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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Let's Talk: Trion Worlds

Posted by Limitations Thursday February 6 2014 at 1:16AM
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I've been thinking lately of what I wanted to talk about, and one thing that struck me, because I have played their games often, is Trion Worlds. You will know them for Rift, and Defiance. Some of you may know them for Trove now. Why do I want to talk about them? Well, over the past couple of months I have really lost respect for them. (The little that they had). Why? Well, It's complicated, and I will defiantly go over every reason why. Probably the biggest reason is Defiance. I think it had amazing potential for an MMO. A MMO that has a show with it, or vice versa however you look at it. Now, Trion really screwed customers over with this game, customers/gamers I should say. I don't think they truly know the extent of how much they really messed up! Now, I didn't pick the game up when it first came out, I purchased it on the Steam Sale, when it was 4.99. Cheap eh? Well, I feel bad for people who paid full price for it. I actually enjoy the show a little bit, It's for sure better than the other syfy show's the have going around nowdays. Now, I love shooters. I love MMOs even more. So, when it went on sale, I bought it and played around with it for awhile. Yeah, the combat was fun, it looked pretty good, etc etc. UI was abysmal, chat system was horrible, and I mean horrible. It was just... My god, what a train wreck for me. Now, they have released 3 DLCs so far... With the last one coming out, a few days ago, improving the chat system. Improvement? Yes, by far! Good? No. They could have done better, and took more time to release a better, STABLE, chat system. (But you are being to harsh!). No i'm not. I'm being realistic here. I'm being dead to the point realistic. I don't know what was going through Trion's head when they were thinking about all of this. Sure, it's a great improvement... Anything would be!

A lot of people feel betrayed because of the lack of actual content the DLCs bring. The last one, came with the new chat system, cosmetics, and a new thing called Incursions! They called it a DLC you ask? Why yes, yes they did! They couldn't have made it just a patch, but they put the DLC title next to it. So it seems more special than the rest. If I re-call correctly... DLCs are meant to add a whole bunch of new content. Am I right? Least, that's what I heard. Instead, they chose to just put a bunch of cosmetic stuff in, and the new system. Incursion actually have made player's clients freeze, crash, and have a bunch of graphical bugs. Way to go! Now, I really, really want to be kind to them a little bit. I wish they would just take it all back, and just say "Hey! Here's a patch" Not a DLC. I'm sorry, but c'mon Trion. I know it's only 9.99, but... Still I want to be paying for some you know, more quests, missions, dungeons, etc. Not more stuff I can get from the Defiance Store, so I can spend MORE money on stuff that I really don't need. Huh! I'm sorry, I'm being a little harsh here, i'll step back just a little bit. I'll take a deep breath. Anyways... Let's continue.

Hopefully down the road, with the next DLC, it will have some rather good content, and not a waste of money. Most players want what I just mentioned, Missions, End-game stuff, etc. You know, common expansion stuff. Please, take it back, rebrand it as a patch, and let's move forward. I praise them for making a better chat system, it was looong overdue. I'd rather them take a little more time, and do it better, but hell... I'm asking to much here. I rarely play the game as it is now, because of all of this, but you know... Maybe they will surprise us down the road! Probably not, but hey... I hope the die hard Defiance players get what they want next time. 

I'm not going to talk about Rift in this post, because I don't have anything really to say about it. I've rarely touched it, and haven't given it much of a chance, beyond level 10. That should say enough for some people. I'm going to skip along to Trove.

I'll mention what erks me about Trove. A lot of people got the same reaction as I did, even among my friends who play Rift, and Defiance. Sure, it's a Voxel game,  and it's sort of like cube world, and minecraft, thought it has more RPG elements to it. Fantastic, some people seem to really enjoy it, and people are continually getting alpha invites. But... Umm... What about your other games that need attention? We already have mine craft, and other games. Let's focus on improving your other games shall we? Hint... Hint, Defiance. I'm not sure what resources are being used by Trove, or if any of the other development teams have been hit because of this game. I haven't personally played the game, i'm sure if I got an invite, I would play it and try it, but it just erks me, in how... There game Defiance is doing pretty poorly, and they are developing another game. (But it's a different development team)! Maybe it is, but c'mon... I'd rather you focus on the games that need help. Give it some dire attention and well needed love. Trove is still in Alpha yes, but Defiance is live, and I'm sure the game is bleeding money. It has been stated they have spent over 70 Million on Defiance... I'm sure they haven't seen that money in awhile.

I apologize for all the hate tonight. It's been bugging me for awhile, and like... I don't know I will probably get a lot of hate for this post, but you know... I'm okay with this. I needed to let this out.

syriinx writes:

The reason Trove took devs away from Rift (and didn't add them to Defiance)?

Its Trion's hope for the future.  Im skeptical how much F2P helped Rift.  Player base has settled down to only somewhat more populated from before, and their model doesnt really give any incentive to sub.  Im not sure how much the moderate rise in players has helped to overcome the loss of sub revenue.


The thing Trion did that if SoE or EA did people would be raving mad about:  They packaged a year sub with Storm legion when they knew they were going F2P by the time it was up.


When Trion had two security breaches (and blamed one of them on its players) people forgot quickly, but it happens to another company and people bash like crazy.


I think people are finally stopping the free passes though.  Hopefully Trion can turn it around and be the company people thought they would be.

Thu Feb 06 2014 7:29PM Report writes:
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