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The Cold, Hard Truth (whether you like it or not)

Debunking the myths and spin the MMO devs... and even MMORPG foist upon the masses. You will hear me roar... or maybe just whine a little more.

Author: DeadDingo

AoC isn't fit to be Dogfood

Posted by DeadDingo Monday May 12 2008 at 11:12PM
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Age of Conan Crap.

It's not the messiah. 

Blasphemer you say?!? 

Well, let's examine the facts.

AoC has given you 'unique and interesting" gameplay.  If you consider more button mashing to be 'unique' or 'interesting'.  The easily amused may be interested by this feature, but since the entire game is based off of 'shiny' graphics, well, you will be looking for a new game in two months.  Pretty does not equal quality.

AoC has given you a new level of 'immersion'.  But that is only if you consider immersion to be loading screens.  Didn't those go out like 5 years ago?  You may think this is progress.  I humbly disagree.

AoC has given you a disastrous beta.  Fanbois clamor to it like it is gold.  Haters rally against it.  I just present the facts.  You may feel the need to comment, 'it's only beta', but a launch in a few days time means it's pretty damn finished.

Now consider what 'beta' has shown you.  Poor gameplay, lack of post-20 content, a resource hog that is barely playable on under half of 'gamers' systems and a company that believes it's own crap. 

But at least it is pretty.  Well, if you don't count all the hideously grotesque avatars.  So, perhaps even you might be buying this game.  Well, don't say I didn't warn you, because I did and I won't hesitate to remind you after the upcoming disastrous launch of the game software tragedy about to befall man and womankind alike.

Seriously, do you even need more reason to avoid this game other than they are coming out with a console version?

I thought true mmo gamers were smarter than that.  Consoles bring nothing but a dumbing down to the lowest common denominator.  If you don't see yourself in that description, yet you are still buying the game, you are in need of some better drugs... or maybe you need to lay off them for a while.

Now, I do understand that some 'people' do enjoy the game.... much like a cat enjoys playing with a ball of yarn.

I submit that AoC is only a prettier ball of yarn, but since they have spent so much time on graphics, they have lost sight of what they were trying to create which was a fun game.  They threw quality of gameplay to the dogs in favor of shiny things for cats. 

Go ahead and waste your money on this crap.  You'll be moving on in two months. 

PS:  Please stay around to tell all the people who buy this why it doesn't work on their systems, even though the meet/exceed minimum specs.  That should be fun... well fun for me.



goldenr1 writes:

The Cold, Hard Opinion.  Better title for such garbage.  I would listen if you presented it as your opinion.  The more you push that it's fact, and the more you push that everyone (a gross generalization) would be idiots (insulting your audience) the more I, and I'm sure many others, scoff at the little, regurgitated information you have provided.  You, and your writing, disgust me.  That's my opinion.

Mon May 12 2008 11:36PM Report
Tron420 writes:

goldenr1 - right on!

DeadDingo's dronings are just more "blah blah blah" to me.


HOWEVER, he does have a good point with the load screens thing. You can't argue with that. If the load screens are bad enough (so far it doesn't look good), that will be reason alone for me to move on to WAR when it comes out.

Mon May 12 2008 11:40PM Report
Siduris writes:

I feel like i should be dragged out back and shot in the head for just reading this shit...

Tue May 13 2008 12:47AM Report
DeadDingo writes:

if you are posting a comment, please state whether you are, or are not, buying this game.  Lets us all sort the weed from the chaff... and seeds.

Tue May 13 2008 12:55AM Report
Jakeadunk writes:

I won;t buy AoC. Not because what this guy said, because i can see clearly for myself that most MMO's made (including WAR) are not worth getting on launch day, I feel that real MMO players should wait about 6 months to a year before buying a new released MMO. Only then can u see if the company that made the MMO i s telling the truth on how they will support the game and if the game is made on a solid foundation (like WoW).

Tue May 13 2008 1:26AM Report
Sinistrad writes:

goldenr1, you are awesome :D

I agree completely!

Tue May 13 2008 2:15AM Report
charlizd writes:

DeadDingo=Fail your Dribbling even amazes me you sound like a spoilt little kid who did not get he's way at Christmas,What happened did mummy say this game is a little bit mature for you? Cause all i see here is some one that is pissed of because they could not run the game not because the game itself is bad ..'did you brush your teeth before bed? just checking b4 mummy gets cranky" i say get over yourself you dwindlling lil puss bag and please learn the difference between FACTS and OPINION .

