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r1ft Gaming Blog

A mirror of my gaming blog at The jaded game designer turned corporate lackey. Feedback is always welcome.

Author: Daedren

Warhammer Online: Will You Subscribe?

Posted by Daedren Tuesday October 14 2008 at 4:38AM
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While it might be no secret on my personal disdain for Warhammer Online, I've been curiously intrigued by the amount of negativity towards the game. Over at Massively, they recently asked the question "Has Warhammer earned your money for another month?" - and surprisingly, almost half of the commentors expressed their intent to either not resub at all, or definately leave once WotLK is on the shelves in November.

Most can agree Warhammer isn't exactly shattering boundaries with its ideas, but the fact remains that it's the biggest PVP/RVR focused game to ever be produced. For a PVP oriented gamer like myself, this gives me a vested interest into the future and prosperity of Warhammer, as failure could pose problems for producing similar games in the future. So, while I might not have been wooed and wowed by the ideas or implementation of the game, I'd still like it to have a healthy subscriber base to at least encourage other companies to go forth and forge an epic PVP focused game.

This medium (blogging) isn't the best for objective market analysis, but its a start. So far, between my blog and Massively, with over 200 readers responding, it seems that almost half of those will either not resub to Warhammer or leave back to WoW in November. Perhaps it's mainly the negative people commenting, perhaps not. Anyway, I'd like to find out.

So, I ask my readers here: will you subscribe or resub to Warhammer Online? 


craynlon writes:

my problem is:

will i pay 12 or more euro for running a few szenarios a week
i mean its almost like a paying subscription to team fortress

somehow at 28 i lost interest in pve and on the server i play theres only a bit of rvr on the weekends but nothing massive or earthshattering.

atm it seems im almost more hooked on crafting/grinding on atlantica online then on playing war.

also i honestly do miss aoc but i wont go back there bevore some big content updates hit the live servers wich, at the rate they are going, may not happen this year.

so if atlantica can keep me hooked for another month ill play that till chronicles of spellborne hit the shelves maybe resubscribing to war but theres a substencial chance that i wont.

Tue Oct 14 2008 6:51AM Report
blythega writes:

I purchased and have played destruction to level 25 within our guild on a heavy population server.

I must agreed with the previous users comment, the RvR and scenario game play is so repetitive that it becomes old fast. It is the same old tactic over an over again to either defend or capture territory either in Scenarios or RvR. *yawn*

There is nothing innovative, compelling or challenging in this game that  would make me subscribe.

Tue Oct 14 2008 7:06AM Report
Zahzul writes:

I hate to say this, but it's almost like a p2p guild wars - Gah!

Tue Oct 14 2008 7:13AM Report
Lobotomist writes:

Its the emptiest MMO i ever seen. And i played most of them.

Such a HUGE mistake from Mythic to implement scenarios.

I will not be subbing after free month

The game is not worth the money



Tue Oct 14 2008 7:15AM Report
just1opinion writes:

I think there have actually been multiple forum threads about this.  Most of them included polls. can't get an accurate result using forum threads and blogs.  Not all gamers visit, for one, and also, there are many that do that never post. 

But MY response to your question is a resounding "no."  I will not re-sub.  I'm one of the many that pre-ordered the game.  I had high hopes, but I didn't feel I was expecting the re-creation of the wheel or anything.  However, after playing through tier 2 and in to the beginning of tier 3 on a few characters (the goblin shaman ended up getting most of my time), I was disappointed.  It felt like I was going to have to just go from one small battleground/scenario to another, in a pretty linear fashion, to just keep moving forward and up to the next tier, in anticipation of an "endgame" that seemed unlikely to deliver what I had hoped, due to, what I felt, were enormous population balance issues.  The game just doesn't work, really, without a nice crowded server.  Then you have the issue of....not everyone works your generic day shift, making "prime time" play feasible for them.  THOSE people (me) are pretty well screwed, because the hours that they can play.....RvR lakes are virtually empty, and FORGET public quests.  There aren't enough people to finish them.

Anyway....the SHORT answer would have been:  No, I'm not re-subbing.

Tue Oct 14 2008 7:20AM Report
Azmaria writes:

Well, I'm gonna go ahead and be different.  Yeah, I'm going to re-sub.  No, I'm not going to flame all of you who aren't or try to get into some sort of big moral debate. 

Reasons that I'll resub:

1) I'm in a very fun guild that makes scenarios actually fun.

2) I hate quitting games before reaching max level and experiencing the end game.

3) I'm a huge fan of the Warhammer IP, having played the tabletop game for quite a while.  So, experiencing that universe, even if it's not the most amazing game ever, is worth it for me.

4) I love playing the classes.  I've so far played a magus, ironbreaker, arch mage, and a witch hunter.  Granted, I've only reached t3 with my witch hunter, but that's because I have many other things to attend to.  Each class, however, I've enjoyed thoroughly while playing it.

5) I'm having fun with the game.  Sure, the pve is a little repetitive, that's all PvE is.  The PvP , while not Guild Wars, is still good fun, especially when run with a guild that you enjoy.

6) I don't see a better game on the market to better devote my time to.  Nothing has caught my eye like WAR has, and so I'll continue to play until something does.

Those are my thoughts.

Tue Oct 14 2008 8:09AM Report
FireFork writes:

It took me 15 lvl's to evaluate it in two subjects,  "no fun" or "fun"

= no fun! Cancel forever, and trashed among the other games in my bookcase like AoC etc.

