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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Let's Talk: Kickstarters & Early Access

Posted by Limitations Wednesday February 12 2014 at 5:28PM
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Two things that I am kinda uneasy about, now don't get me wrong, I've bought into early access before, or Alpha release, which was Everquest Landmark, but the price was of course 59.99. A little steep if you ask me, but I was very intrigued by the game, and it's really fun, but the fact is... I paid 59.99 for Alpha access which is roughly 60% of the game. So, I paid full price for a game for 60% of the actual game. A little awkward eh? Well, I am able to play while the game develops, and interact with the developers, but again, was the price worth it? I'll find out down the road I guess. The point is, should players pay the price for a unfinished game, at a finished game price? Granted, it's SOE, but, other companies have been doing it as well. Some offer, like Gloria Victis, 10$ will give you Alpha access. Not a bad price, you get to play the game, not bad, not bad. The thing is, if you have the money, and like the game concept, is it worth it? I can't say for everyone. It took me a long awhile, and research before I bought EQN:L. I enjoy the game, does it merit the price I paid? I can't give a good answer for that yet, down the road I will be able to, but I will say this... It is a fun game, and I look forward to Everquest Next. Back to the point though, a lot of people are selling Early Access, multiple games on Steam do this as well. Rust, Day Z, many others I could name. I can't speak for everyone, but some of these games don't merit the price. I will name one game, and usually I don't do this, but I will make an exception. 7 days to die on Steam, was not worth the full price. Yes, it's Alpha, yes it's still going to make a lot of changes, but it was not worth the price at all. Maybe 15$, or even 10$, but not the full price most people paid. Just not worth it. Games like Day Z, and Rust. Rust defiantly merit's the price, Day Z is up in the air still. I own both of them, and I must say I've gotten much more fun out of Rust, and it was 19.99, Day Z is still up in the air like I said, and I paid 29.99. Have I gotten my money's worth of Rust? Hell yes, Day Z, I'm inclined to say No. Why? Multiple reasons, and I won't go into it in this post, it would be to much. 

Selling Early Access/Alpha, is still up in the air for me. I personally thinking company's should really think about the price there game is worth, or give people 10, 20, 30$, which a lot of people do. Trove does the same thing, Gloria Victis does the same thing, etc etc. But when we have things like that... Do we get our money's worth if we spend let's say 50-100$? That's up to you, some people have been burned, I have been burned, and because of that.... I take time, and research before I invest any money into a game. That's why I've been playing more finished products, then Alpha/Beta products. I.E FFXIV. Because I know it's a finished product, and I know I am going to get my money's worth. Well, that's up to different opinions, but I am getting my monthly worth with FFXIV. Some people will have different opinion, but hey, to each it's own. So, what is my verdict on Early Access, and buying into it? Well, you know... It's popular nowadays, and I wish it wasn't, because more and more people are doing it, and I wish they weren't. Let's go back to Sign up for beta access, and have more open beta, and have a lot of more access to it. Yes, I bought EQN:L, and I wasn't burn for it, but I have been burned before, a lot of times, I can't stress that enough. Did I get lucky? Probably, but it's a fun game, and the developer's seem very excited with how people are reacting to the game. A lot of people like it, including me! I hope the road map they have mapped out, they will continue with. 

So, the next thing I will tap into a little bit, is Kickstarters. Something, I strongly am mixed about. One of the strongest kickstarts is defiantly Star Citizen. I believe the number is over 30 million? A lot of people are invested in it, and I haven't been keeping up with it, but a lot of people are apparently. That is a lot of money. A lot of money! One of things I dislike about Kickstarters, and I will give an example of: Trove. They have tiers, if we hit this mark all players get this, if we hit this tier, all players get this. Is it a money grab? Probably, we give players incentive to pay more money. Like Early Access, I see this more and more, and it kind of bothers me. I don't think a lot of people are bothered by it, but I am, I really haven't participated in Kickstarters, I don't know if you count the game's i've mentioned as Kickstarters, I classify them as Early Access. It seems like these two things are the new trend, and a lot of people are disappointed in what they are getting. "Well, I paid THIS much, and i get this little?" Well, when people say that, I sort of have to say "Well, that's your issue" You spent the money, and you didn't do the research, that may be a little harsh for me to say, but hey, it's reality. I've really just step aside from Early Access, again besides EQN:L, Day Z, and Rust. Boy, that does sound like a lot i've bought into... but i've given some reasons why I bought into them, and like Day Z, I don't feel like I've gotten my money's worth yet. Also, because of that I haven't touched much of Day Z, so maybe that's why, but again... I haven't touched it because the fun factor isn't there for me. 

So, I would love to hear the reader's opinions on Early Access, and Kickstarters. I've voiced my somewhat strong opinions. What about you? writes:
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