Tue May 13 2008 2:38AM Report
Riker99 writes:

Man, I wish retards like you would just shut the fuck up.

I think your panties are in a bunch because your mommy won't give you money for a better computer.

And no one asked you to be fucking Nostradamus, asshole.

I wish there was a constructive blog on the front page instead of this steaming pile of excrement.

Tue May 13 2008 3:31AM Report
eCharlie writes:

Age of Conan eve of release chat event, Friday 6-11pm PST. Come chat about this there. :)

Tue May 13 2008 3:42AM Report
Gnomig writes:

First off – I am not a AoC-Fanboi. I will not buy the game – but:

Give people an autoattack-system for combat and they will whine it’s boring, give them another one then it’s button-mashing. How would you like combat to be? Until you get a Wii-Adapter you will be left with autoattack or using your keyboard, so quit whining – what did you expect?

I agree that it would have been better to have less shiny graphics that run on more machines although I did not have real problems running it. I had about the recommended specs and it ran ok at 1200 and medium settings.

My loading screens had a duration of 2-15s, if you had more then check your HD please. I’m not running it on a high-end machine so I guess the loading screens cannot be that bad.

Beta was ok after the final patches – lagging and memory leaks were pretty much ok that way. No need to whine. Post 20 content was bareley accessible due to the PvP-carnage, so if you weren’t in the general beta then you have no clue what awaits you.

The console version will be released in more than a year. And they will delay launch for another one I guess so no need to whine about what’s going to happen in 1-2 years. But still I agree that having console and pc players on the same platform is stupid.


Less polemic would have done the job.

Tue May 13 2008 4:27AM Report
DeadDingo writes:

Post 20 content was bareley accessible due to the PvP-carnage, so if you weren’t in the general beta then you have no clue what awaits you.



I seriously hope you don't think you weren't given the chance to explore the content because of the pvp gankfest they offered.

The pvp gank was DESIGNED to prevent exploration of the lacking content.  It was designed so you couldn't see the game they claimed to have developed.

But hey, you saw all the game had to offer in the first 20 levels and you have nobody to blame but yourself when you cry 'there's no content' later on.

I told ya so.


Tue May 13 2008 4:34AM Report
Daedren writes:

Why would a dog eat a video game?

Tue May 13 2008 4:36AM Report
DeadDingo writes:

why would a dog eat a videogame?

Because he can.. and if you had a dog you would know that.

Eating a crap videogame can and is looked upon as a blessing.

But you must be a cat-lover.  /cry

Tue May 13 2008 4:49AM Report
ErbunNinja writes:

I love when people post this shit! and here is why.... 

#1.  I love when people gain an opion of the game from the open beta when in the agreement for the open beta it sates that it is nothing more than a "stress test".  Amaxzing how little kids aren't taught to read anymore huh?

#2,  They are releasing a console version because.... they can make money off of it.  Nuff said.  It doesn't take a phd to figure this out folks.  If I made a game and someone was like - "hey you can make a few extra bux by releasing this game on my ass".. guess what.. i would put the game on his ass. 

#3.  Jakeadunk - you are one of the smartest people ive seen on forums.. no offense to alot of people on here but.. Heres where I stand.  You are absoluteley right..  Any MMO on launch day is gonna have bugs, memory leaks, and crashes.. not to mention lots of server down time because no matter how much testing your perform your never prepared enough for the consumer.  That being said while I agree with you 110% I will and have already bought the game because I see promise.  I see potential in this game and while I don't expect it too beat WoW in subscribers I have been in a few betas of this game and feel it beats WoW in gameplay, even from the little bit Iv'e seen.

Gnomig - you, sir, are also right.  I have followed this game for a while.  I was there when people complained about how the servers were not TRUE ffa.  Then I also read the same forums when the SAME people complained that the REAL (lol) game is nothing but a gank fest.  Sorry folks but when your all the same level and you get killed your not getting ganked.. your getting beat.. go RP karebear.  My point is that MMO players have a tendency to be the worst whiners there are in any game market.  This is a curse I must deal with as an MMO fan and personally feel it is manageable by choosing who I play with and choosing who I dont flame with.

