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Hype, disappointment, torch carrying and you.

Posted by Distopia Saturday July 2 2011 at 6:22AM
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Hype has become as nasty a four letter word as some of the more foul figures of speech we as people tend to use to vent our frustrations.



                                                    Just say no to hype

What is hype? Hype is generally something marketing departments create to exaggerate the merits of or importance of their product. So, why do consumers actually buy into it? I often find myself pondering on this thought. Especially when I see people caught up in it to such a degree they start generating it themselves. Nothing is ever as good as a marketing department is going to attempt to lead you to believe.


                                         So what happened this time?

We as consumers need to learn a company wants you to believe more than anything else, their product is worth your money. They'll do whatever they can to lead you to such conclusions. What makes it worse is when we actually start believing what marketing tells us, rather than keeping realistic expectations on what we're about to receive.


When we start carrying the torch in support of a single product, we're doing marketings job for them. This isn't a bad thing for a released product you feel is worth supporting. However, when we're doing it for things we've yet to touch ourselves, we're contributing in a negative way toward the inevitable outcome, disappointment.



                                                 But you promised!!!

You know the old saying "hell hath no fury"? That guy must have had video-gamers in mind when coining such a phrase. When we're disappointed, we're really disappointed. Yet, who's at fault for the levels some take that disappointment? Is it marketings, or is it our own, when we let ourselves believe what they say?

Should we not expect something similar to what we've been given over and over again in the past? All games promise innovation, and that new shiny experience. We rarely ever get it though. WHy do we in turn attempt to burn down the establishment everytime we don't?


                                         Slay the foul beast!!!!!!!!

It's up to us to manage our expecatations in a manner where we have an idea of what to expect, rather than an exaggerated outlook on a product. That exaggeration can only come from one place, that's advertising and marketing. If we stop buying into it, we may be let down, but we're not going to be let down enough to start carrying torches and donning evil masks.

                             Only you can prevent forum fires.



Hope my first blog wasn't to boring, this is really short but I'm just testing the water so to speak.


Inktomi writes:

Welcome to the MMORPG forum blog-o-sphere.

Sat Jul 02 2011 8:03PM Report
Distopia writes:

Thank you kindly sir! :)

Sat Jul 02 2011 8:21PM Report
TheOtter writes:

Nicely written but would have liked to see some further analysis of what drives consumers to hype over products. Perhaps a minor case study of Guild Wars 2/The Old Republic?

Another tie in would be how those who are "hyped" defend their product no matter what. Just my thoughts.

Sun Jul 03 2011 2:06PM Report
Distopia writes:

Thanks,  I should have touched on those subjects, as they are very good examples. People are definitely taking hype to the extreme with those two.

Sun Jul 03 2011 2:27PM Report
sidhaethe writes:

I too would like to see an analysis of the marketing vs. fannish expectations between SWTOR/GW2, because while I think marketing hype is real, I think we'd be surprised to see that most people's expectations are unjustified given each of the company's actual claims.

I did an analysis some time back of Mythic's claims about Public Quests versus the subsequent fannish expectation (now that merely mentioning them is a source of scorn for the WAR-embittered) and found that really, Mythic didn't make claims about them that were untrue, and were completely factual about how they would proceed.

Wed Jul 06 2011 9:19PM Report
Distopia writes:

Good point Sid, I think I will hit on this with my next entry as a continuation of these thoughts. It would be interesting to take popular sentiment of those two today and have a comparison for after they launch, just to see where reality and self-hype meet.

Thu Jul 07 2011 1:34PM Report
Torqia writes:

Nice read and many fine points.

.. but if you ask me the day hype became a 4 letter potty mouth word was after the release of AOC. Never in all of gaming history have a developer hyped a game to that extent. I personaly belive that many developers use the huge AOC hype backlash as a warning not to overly hype their game. I actualy belive that they restrain them selves if even just a little.

Hype have become very dangerous since failed expectations and disapointment spread like wildfire on forums like these.

Fri Jul 08 2011 3:49PM Report
wootin writes:

To answer your questions:

1. Because we want to be pleased. It does not get any better for a company than when its prospective customers are happy to hear of their new product. If we hate at all, it's because we trust.

2. They friggin' lie out their @sses to us because it's easy and they can just blame those over-emo gamers. I might be a bit bitter because I just read the Planetside 2 interview where they whitewashed SOE's failure with Planetside by blaming the "limited technology", so please take that into account.

However, it's not our job to police the game industry. We're making it as easy as possible to make us happy, and the industry is basically taking that as permission to lie.

Fri Jul 08 2011 11:13PM Report
MMOherald writes:

a little hypocritical considering the source. otherwise a good read.



Sat Aug 18 2012 6:19PM Report
Distopia writes: Not sure what you mean by "considering the source" :P. Thanks anyway though. Sat Aug 18 2012 6:30PM Report
Gestankfaust writes: Good read sir  :) Thu Apr 03 2014 7:25PM Report writes:
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