor for the entirety of the game and not hamper your stats at all, because the majority of your main stats come from each piece of the Divine Wheel.

This mysterious yet highly customizable device can be found in your character’s backpack. It looks somewhat akin to a compass rose, but instead of helping you to find your way, it focuses your character’s natural abilities and makes them stronger.

A Divine Wheel is made up of five pieces – one core at the center and four keys surrounding it. There are three classes of cores and keys.
Class A cores and keys heighten magical abilities. They can only be used by Clerics and Sorcerers and are easily recognizable by their emerald color. Class B cores and keys focus on increasing dexterity. These are red in color and are used by Machinists and Assassins. The gold class C cores and keys grant their bearer greater vitality. These are used by Knights.
All characters begin the game with a Divine Wheel set stashed away in their backpacks. Early on, you’ll receive a quest explaining the importance of the system – and a reminder to assemble your starter set – but you can easily equip the core and keys before then. Just right-click to open the package containing the set and double click each piece to set it in place.


Your first Divine Wheel will easily last you through the first ten levels. Once you reach your next destination, different sets will become more readily available and you’ll be able to customize your Divine Wheel to your liking.
There are two main ways to obtain new cores and keys. The easiest way is to visit your friendly neighborhood “Wheeler.”


There’s a Wheeler within every major city. Each offers basic core and key sets for a wide range of levels. You can buy a new core and keys, sell the old set, and return to your adventuring – all in less than a minute.
This may be all well and good for a player who’s content with the basics, but for those who strive for the best quality equipment possible, there’s hunting to be done…
The second, and probably most time-consuming way to obtain cores and keys, is to find them in the wild – from the mystery drops that must be appraised or by completing certain quests.
Luckily, there’s a master crafter in every city, each capable of clearing off the dust and random monster goo to figure out just what mystery items you’ve been lugging around in your backpack.


The keys found this way are often much better than the ones you can buy in town. In this example, the level 27 Echo key adds 64 to defense, +1 to CON and gives you the option of embedding an ore to further increase its stats. In comparison, the next available key – the level 31 Muse key – has the same stats for STR, CON, and PER as the Echo key, but lacks the embedding slot and has only 315 defense.
Appraised keys can come with extra embedding slots (sometimes with an ore already embedded), pre-enchanted by a few levels, or come from rare sets that grant extra skills (which we’ll get to in a second).
As for the matching cores, some monsters will drop “blueprints” that can be used to craft cores. These often require special core cards (which can be refined or obtained from monster drops) to create.
So, let’s say you’ve found an Echo Earth Key-C, but can’t find the rest of the keys or the core. Not a problem – you can equip any key or core at any time, so long as they’re of the same class. If you’re a knight, you can equip an Echo key with an Ardor core and mix and match, as long as they all end with “C”.
Sometimes, however, it’s better to have everything from the same set – especially when it’ll result in a “Complete Set Effect”.

In this case, the complete Jade set is equipped.

You’ll notice that now the channels between each of the keys and the core are filled in and three new passive skills have been added to the character’s list. In some instances, equipping three of the four keys and the core may grant one of the possible Complete Set Effects. The others will remain grayed out.

Divine Wheel sets that grant “Special Set Effects” are much, much more rare. While obtaining them usually involves ridiculously difficult battles, their benefits are well worth the pain.
Will you be a casual Divine Wheel user, only buying new sets from the nearest Wheeler? Or will you go the hardcore route and strategically plan combinations for each level range? Let us know! writes:
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