WIth all that said I playing this game starting launch on sat, and yes I admit that I may regret it in the future but that is the risk we all take.  I bought the Collecter's edition of this game because I have high hopes.  If i am wrong then I will take it in stride and prepare for the next BIG launch (which will not be the WOW/AOC cookie cutter WAR).  Hell.. I still have my collectors edition of TR, which i loved but i thin lacked certain, post launch elements.  Good day and good hunting gentlemen.


Tue May 13 2008 4:54AM Report
DeadDingo writes:

I love when people post this shit! and here is why.... 

#1.  I love when people gain an opion of the game from the open beta when in the agreement for the open beta it sates that it is nothing more than a "stress test".  Amaxzing how little kids aren't taught to read anymore huh?


Amazing how people can fail to read anything I've written.

This isn't beta anymore.  It might have been a few weeks or months ago, but this is LAUNCH VERSION now.

Amazing how little kids have no concept of timeframes... do you ask "are we there yet" still?

This beta always was and is a marketing beta.. and in that it has FAILED dramatically... just like the launch will.

Launch is days away and the problems AREN'T SOLVED.

And we aren't talking petty bugs, we are talking unplayability issues for a decent percentage of players who should be able to run this.

And it wasn't open beta, it was closed beta thank you very much.

The same closed beta that doesn't work for shiiat on my computer nor my friends.  Before you say, it's you not knowing how to config your rig, I'll invite you over to do it.

Then you might finally understand what people are going through.


Tue May 13 2008 5:47AM Report
Trashcantoy writes:

another desperate WAR idiot who is sad he got ganked in a PVP fest, actually it was fantastic, only the strongest survived and explored the most :D

Tue May 13 2008 5:55AM Report
ErbunNinja writes:

I still /lol at this man.. Im sorry but aparently you fail to read the technical issues forums on anything.  They have already posted that there is issues running on newer computers because the client released is not optimized to run on duel core procs.. And they even released a "what to do" sheet on how to take care of this.  I run a nice processor, a 6400, but an ok GPU (an 8600gt) with the max ram I can get (which is less than i have) with XP.  I was still able to run the games with default (read:given to me) specs and got about 35 to 60 fps.  Now I know that some others with same specs had WAYYY worse runtime abilities u, sir, still failed to read the fine print. even the closed beta that people run is still an older build.  Now I will be the first to say that I do not deny that you had a bad beta experience.  And I also sympathize with you.  But your mistake is not that you posted how you had a bad experience adn are trying to warn others.. your mistake is that you try to sound like an MMO god who knows all.  Personally I try to have faith in games.  yes i very well may eat my own words in a few months.  But if that comes to pass then yes, I am a big enuff man to say "ok you got me, you told me so".  But try not to kill the baby before the birth.. Like I said no MMO is perfect or great at release.  Wow wasnt but because of timeing, and palyabilty (not too mention other income strings) they had the financial ability to put dollars into the game.  Yes Launch will probably be buggy, yes I expect (altho I pray for not)  server downtime the week of launch.  Its the nature of the beast.  But if the entire community takes your views and gives up before the game is even released, then of course its gonna fail becuase the game wil have no income to fix what players view as "bad".  Have a little faith, And i think you might be surprised.  Otherwise youve got nothing to look forward to other than killing one game, and waiting for the next to bitch about.


Tue May 13 2008 6:03AM Report
ErbunNinja writes:

3on1 - good call sir... good call

Tue May 13 2008 6:07AM Report
DeadDingo writes:

Otherwise youve got nothing to look forward to other than killing one game, and waiting for the next to bitch about.


Suits me just fine.  I'll bitch as long as there are legitimate issues to bitch about.  Like I said, I'll see you in two months so you can eat your words.

Tue May 13 2008 6:10AM Report
ErbunNinja writes:

Ok I jsut REALLY read what Dickdingo wrote and now I feel the need to attack bak...   You never once said in your post how your views were based anything off of closed beta.  Not that it would change my position, but atleast it would have given you more of a background in the game.  So do not even try to compare you age to mine.  You will lose, sir.  And again.. I know your tired of hating it.. Maybe its becuase your parents wont up your allowance to update your gpu.  (just so you know that means Graphic Processor Unit) aka your video card.  No your onboard will not work here.  im sorry that your gaming exp involves an investment.. welcome to RL.  Just wait till you meet women. 