Tue Oct 14 2008 8:29AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

Is the game perfect? Not at all.

Does it bring much new to the MMOPRG market? Not really.

Has it been fun? Yes.

Has it been enough of a change from WoW? Yes.

WIll I resub? Yes.

Tue Oct 14 2008 8:38AM Report
Samhael writes:

I'm enjoying it. I will re-sub. After AoC , I will never re-sub for a multiple month period as you never know how much a game can turn during a 3-month cycle...  But right now, I'm having a great time. WAR is light and fluffy rather than a meat-filled MMO but since my play time isn't as great as it used to be, that suits just fine for now.

Tue Oct 14 2008 8:43AM Report
Alteri writes:

Absolutely.  Further, I'm overjoyed that the WoW fanboys won't be!  The less of them, the better War will be!  Come on November!

Tue Oct 14 2008 8:54AM Report
Daedren writes:

Thanks for the responses so far, everyone.

@girlgeek: I clearly stated this is not the best way to do this. However, I have a poll running over at Warhammer Alliance, along with taking stats from my  blog and Massively. We're at about a 400 user sample size at the moment.

So far in this thread, we have a 5 negative, 4 positive response ratio. In my past threads and on Massively, it was about 60% positive, 40% negative.

Anyway, I think it's interesting to see. ;) 


Tue Oct 14 2008 9:00AM Report
skai writes:

Not resubbing at the moment,  though that will change if I feel like playing again.  For now, I simply don't feel like playing.  I got as far as the character select screen the last 2 times I logged,  and decided I didn't feel like playing.  Once the WOTLK dust settles, I'll probably resub but for now, pass.

Tue Oct 14 2008 9:34AM Report
Mrbloodworth writes:


Tue Oct 14 2008 10:07AM Report
Netspook writes:


I *may* sub after a year or three, when several content patches have been added, and maybe an expansion or two has been released, but for me, the current version of the game is WAY too shallow and lacking to be worth paying for.

Tue Oct 14 2008 11:09AM Report
cerebrix writes:

im resubbing.  its a fun game.

Tue Oct 14 2008 1:27PM Report
Ogrelin writes:

I'm going to resub. I'm having alot of fun.

Tue Oct 14 2008 1:42PM Report
star writes:

Around last Wednesday, I was seriously considering not resubbing. Having hit the PvE-XP roadblock in mid-T3 was so disheartening, I lost almost all interest to play my main. 

Since the hotfix which improved the XP - I'm definitely going to sub, provided I can scrape up the funds to do so.

Tue Oct 14 2008 3:15PM Report
Deewe writes:

Not sure, maybe only as a social thing to keep in touch with my guildies as:

Due to scenarios the world is empty != MMO

Boredoom comes very fast as scenarios are repetitives  and it's a BIG MESS!

Class balance (will be fixed in the future)

Travel time sink to group with friends :(

Tue Oct 14 2008 4:45PM Report
Ajven writes:

No way.

This game doesnt bring something new . Its just farming game like wow , but  quite more boring.  No world to explore only  zones ..,  few types of scenario , stoopid quests  and castle siege rvr who is far far away from something i imagine when i hear realm versus realm or world pvp. I dont see any good endgame here only repeating scenarios and castle sieges lead to ultimate main city siege , when you take it you will get some rewards etc and then reset and you can repeat whole process.  

Im big fan of warhammer universe but warhammer world in this game is raped , they make from warhammer kiddo gaypop wowstyle something .  Two sides ? Why ? , female Iron breaker ? ehm ? , male sorceror ?, making from frrenzy biatch witch elf something playing on sneaky assassin ? disciple of khaine ehm ? and more and more unfluffy thingies...  ok i stop whine and wait for some real next gen mmo  maybe Darkfall it looks promsing or some non fantasy setting like Fallen Earth , Earthrise


Tue Oct 14 2008 6:24PM Report
vazzaroth writes:

Exactly the negative responses I expect from


I like the game. I looked forward to it. Am I "addicted" to it? No! I havn't played in a few days. Thats fine. I like the MMO genre and no other MMO even temps me besides this one anymore, though. I don't understand the hate on scenarios, you'd rather run around aimlessly and then get ganked by a party of 5 people instead of have an assigned group to back you up? I like that they are boosting rewards for Open RvR, but I still don't think that should be the best part of the game, especiually not until Tier 3/4.


Every argument I've heard about this game is either invalid, mis-informed, shallow, or completly a personal opinion. (IE: I don't like it. Completly personal, don't think that there's no one that does like it.)


I'll be playing this for awhile. It's not OMGAWESOME but I have yet to see an MMO that is. It is, however, very fun if you don't get too hung up on just PvP or just PvE.

Fri Oct 24 2008 12:23PM Report
cosimusta writes:

 I cancelled my sub to WAR weeks ago.  I will resub, if by resub you mean play Darkfall and not Warhammer ever again.

Sun Oct 26 2008 7:33PM Report
daltanious writes:

Definitively I will. Great game, I like it (despite gathering and crafting should be rewriten from scratch, like in AoC). However is true that I also left for Wotlk. :-) But as War to me is second best (even if pretty far behind) game ever after Wow ... I wil definitively be split between playing WoW and War for time being. And from time to time AoC. Sometimes for short I'm subscribed (like now) to all of them. I like to experiment a lot and compare. Even if I'm mad abut eating pizza (read: Wow :-)), I can not eat it for all life every day, this is obvious.

Thu Feb 12 2009 3:58AM Report
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