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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

WildStar [P4] [Final]

Posted by Limitations Saturday July 12 2014 at 3:04PM
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And so we finish our space adventure...

This series ended sooner than I expected, because of the frustration this game has caused me. I know only four posts don't mean a lot, but.... Due to how the game is running, and continues to run, even after a month and their first major patch release. Wildstar has been out for over a month. I was hoping for more fixes before their first major patch release, but I guess that didn't happen. Sad days. To clarify, I made it to level 40 before unsubbing to the game. I couldn't make the leap to max level, because of what I will be talking about shortly. I believe gave WS a 8.4/10. I think that is a fair score.

 So, what ultimately made me unsub to the game was the fps issues, and pretty much I've been there and done that with most of the games I've played. (Play wise). I mean... most of the games I play right now are linear questing. Holding your hand, and you know... Kill X, and get X come back to me for your reward cupcake. I think that was my main problem was just I've done all this before, just in different ways. I ended up saying at one point... "Well, I could just play WoW, and get rid of my FPS issue" I shook my head when I said that, because I hate referring to any game to WoW, but I was so frustrated at that point I just didn't care what I said. (I'm sorry if that upsets you). I've spent most of my time harping on the issues I had with this game more than what I'm actually doing inside the game. I had a lot of rough drafts of the final post for this, and cut a lot of stuff out, because I sounded like a whiny little bitch. (Excuse my language).

I mean, I sound like one now, but I was more of one if the first draft than anything. Good god, I re-read it, and I'm just like... People will flame me because I'm being a little bitch. Hooray. I'd like to go over what I really enjoyed about the game before anything. The music for sure. I know this game get's praised a lot for it's music, and truly I will praise it as well. I loved the in-game music, and sounds. I would have loved to seen more voice acting in the game, (SWTOR, spoiled me). It was one of the few games I didn't have music playing in the background, I listened to the in-game sound/music. Defiantly well played by Carbine and what they did with their music. The art style of the grow eventually grew on me, and I began to like it more and more. Though, it is very cartoony, it sort of grew on me. Normally I don't like cartoony graphics, I tend to stray away from games that have them, it turned out to be okay.

I enjoyed the whole "Telegraph" combat system until a point. What point is that? Until I got to the point where the de sync, and the FPS issues got a hold of me and just went... "Oh hey, were you having fun? HA, not anymore". Red/Blue things took over combat animations and I just knew red/blue places rather than actual animations. I mean, it was unique, and it made combat a lot more fun to an extent, but after all the issues took over well... Let's just say I wish I had a different combat system. Though I am glad they tried something new, if it wasn't for the issues, combat would be stellar! I probably would still be subbed, possibly.

Though... I did like being called Cupcake! Probably makes me look weird but hey... I am. I really think Carbine did an excellent job with this game over-all. My complaints are valid, but I shouldn't try to take away from what they did in an overall sense. You can tell they put a lot of hard work into the game. I have tried many fixes from what I've done and what the forums/reddit/etc have done to try to tone down the FPS issues, but alas... None of them have worked and I'm just bleh over the situation. I wish I was one of the people who didn't have the issues, but alas I'm not. To clarify what happens is... I will have about peak 70fps, and all of the sudden during the slightest movements, or anything I will drop to about 10-20 fps. Combat is about a steady 15 fps. Major cities on my server are horrible. Slideshow! I like slideshows... I have talked to people who don't have this issues, and I envy you completely.

If there was a sure fix for it, or down the road Carbine fixes it, and for the love of God, Carbine please try your best to fix it. I will come back. I promise you I will actually. You even have proof I said it right here! I could look beyond the questing, and things that are a minor dislike to me, and play the game 24/7. I would even stream it! I did try to stream the game, and the FPS issues didn't increase, it just didn't look so good on the stream when my FPS died. Slideshow on Twitch everyone come join! No, no one wants to see that. Wildstar turned into a slideshow, oh it's so beautiful...

To be 100% honest, I don't think Wildstar failed me at all. I failed the game. It saddens me a little bit actually. This wasn't a game I was excited about it when I first heard about it, I didn't pre-order the first minute you could pre order. This game for me wasn't an impulse buy, I did my research, I watched the Twitch Streams, and I watched the YouTube videos. So it wasn't like for me... OMG NEW MMO? MUST PLAY MUST BUY. Defiantly not like that for me.

As I mentioned before, gave WildStar an 8.4 out of 10. Despite all my issues with the game. I would give the game a 8.5 out of 10. My nitpicking and failing of the game does not give me the right to give it a bad review. The content the game offers, along with the amazing music, end-game content, pvp, and comedic value, gives that game a very solid score. (Though, if the game didn't have techical issue, I might have gave it a higher score). Some of you might think I have rose tinted glasses on. If you do, I'm sorry you think that. I think it's a really fair score. Carbine has done a fantastic job on the game. If the game ever fixes the in-game issues. (For those who are curious. I am still getting the FPS drops on my brand new computer). I will come back to the game, and drop the others. Well, not Dota 2. Haha.

Sorry for the long delay on the posts. The Dota 2 International is going on, and I'm watching pretty much every game, along with work. I have no time to write or finish any of this. So I apologize for the long delay. Since I have my computer setup, I am now streaming on Twitch almost daily. (International is taking up a lot of my time). I'm streaming at odd times until I can get a schedule up for myself. As for other games. I'm actually looking to review Darkfall: Unholy Wars. A lot more posts will come post International. Sorry for all the delays again.

If you liked this post, or want to discuss WildStar, please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you all, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton. Till next time! Cheers! writes:
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