This is no case was it a "marketing" beta.  If you believe that it just means that you were one of many who were stupid enough to pay for a file planet account for a beta, when all you were paying for was a file planet account.  And in case your homeschool teacher robbed your bookbag this morning :

Beta - beta testing programming
Testing a pre-release (potentially unreliable) version of a piece of software by making it available to selected users. This term derives from early 1960s terminology for product cycle checkpoints, first used at IBM but later standard throughout the industry.
"Alpha test" was the unit, module, or component test phase; "Beta Test" was initial system test. These themselves came from earlier A- and B-tests for hardware. The A-test was a feasibility and manufacturability evaluation done before any commitment to design and development. The B-test was a demonstration that the engineering model functioned as specified. The C-test (corresponding to today's beta) was the B-test performed on early samples of the production design.
An item "in beta test" is thus mostly working but still under test. In the Real World, systems (hardware or software) often go through two stages of release testing: Alpha (in-house) and Beta (out-house?). Beta releases are generally made available to a small number of lucky (or unlucky), trusted customers.

there you go dikhead.  Read and weep.. Just cuz you think that it is final version dont mean shit.  Until Sat at whatever time the turn on the servers - anything played until then is nothing but beta and is now way a direct representation of the actual game.  Sorry... but you lose.  Next time you wanna talk shit.. stick to your age group.

-Ninja (Apollo)

Tue May 13 2008 6:21AM Report
DeadDingo writes:

Perhaps you are unable to read the dev postings and interviews.  They themselves have admitted and acknowledged this to be a marketing beta and not a true beta in any sense of the word.

Perhaps you should read more before typing utter rubbish into your presario.

Namecalling is uncalled for whether or not you agree with me or don't.

That makes you = fail... just like AoCrap

Tue May 13 2008 6:32AM Report
GongStar writes:

I'm amazed you even took the time to bash it on the internet. Most of the times when I don't like something I go bash it with my friends IRL. I just can't ass myself to waste my time on the net, why? Cuz when I bash it with my friends they all agree but when you bash something on the net you are looking for negative response and frankly, I don't give a shit about what anybody else thinks.

PS. I thought AoC looked pretty nice, but then i saw some ingame CB videos and I thought i looked dull and not at all as "slashy" as I thought it would be.

Tue May 13 2008 6:50AM Report
ErbunNinja writes:

Haha.. hell read the devs.. i know some of them.  It fits a double market.  Maybe you yourself should better read the posts.  It works as bost.. It works for their beta needs.. as well as gets their name out by providing their beta on a much used download service.  Just becuase you "feel" you payed for a beta and you "feel" you got jipped doesn't mean you should "feel" so damn negatively about the game.  I HAVE read the posts, by devs and all.  And Im not claiming to have read every single thing posted by every single dev, but have read a god bit.  My big gripe still has nothing to do with the game.  It has to do with the fact that if you fell so strongly against a game fine!..  I for one know that every individual will have a different game exp than the person next to them.. And thats ok.  Thats why we love these games.  My main problem is that if you have such a problem with this game why are you still even posting about it.  Im not trying to talk you into playing.  If you dont thin you will enjoy it then don't play.  I dont want people to play that dont want to... for (hopefully) obvious reasons.  Man I dont mean to attack you personally..  My goal here was to show that if you are gonna talk negatively about a game then know all sides, both negative as well as postitive.  Because until you can post from that perspective  you have no credible post to begin with.  I could fill a page full of negative shit about the game here.  But I can also fill a page full of posititive shit too.  I dont feel the need to post my personal review (as you did) here because it is a waste of time because when it comes down to it... you have no concrete here.  All im saying is until the game is out - stop trying to post reviews.. I respect your POV.. But stop trying to force it on others before launch.  Becuase no matter what you think.. unless I can find your name on the dev list of succesful games - you have no grounds to talk shit about a game before launch.  You may have all youor l33t ideas about how a game should be made and beta tested and thats cool.. But unless your apart of the fix your aprt of the problem.  Stop bitchin about a game that hasnt even come out yet, and spend a little time constructively.  Posting your complaints here isnt gonna do any good only harm.  And frankly the community here doesnt want it.  You have legit complaints.. fine.  How in the hell will bitchin about it here fix anything.  Answer that and you win


- Ninja (APOLLO)

Tue May 13 2008 6:50AM Report
A.Blackloch writes: Really lame effort trying to get readers to your sh*tty blog. Tue May 13 2008 7:09AM Report
Acceleratum writes:

You lost me when you use a beta to preview a game and post bitching about what you didnt like when you should be there helping them fix the game.

