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Behind this mysterious title I'm hiding some hard work that might be published someday ;) The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts with you who love/hate MMO.

Author: Deewe

Time to be able to speak with THE other faction?

Posted by Deewe Sunday October 5 2008 at 10:40AM
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So once upon a time a designer had the idea to forbid player to speak to each others, provided they are enemies.

I do agree it's a nice concept to prevent harassment but well isn't it a bit too much?

Did you never wanted to congratulate the other team for winning or maybe harangue them :)

What I propose it let's keep factions separated as they are, but let players be able to speak to each others on a voluntary basis.

For example create neutral grounds taverns accessible to all characters where everyone can chat to anyone.

Let's take scenarios or battlegrounds: after a struggle you could check send me to the tavern option, warping you there. If anybody becomes too annoying you could right click on his name and squelch him/her for the duration of his stay in the inn.

And how about you could post adds like 'insert team name' challenge other teams in 'scenario name". There could be a prize like players putting a participation fee and well non participant could bet on the outcome.

DrChicken writes:

This has always been one tendency in MMOs that has bothered me. Since when are your enemies so clear cut? Why can't your enemy be the guy right beside you, one that speaks the same language? Anything otherwise seems entirely unrealistic, but convenient all the same.

Sun Oct 05 2008 1:07PM Report
SteamRanger writes:

This is one area where WoW really missed it. I followed the game for years after it was announced. Many of the early screenshots featured groups comprised of mixed Horde and Alliance characters. It was a huge disappointment when it was revealed that players would never be able to take screenshots of their own like that because, not only were the factions supposedly "at war", but they couldn't even talk to each other. It's ridiculous that a Horde player can talk with an Alliance NPC, but not another player. It creates a kind of racism where anyone who doesn't look like my faction is an enemy. This is sad.

I used to love Star Wars Galaxies in the first year. You could talk with and cooperate with anyone, regardless of political affiliation. The game had flaws, but socially, it was golden.

I only hope that someday, Blizzard will open up WoW to the inclusion of a Neutral faction that players could join where they could team and socialize with all of Azeroth's playable races.

Sun Oct 05 2008 6:19PM Report
nileq writes:

Darkfall, will only have 1 language. Time to go sandbox fellas?

Mon Oct 06 2008 3:10AM Report
siftified writes:

Loved Asheron's call simply for the fact that you never knew whether a player was a true friend or an enemy until you actually got to know them properly.

There was more to the social aspect of this game than being in a guild, or being on a certain side. Often players would especially infiltrate and sabotage guilds or alliances, adding an aspect of trust and notoriety that doesn't seem to occur in many of the current popular MMO's (apart from EvE online, where infiltration and information is especially important).

I would like to see the social and community aspects of MMO's have more of an impact in future titles. Not only does this allow players to achieve something important (say infiltration of an enemy clan for example) without having to be of a certain character level, but it also brings the community closer, and creates a sort of tension that I believe should be present between factions which are warring, hostile or neutral towards each other.

Hope that all made sense :) I know WoWs problem with interracial communication doesn't really fit into the argument much, but with other such games I think social engineering is an important aspect.

Good topic :)

Mon Oct 06 2008 4:00AM Report
Deewe writes:

Thanks for the comments, very interesting!

I still remember the big betrayal in EvE, was something, it even hit the main newspapers.

I need to do some research on AC about the "infiltration" aspect. It seems interesting.

Mon Oct 06 2008 10:06AM Report writes:
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