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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #62 May The Force Be With Us, Always Part IV

Posted by Limitations Tuesday October 29 2013 at 8:43PM
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The adventure continues! Still on the planet Alderaan, taking my sweet time to enjoy this planet the movies didn't really get to show. I've read a ton of books, describing what the planet would look like, but I like how they did it, it's really beautiful, and detailed. I completely re-did my character's skill tree. Instead of it being everywhere, I put it mainly into one tree, and it seems like my damage has skyrocketed. I've been using the GTN more and more, to really make my character stronger. I was weak for the longest time without really knowing it. I got my butt kicked numerous times, and couldn't figure out why. Now, I crush everything in my path, which is always fun. I'm also still going my light side path. I figure I will play Sith later on, but... For now, I like being the pure Jedi that I am making him out to be. Sometimes, through the story I am tempted to choose the dark side, and kill the person, or something to that effect. Alas, I cannot make myself do that, so I chose the light side. I'm just a good soul, I guess. I do plan on playing Sith, and I really want to see how the goes. Interested to see how that story leads, and being a Pure Blood Sith. My character's development has been adventure, a good one at that. I estimate that I will be off the planet by the end of the day.

I've dabbled into more PvP, and flashpoints, and also a little crafting here and there. Enjoying what the whole game has to offer. I'm super excited to see the end-game content beholds. My guild has spoken highly of it, and how fun it is. Until then, a questing we will go. I have been struggling to write content for you all, because of how slowly I am taking the game in a way. Keeping a slow pace and enjoying the scenery. All I can really say is my adventure's so far, and how my character progresses, which is really boring to read. I like to look into the next character I will be playing. I will be playing a Sith, because well... Evil is evil right? I also hope the game follows some of the book's story line. Anakin Solo, Ben Skywalker, etc etc. I would love to see how they would put that together, because when I read the books, my mind went insane with imagination on how the Author's described all of it. I think it would be difficult to put that into this game, because of how detailed it all is. Here is to hoping I guess!

Having a companion along also makes the game interesting. Have some conversations, and how the companions all serve a good purpose, at least that's how I look at it. I've been thinking of making a video series along with the blog. If you could leave your opinion in the comments that would be awesome. I'm also going to livestream the game as well, once I get everything together. It'll be extremely fun. I hope to get it running by the end of the week. I have everything I need, but just haven't set up the software yet. Apparently I can play a game, but can't take a few minutes to configure some settings. How awesome am I? Not. So, if you could leave the opinion you have on the video series on the comment section that would be wonderful. Hopefully in the next post, I will have the livestream ready, and more content to write for you all. Cheers! writes:
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