Tue May 13 2008 7:11AM Report
uglee13 writes:

Does anyone else get the pre-order AOC ad under his blog?

(PS I'm still getting the game?)

Tue May 13 2008 7:21AM Report
uglee13 writes:

Tht last part was not supposed to be a question.

Tue May 13 2008 7:22AM Report
Myrdek writes:

Gotta love sensationalism :)


I'm pretty sure DeadDingo is highly intelligent and does somewhat believe what he's saying (I don't disagree, just stating). But he wanted to write it to rock the boat a little bit.

It's a lot of fun to make people react like this :)

Tue May 13 2008 8:26AM Report
Therapy writes:

If that was retail version i have been playing since OB then how come I have to re-install this game when I already have it on my PC. Anyway I am soooooo friggan sick of these shit posts. If you don't like it don't play it ffs. Shit gets old hearing little bitches "This game sux" every damn post. Let it rest already. If you DON'T like it DON'T buy it.

Tue May 13 2008 8:31AM Report
talismen351 writes:

Yes let's examine the 'Facts'

Fact:Loading screens 10-30 seconds Max.

Immersion the fact that there is an actual storyline within the game, many quests are based on this storyline. Not just crap of many other games.

Fact: Many ppl enjoyed the beta. Yes there were some issues, FC stated the issues they were working on and fixed a great deal of issues by the end of the beta.

Fact: It is a nice lookin world. There is not ugly avitars, unless you make them so. Sorry no cutesy Elves in this game.

One more Fact, you have been a hater of this game for some time now. Just looking past your previous posts shows that. You been screeming Doomsday in AoC forums for some time now. Also claiming LotR=Fail n COV=Fail. Maybe if you posted positive once in a while about anything but pre NGE SWG, you might be believable.


Tue May 13 2008 8:45AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Wow.. I can't believe the mods really allow this crap here.  I seen people post less flamage and get it deleted.


Whatever dude, it was a beta, cry your noob self asleep and go back to WoW.

Tue May 13 2008 9:29AM Report
BarakIII writes:

DeadDingo, my opinion of you went down when you said "weed from the chaff" that should be "wheat from the chaff"...or perhaps you just had an 'alternate' sort of crop in mind; but my opinion of you went back up with..."why would a dog eat a videogame? Because he can." That is so so true. I had a dog once that would as soon chew down small trees as he would a bone. Anything a dog can get in its mouth is fair game as far as its concerned.

As for the topic at hand, I can't run AoC on my current system and by the time I am able to get a new system I'll likely have a better idea of it's worth as a game.

Tue May 13 2008 9:31AM Report
Tarqueth writes:

Don't know if I'll buy this or not, but several things about posts here.  First, Open beta = what you'll see when the game releases folks.  The publisher will most likely make a few MINOR changes between the time they take the servers down for open beta and reopen them for Gold/live status.  The disks have already been made though and any changes will be patched after the disk loads... Sorry, but DD wins that one guys.

Second, anyone comparing WOW to WAR just lost respect.  WAR has been around much longer than Blizzard and yes, look at the old 25 years+ books of WAR, and you'll see where Blizzard got its art from. ;)

Third, if you have to resort to cussing at a person and calling them names, you've already lost.

Ninja, paragraphs and spell checks please.  I'm not an english major and may only have my High School diploma, heck I hated english classes, but at least I make an effort to make sure my posts are readable.

DD, others are right, this is your opinion of the game from what you saw.  You did point out a few facts, like the game not running well on many peoples systems, but FC seems to think they have most of those issues taken care of from the interview the other day here on MMORPG.  I have not been in beta and can not comment on the combat system, but I have to say this, I would much rather have to push more buttons than have an auto attack.  The reason being is if there are more buttons then there are more styles to choose from.

Everyone expects something different from games.  I can see voicing your dislikes, but you may want to refrain from stating "facts" without giving links to the information that backs it up.

These are just my opinions. 

Here's the link to the interview/ Q&A with FC

Tue May 13 2008 9:56AM Report
HappyFunBall writes:

I agree 100% with the button mashing.  I made each type of character.  Only leveled a mage, just to avoid the silly combos and constant button mashing.

