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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #17 Empathy, Harmonizing The World

Posted by Limitations Wednesday November 25 2009 at 5:01PM
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My last post, i talked about the good and the bad people in mmorpgs. This is very personal for me, since i have been flamed, harassed, made fun of, however you want to put it, it has happened too me. When it first happened too me, i was shocked and very hurt by what those people said. I remember asking a certain question, it  was about a quest, and i got flamed for asking in the chat. It was a very simple question, the person could have saved a lot of time, just giving me the small answer. I soon figured out by myself where that npc is, and felt very betrayed by my fellow players that is was that simple to find, and they could have just told me. Now, thinking back, i looked at his perspective, and you know it is newbie island, it's pretty explanatory. It was my first mmorpg ever, it was all brand new too me. Even though it was pretty easy to figure out, i thought time would fly by faster if i asked. When this happens to other people, i find out that the players, like me... Feel betrayed. Players are meant to help other players. It's natural, for people to ask questions. If you don't know the answer in school, you ask for it too be explained right? Does that apply for mmorpgs? If you don't understand the text of the quest, if it doesn't explain it well, you want to find out how to complete it... So you ask right? I think about, 45% of the time, i get a jerk response. "Just google it" "Stop asking dumb questions" My all time favorite is "Stfu noob". I don't give them the time with my response, i brush it off, and continue asking, and hope that someone answers my small question. Generally, once i figure it out, and another player asked what i asked. Of course i'm going to help them, so i know exactly what to do. If players have done that quest, multiple times, and know it like the back of their hands, don't you think they would be willing to help? You can say i am complaining, but am i really? You have all experienced this. No matter, how old, or how young. This is probably happened to you, and if it hasn't it will. It's the sad truth. A

A lot of games have tutorials now, or a island called "Newbie Island, or Beginners Island". I like that idea. Most of them are very detailed, and really explain the game well. If done correctly, it will help new players immensly, and help them understand what this game is all about, and how it will be. Think back, to when you were a newbie, was it hard? Was it difficult to learn? Were you a fast learner? Whatever the case is, we were all newbies. We all had to learn. My first few mmorpgs didn't have those tutorials. You make your character, and you in the game. Hopefully the mini map, will have the first npc highlighted and ready to go. Well, if it didn't, you are left searching and sometimes wasting time, finding that first quest. Most new mmorpgs have newbie helps, and other things like that. Times have changed dramatically. Some people are hardcore players, some are casual. I don't know about this, but it is my personal opinion. Hardcore gamers, don't give a lot of answers. I find the casual players more helpful, and less stressful. Hardcore gamers, are really into the game, but in a totally different way. I respect hardcore players. I also respect the casual players. Depending on the game, i am either casual, or hardcore. I haven't been hardcore in awhile, hopefully i will find a game that will hook me in. Will mmorpgs communities ever be perfect? No way. There will always be some flamer, or some hater. It's life, for some people, they just plain love it. It can always get better and better though. I don't know how many people actually read this blog, for the people that do. You can always make the community better. You may say... "I'm just one person" One person can make all the different in that newbies experience. For better or for worse. I hope you are nice in the games you play, and that you are very helpful. If you are... I respect you, and i wish i could shake your hand. We need more people like you.

Answering questions, is probably the smallest thing you could, but will have the most impact. First impressions will last forever. I know most people don't go to players and go "Do you need any help?" Some people will find that awkward, some people will find that very helpful. I hope too see that more often. It would be an amazing thing, if one game, would have a very good community. Most games do, don't get me wrong. Mmorpgs are getting better. In one way or another. I don't want to say i have hope for the future. I don't want to get my hopes up, and be let down again. If you do have hope, good for you. If you don't i'm with you on that. Just remember, if you are nice to newbies, you could have made their day. You can also ruin the game for them, and other peopl around you. Think before you speak, and make sure you are nice.

Thanks for reading this blog! Cheers!!

kittyvonkita writes:

bump! So true. My personal favorite was when I was new in pre-searing in Guild Wars and I asked a simple question to which I hear a combination of "wiki it", "gtfo nooblet" and other painfully obnoxious comments.

People like them might  just be trying to sink you to their own level. And you're right; every one was a 'noob' at some point.

I respect the hardcore gamer, but not when they have something discouraging to say. People tell you, "uhhh it's the internet! I can say what I want".

Well... is the internet not made of people?

I met one guy once in WoW... He was going around killing EVERY NPC. I asked him to please stop, I had quests to turn in, and he replied, "I wait 6 days a week of work and school and I don't want to deal with people." To which I replied, "I understand, have fun and have a good day" and I hear the same merry response to have a good day and have fun.

It's a matter with dealing all kinds of people. Not everyone may be in the best of moods that day or be completely tired themselves. I respect that. We're all human. :D

Wed Dec 09 2009 8:23AM Report
Limitations writes:

Very true, we are all human. I respect everyone, and everything. Thanks for the comment. Means alot too me.

Wed Dec 09 2009 3:47PM Report writes:
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