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Behind this mysterious title I'm hiding some hard work that might be published someday ;) The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts with you who love/hate MMO.

Author: Deewe

Time to bypass the Intro movie and adverts?

Posted by Deewe Saturday October 11 2008 at 8:47AM
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I do understand the publishers that want to advertise their hard work.

When it's the xxx time you see the splash screens and videos I say please let us get rid of that crap!

Instead of making us smile/happy it's annoying us if not worse...

I still remember a game, which I had much fun to play, but after 3 years I could not stand anymore the ads vids not even the music running in the background while loading the game.

I agree we can hit ESC a few time to go faster. So I ask this very question :

Mr Marketing why aren't you letting us to bypass all this once for all? Is it so much to ask? It's not like we don't know who made the game, who published it and who's taking our $$$ each month.

So you have new vids, ads or whaterver, just reset our flag.

For now I'm looking forward my WAR next tome unlock : Waaagh! XXX intro display, you earn the ability to bypass the loading ads & vids.

Am I the only one?


Krylos writes:

Yes you are.  A developing company pumps MILLIONS of dollars into a game so you can play it.  I would immagine it is only fair for us to see about 2 seconds of splash screens while slamming the escape key.  If having to push a key to play your game bugs you, mabe you should go back to tabletops.

Sat Oct 11 2008 9:40AM Report
Cronjob writes:

No, he's not the only one. I don't care how many millions a company pumps into it. I've already bought it. Stop ramming ads up my ass. You can spend $250 million on a movie, but that doesn't justify you showing me 45 seconds of ads every time I put the DVD in.

Warhammer is attrocious about this. Every time you start the game, it runs through the introduction movie AGAIN. You can skip it by pressing a button, as you say, but you can NOT skip the loading and display of the Warhammer logo that comes after it. And then the Gaming Workshop logo that comes after that. And then the Mything/EA logo that comes after that. If you could just push a button and jump straight into the login screen, that would be fne. You don't even have the option of doing that, however.

And yes, you can rename the intro video file, but that doesn't address the rest of the ads. How about one screen with all the logos on it? Or how about just displaying them all *permemently) at the very bottom or side of the login screen? That would be less annoying and far more reasonable.

And along with each logo screen comes a loud, penetrating sound effect. And after all of that is done, you get to check and then accept the EULA (over and over and over). Granted, it's better than the week it launched when you had to click through TWO EULAs at every login...

I would imagine it's only fair for us to see a bunch of ads and logos during startup with no way to jump through them -- if we weren't already paying $55 for the box and then a monthly subscription fee.

Seriously... after the third or fourth logo screen... that's more then enough. Imagine if you had to sit through 60 seconds of loud, uninterruptable commercials before you could start your car. And had to sign your name to a couple of contracts each time. How many times would you jump in your car before you said "you know what? F this - I'm staying home today"?

Sat Oct 11 2008 9:55AM Report
Balkin31 writes:

If this bothers you I believe you have bigger issues.... I am never in so much of a hurry that I cannot wait till I hit esc 5 times to bypass adss... No biggie... relax some ok!!

Sat Oct 11 2008 3:08PM Report
astrob0y writes:

Well... I would get pretty mad if i bought somehing else (say book/movie/cd) and had to wait while some ads was shown before i could use the product. So why should we "relax some ok!!" as Balkin31 said.... And yes. An Mmo isnt a book/movie/cd but hopefully you get my picture. :)

Sat Oct 11 2008 3:54PM Report
Thekandy writes:

I take it you never played games before because every game i ever played had corporate logo screens that you either had to sit through or could press esc to skip.

And to Cronjob, i assume you sign your name on contracts with a big fat X because otherwise your comparison would be out of tune with the actual amount of effort required when accepting EULAs.
Also, we have up to 60 minute ads in the car, it's called commercials on the radio, funny enough you can also turn that off if you don't like it.

Sat Oct 11 2008 3:56PM Report
Deewe writes:

Thekandy, to answer you there wheren't any ads in my pong game ;)

Thing is, maybe it's a short delay, still it's a waste of time and it's not like we are going to learn anything or see anything new.