I mean seriously, "combos"?  This isn't Mortal Kombat.  Hotkeys for special attacks would have been been fine, but then you have to execute those moronic combos just to do any real damage in combat (among other things/effects) (and complete the special attack).

I *Hate* loading screens.  Actually, I don't just hate them, it was a real crash point for me.  The game would crash for me 1/10 times I tried to zone.  It happened to many others as well.

If you beta tested and read the global chat at all, you would notice that MANY people had problems with quests that could not be completed or did not function correctly, crashes, very poor performance, and a slew of other things.  This game isn't CLOSE to ready.

I don't even think the graphics are "all that".  I believe every zone looks washed out and drenched in useless fog.  They so overused the fog effects it blew my mind.  My wife even commented on how crappy/colorless everything looked.  Everything was based on shades of grey with some greyish-green grass here and there.

One thing the OP didn't mention was getter around.  My main character is over level 50, and getting around was a bear.  So many hills you could not climb, complete maze-like zones, horrible minimaps that didn't show 1/2 of the roads or pathways.  The minimaps for many zones just had a black background.  Nice.

Another thing I HATED about the game was how linear it was.  If you tested the game, up to a char level of 50+, then you know what I mean.  Enough said.  I'll snap if I have to do Tortage again, for the 5th time now.  Blah.

Even after all that, I *liked* the game overall, but won't be buying it due to the above comments, OP comments, poor character balance, and so on.  I hope to buy it in a few months if I read good things about it, praying that they improved the game a great deal.

Tue May 13 2008 9:56AM Report
Dabruuzer writes:

Not worth a reply, really. But I had a few minutes to kill.

Tue May 13 2008 10:08AM Report
Akousmata writes:

All I gotta say is it's about damn time someone put out an MMO with exceptional graphics.  Will it drive away SOME customers?  certainly, but I'm sick of playing games where a PuG has 3 players with no lag problems at all and 5 that DC every 10 seconds.  Talk about developing a game for the lowest common denominator.  WoW was so effective cause anyone with a PC could play not just gamers and that's why it turns off a lot of people.  I'll probably try this game out after a few months to give them time to fix bugs and put out a few patches.

I'm ecstatic that gaming companies are finally making a push towards marketing towards gamers with more powerful machines and who actually care about things like 3D modeling, shading, aliasing, etc. and don't just put the graphics settings on low, cross their fingers and whisper a prayer to the God of Mobo's that their system doesn't crash.  If your system can't handle the game.... DON"T PLAY IT!!!

Tue May 13 2008 10:40AM Report
Giddian writes:

I Don't Understand why some one would post such Crap. I can understand, not likeing a game. Not likeing a game that hasnt been released yet? Dumb. I don't like alot of Games. EQ, SWG, TR, and so on. I don't feel its worth my time to shout crap about it.

I hapen to Like AoC and Will be Playing it. The open Beta was not the same as the regular beta. {Why? I don't know.} but after the patch, a ton of issues were resolved.

You just sound like a hatefull person. Thats sad.

Do you need a Hug?

Tue May 13 2008 11:15AM Report
Darkewulf writes:

       Man.....Some of you guys need to not get your tampons in a twist. He gave an opinion, that's it. He shouldn't have given a blanket statement of 'fact' over his entire blog but most all of his statement is fairly accurate.  Beta IS a place for corrections to be made however they also ARE cutting it really damn close.  EQ was also released on PS2 and we all know how that turned out.  Loading screens are a bit antique and more than quite a bit suck-ass. I love the Mortal Kombat analogy for the combo moves, right on the money in every aspect, including that it doesn't belong. Button mashing in MMOs really shouldn't exist. Things like that are why Sony pads their controllers' interiors.  The graphics are nice and shiny but a silk hat on a pig is still on top of....a pig.

       The man listed an opinion and asked for a census of potential buyers and everyone ensued with namecalling and insults. NOW who are the morons, idiots, and dicks? Oh yeah, if you're going to insult someone regarding their reading/writing, make sure you know how to spell in the first place. Using texting code language and failing 3rd grade spelling skills whilst berating someone and making 'mommy' references makes you look like a damn fool. (My God, the comment box even has a Spellcheck on it!)

