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Behind this mysterious title I'm hiding some hard work that might be published someday ;) The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts with you who love/hate MMO.

Author: Deewe


Posted by Deewe Wednesday December 3 2008 at 2:03PM
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I'm not really an hadcore PvPer but lately PvP is boring and mostly a gank fest: no more real challenge, no stress of dying or loosing something, no fear of the opponent.

Now on a perma-death server not only you have to be careful but also you should avoid ganking people. This because ganked people have friends and well, things can turn really bad very fast if you play like a jerk.

On a perma-death server you know people by their names and there comes respect, feeling of being part of a community  and so socialization.

I saw Dofus implementing that and the server queues are always full (what I'm being said).

They where very clever in their implementation because:

  • Leveling is faster
  • Drop rates are increased
  • In case of death, the opponent can take the victim’s items, Players or NPC alike!
  • They display the ranking on their web-site


On these ruleset servers the real PvPers will gather.

I would add even for casual gamers it would be interesting and fun to make an alt here.

Another solution would be some huge death sickness, like you can't play your character for a few hours. Still you would be able to play your alts.


Death1942 writes:

i do like the massive death sickness.  i think it could work.  problem is these are games and are meant to be fun.  i dont think many people would consider that fun.  From a PR perspective it may even put people off playing (like those who never alt).

as far as full loot is concerned.   personally i dont mind, it makes things interesting (i am not a pvp'er at all, more a crafter and dungeoneer) but it would suck if i where to loose my stuff more than once on a level (and not easily get it back, but we have all seen how bullcrap the economies are and how restricting devs are when it comes to dishing out gold).  i think full loot would certainly help crafters a bit (cheap temporary armour instead of epic magical ones that you get from level X onwards and never need to look at crafting ever again)

Wed Dec 03 2008 3:09PM Report
dcostello writes:

Perma death is most likely a futuristic concept, not because it's extremely innovative, but because players-as a community- are slow to accept change, although they want to relieve the idealistic games they used to play, which were popular due to their differences (changes)...

Wed Dec 03 2008 4:11PM Report
Splixx writes:

The game would tank, sad but true. Sure it would make the game a lot more interesting and exciting, but doubt anyone would seriously play it. However it could work if say you took a game that had regular servers and even hard-core FFA PvP servers and made a server that had perma-death. Think it would only work if you went the, can't play your character for X amount of time after death, that way people could log onto another server and play. I am hard-core PvP and even I wouldn't pay for a game that was strictly perma-death. To much risk with no rewards. You would spend an insane amount of time leveling and gearing your guy only to die and be left with nothing.

In AC Darktide you knew who the elite PvPers were and you respected them, there was no perma-death. You accrued Vitae every death, which is basically going negative on xp, that is you had to work of your Vitae XP penalty before you could gain XP towards leveling.

My take would be, you die you get "Vitae" if you die again before working it off it just keeps adding up, maybe have a cap or maybe not. Another route could be that if you die to another player you cannot gain Xp for an X amount of time or if you die you cannot PvP for a set amount of time. Even something along the lines of if you die to another player your stats go down X amount for Y amount of time and whoever killed you gets a stat buff of X amount for Y amount of time. I fully agree that in order for a PvP game to hold the dedicated PvPers it needs some form of penalty system in place. I would also like to see rezzing takin out of PvP games.

Wed Dec 03 2008 7:26PM Report
Deewe writes:

@Splixx: this would be an optional ruleset server, nothing mandatory. It would go with PvP, RP servers.

Thu Dec 04 2008 12:55PM Report
blackjack131 writes:

bring it on.  that's what i missed about UO from back in 97-98 you could loot people dry, loot their houses...there was penalties for being a murderer, but not much fear of dying aside from losing your stuff.  still a great idea if it could be implemented correctly


Thu Dec 04 2008 1:38PM Report writes:
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