It's a bit like playing your favorite CD and having a xx secs ads at the begining... most annoying.

Sat Oct 11 2008 4:30PM Report
wesjr writes:

"esc" Does not work for the WAR logo's etc

Sat Oct 11 2008 4:46PM Report
Narug writes:

What bothers me is cinematics themselves and not the advertisements.  Pre-rendered cinematics that don't use the in game graphics. 

You end up wanting the game to look and play that like but when you enter you're stuck with a different reality.

If they didn't use such cinematics and used the game's engine instead I could stomach things much better.

Sat Oct 11 2008 5:29PM Report
Deewe writes:

Narug, I find your comment very interesting.

Studies show that  north American prefer game engine rendered videos whereas Europeans like pre-rendered ones.

Sat Oct 11 2008 6:10PM Report
Narug writes:

Aye.  I'm a Southerner from the US.  Born and raised in Louisiana but have recently moved to Texas.

I'll give an example of a cinematic I feel is misleading. 

The LOTRO cinematic had Frodo ball up to have an appearance of an ordinary rock lying on the ground.  Hidden within sight but yet still there.  He then proceeds to stab the enemy in the back when he jumps up from his position.

By contrast in the game your burgular just dissapears and doesn't ball up like in that cinematic.

Sat Oct 11 2008 7:10PM Report
UncertaintyP writes:

""Yes you are. A developing company pumps MILLIONS of dollars into a game so you can play it. I would immagine it is only fair for us to see about 2 seconds of splash screens while slamming the escape key. If having to push a key to play your game bugs you, mabe you should go back to tabletops."

Last I checked games cost money, and that was the whole reason game companies were making them.

Sun Oct 12 2008 12:22AM Report
originalegg writes:

wow some people in this blog are going to die of early heart attacks....seriously breathe people.

hit esc and then just chill through the few seconds of advertising.  this is in almost EVERY game out there right now, console and pc. 

i am insanely happy that i am not as high strung as some of you....simply amazing.

Sun Oct 12 2008 6:02AM Report
slask777 writes:

In DVD's this is horrible. You have to sit through some 2-3 minutes of 'do not pirate this' stuff, corporate logos and warnings in 20 different languages. Games not this bad yet, but they're getting there.

Time to draw the line. I am tempted often to reverse engineer the whole thing, remove the annoyance and continue playing. Problem with that is that whatever program the mmo folks run in the background to check for hacks/bots etc will probably report me and I will get banned. Not an issue with singleplayer games, but then patches wont work, and I have to find a cracked executable to run the damn game...bleh...

Sun Oct 12 2008 7:07AM Report
Sovrath writes:

I don't think I'd want to get rid of them. just allow players to bypass them once they have gone through once.

Sun Oct 12 2008 12:03PM Report
Zarobien writes:

I agree... I'm paying so I want ad free software.

Sun Oct 12 2008 4:43PM Report
andeemann10 writes:

At the movie thing, when you do buy the DVD, every time you start the movie it's going to play the Dreamworks, Columbia, Warner Brothers, etc. music and logo. It's the exact same thing, when you start up Warhammer it just says EA, Mythic, and Gamesworkshop. Corporate branding can be annoying (although I don't mind it) however it is not advertising.

Sun Oct 12 2008 8:47PM Report
Deewe writes:

For the people arguing about DVD :

You don't watch the same DVD multiple times in a week if not in a day.
Also you aren't paying a monthly fee to enjoy it.

Mon Oct 13 2008 9:06AM Report
unipsycho writes:

lol :p i'm still running the beta client and i didnt see a single splash screen or logo (but dont tell any1) 

Tue Oct 21 2008 12:15AM Report
unipsycho writes:

(and there's an addon to remove it anyway)

Tue Oct 21 2008 12:15AM Report
daeandor writes:

You are not the only one.  I am tired of seeing the ads in every single game in existance.  I essentially pay $230 to play a game for a year, I think I deserve the courtesy of not having to see the ads.

Tue Oct 28 2008 1:34PM Report writes:
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