       Agree or disagree......he's an idiot or a doesn't matter.  Let your balls drop, mature a little, THEN post. Otherwise, silence yourselves.  Forums are meant for mature connversation and debate of topic.

Tue May 13 2008 11:16AM Report
Gnomig writes:


I seriously hope you don't think you weren't given the chance to explore the content because of the pvp gankfest they offered.

The pvp gank was DESIGNED to prevent exploration of the lacking content.  It was designed so you couldn't see the game they claimed to have developed.

But hey, you saw all the game had to offer in the first 20 levels and you have nobody to blame but yourself when you cry 'there's no content' later on.


Well of course pvp-carnage was meant to keep players from reaching high levels! I thought i CLEARLY stated that! If you were a dev, would you *really* want all ingame content revealed in OPEN BETA? If that had happened then people like you would be the first to whine that this was a bad bad decision that would spoil the launch.

If you don't like it, fine, I will not buy it either. But your arguments are crap. Interesting enough you only chose to reply to the last and least of my arguments. The argument was: You do not know post-20 content, so the asumption that it's lacking is just a hollow assumption.

Tue May 13 2008 11:18AM Report
Giddian writes:

you need a Hug too?


Spread the Love

Tue May 13 2008 11:18AM Report
Darkewulf writes:

HA! connversation=conversation. -1 N damned old keyboard. Two cheeseburgers and World Peace, Mr. Genie please!

Tue May 13 2008 11:19AM Report
Therapy writes:

Personally I am glad i didn't get a chance to see past level 20. I have said this before why would I go to a movie and ruin it by watching the end first. I want everything to feel NEW. Its a NEW game to play. I also try to pay little mind to the critics. Many times Siskel and Ebert would review a movie and say it sucked then I would watch for myself and say hmmmm were they watching the same movie as me I liked it. /shrug to each their own. What I did see in beta I enjoyed and it played very well on my computer.

Tue May 13 2008 11:45AM Report
Gnomig writes:

*hugs Giddian*

Tue May 13 2008 11:48AM Report
Giddian writes:

Thanks Gnomig,

I feel Better

Tue May 13 2008 12:40PM Report
DeadDingo writes:

Dingo is a happy doggie.  When is the last time a blog got 40 responses in a few hours?

Hate me or love me.  I don't care.  I created a ruckus.  Only one person seems to have picked up on that.

PS:  the blogs aren't moderated like the forums.  They are essentially blogger moderated with the ability to only delete the entire response post.  And I like the flames.

I shall spit them back upon you after the disastrous launch.

Tue May 13 2008 6:37PM Report
eCharlie writes:

Take it to webcams! :)

Now open 24/7 til launch!

Tue May 13 2008 9:48PM Report
Fwankling writes:

I liked how you referred to the game as dog food when you're called a dingo...???

Tue May 13 2008 11:03PM Report
Astrina writes:

First off, I have not played in the beta.

Secondly, I do plan on playing the game at release.

I have played just about every MMO out there, and the majority of them in beta. I chose to wait on this one, and jump in when the game starts.

Every beta has it's issues and generally, they don't do their best and biggest fixes till just before release.

I, like many people hate to be disappointed by launch disasters and bugs. But, I also realize that 2 months for most MMO's is about all they keep me playing anyway. Only a couple have kept me past that time frame. To me, it will be new, so even if it's got bugs, I will enjoy the newness. Yes, that will wear off, and if there are too many issues, it will wear off faster.

There has yet to be an MMO release that was completely smooth. A couple have come close, but none have hit perfection. If you want perfection, then build your own game and see if you can do better.

In my dreams, this game will be a true blast. In reality, I know that I will have moments of keyboard slamming frustration. Does that make it right? Who cares. I just want a new game to sink my teeth into.

Wed May 14 2008 2:52AM Report
Trashcantoy writes:

DeadDingo if u dont care what they all said why bother replying then? :) its quite funny that u see so much as flame, cause everyone is giving more arguments then u do, yea they do flame when they are on it cause u deserve it.. cause ur an idiot. Yes ill say it again, ur an idiot :) have many fun times WAITING for WAR

im sure the launch of AoC will be bad, but thats with a lot of mmos. u can flame us all u want if AoC doesnt hold the 100k subs after 3 months, we will admit defeat =)

Wed May 14 2008 5:10PM Report writes:
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