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I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Firefall Revisited [P4] [Final]

Posted by Limitations Thursday July 31 2014 at 8:07PM
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Truth be told, I will miss writing about this series, but I think four posts are enough. As promised, this will be the final review of Firefall. Launch has now arrived for the game, and with very little issues with the game, and I am very pleased with Red 5, and how this game has blossomed. If only they could hear my applause. The game has passed one huge hurdle, and now with release being now, it's time to focus on the future of Firefall. Congratulations to Red 5, and their whole team.

Long time readers know, I don't review games in a general way, I talk about what I like and dislike, very rarely using the number score 1-10. Sometimes I feel like that is very misleading, but in this case, I think I can safely use the 1-10 score. At the end I will give you my final score, and why I give it this. There will be two scores though. You will see at the end. Even though I am done writing, I am still going to support, and play Firefall. It's become one of those games for me like Halo was. "Oh, I'm bored with ESO!" Let's play some Firefall" is usually how it goes, and I like it like that. I'm not addicted persay, but when I play, I have fun, it's not a drag, I'm not sitting in que's forever for god knows what reason. Open World MMOFPS, it's what I've dreamed about. I mean sure we got others, but I mean... I guess I'm biased, because I've followed Red 5's Journey. So it's kind of close to me in that sense, that I've been with them since I believe closed beta. I was so excited when I got that invite for the game.

One of the main topics I've been talking about, and I feel that is like most important is how the game plays, and feels.  This is what the game does like probably... 9/10. Very few bugs, most bugs I have encountered are quest not finishing. Meh, it's not as bad as it seems. Only bad part is when I have to redo a quest, that makes me walk a billion miles. (Red 5, please... More glide spots). Yes it's annoying, but we get cool jet packs, and we do run sort of fast, so that's you know a counter to it? Pros and cons to everything right? I mean I've always loved the idea of an MMOFPS, and Firefall does it right for me. Now, I haven't seen/played all the frames, so I can't talk about balance. If I had more experienced with at least the majority of them, I could talk a little about them, but not enough knowledge to give a decent opinion on. Sorry!

Over the course of the years, there have been a lot of bugs in Firefall, like any other game. Though I feel that age has done well with this game. I touched a little on, some things I don't like about 1.0. A lot of people aren't happy with some of the changes, according to Reddit, and other various sites. Majority of people are happy with the direction Firefall is heading in. With the game being also on the steam platform, I hope to see a lot of new players try the game and hopefully like it. I think a lot of people won't end up as lost as I was when I played during closed/open beta. I mean damn was I confused on what to do, thumping confused me, and you know... I read a lot but actually doing it in the game was way different, for me I guess.

I hope they bring a lot of group content to the game. I think the game would do well with high group content. I know raids were added and such. I would love to see a lot more "World" like bosses. For mass amount of people to take down and reap the reward. I always think that would be cool to have. Just 50-100 people going to town on a huge mob or something. I'm curious to know what Red 5 has in store for group content. I mean solo content is always great, but I feel like grouping in Firefall is just a huge blast. I got some buddies interested in the game, and I'm glad the game can run on older PCs. My buddies mostly play consoles, and when I told them to check out FF, I was glad their old computers could run it. I must say, the game looks AMAZING on max settings.

I've gone through some of the problems I have with the game and such, this review can be full of rose tinted glasses, I can't do that. So... I've talked about the good, now what about the bad? I think my biggest issue is Red 5's track record. Now, since the old CEO was voted out. They have made some progress, but I mean that was just one person removed, (May have been more, I can't remember). I'm going to smack them, or you know riot if they screw something up, and they become you know... "Let's do this, nah eff it, let's take this away", and be all over the place. You've gotten to launch, you have a loyal fan base like myself, let's not make us not trust you. You've done good, just don't goof. What I would like to see R5 do, is like post a monthly letter from the developers, and keep us updated on the forums.

You've done a good job being social with us, don't keep the players out of the loop. Even have a AmA now and again. I would just like to know what's on the road for Firefall. Details. Don't become a game where the patches become only cash shop additions. Oh god, please don't be become one of those games. We don't need that. Keep the milestone patches coming.  So track record would be my biggest gripe. In-game? Besides the quest bugs, and sometimes I get some lag, it's not all that bad. I couldn't tell if it was my internet going haywire, or the servers. I still haven't figured that out, but it's happened more than once. I still have a ton of content to explore, but I've played the game more than enough to give a good review of the game.

I'm hoping the game will never be "under the radar" again. I feel like it was for a lot of us who played the game, and then saw "Oh my god, Launch? WTF". I had that moment even when I kept tabs on the game. So with the game being launched, and on Steam. I hope that never happens. It's really a gem in the MMORPG market, and it's Free to play. Whats to lose right? I don't think the game is meant for everyone though. I am biased sort of you could say, because I followed it since it's birth you could say. So the big question now is... What's next for Firefall?

I promised I would score the game is two ways. As an MMO, and as a Free to play MMO. How exactly does that work? I kind of don't know... I just thought of it, and chose to do it with Firefall, so if you're confused... So am I. *Drum roll*. As an MMO I would give this game a 7.9/.10. As a free to play MMORPG I would give a 9/10. So, what's the difference? Firefall brings something new to the market, well.... Newish . Though the gameplay mechanics, are dfiferent with it being a shooter MMO. If you are looking for a core themepark MMORPG, this game may not be for you. Though, as a free to play MMORPG. You get a lot of it for being free, a ton of content, a ton of fun, for free. Once again, if you are confused, so am I.

I could not give it a higher score because I feel like as a core MMORPG, other games do it better, but since it's not and has different game play elements, while bringing in core MMO elements, I feel like the score is fair. You may be thinking, "Well you talked so highly about it, give it a higher score!". I'm trying to be fair here. That was my end goal while writing some of the drafts, is being fair in the final score. Yes yes, it's not a typical review like on and various others. It's my review in my own specific way. I encourage a lot of people just to give the game a try to see if they like it. It's free, there is no harm in trying a game. You might be surprised how much you like it, like I was.

If you would like to discuss this review, or Firefall, please leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton. It's been a real pleasure writing about Red 5 and Firefall! I hope to see you in-game. writes:
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