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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Let's Talk: Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by Limitations Sunday February 2 2014 at 12:29AM
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This has been a huge discussion on the website/forums lately, and I thought I would put my two cents in. I'll try not to make this such a wall of text, but... I can't promise anything. With the huge debate going down on the Imperial Edition, etc. Even after playing in the Closed Beta, and feeling iffy about it. I still chose to pre-order the game. Mostly because of Early Access, I just like those type of things. With all the debates going around, I guess i'll go one by one, and touch on the one's I feel the strongest about. We'll go ahead and start.

NDA: With the release date coming closer and closer, and pre-purchasing is already available, and the NDA hasn't been lifted... I find it rather odd, but they do have their own game play I guess. A lot of people including me have had some strong feelings about the game. (You will find a few posts about me, saying negative things). Reflecting on it though, I'm not so sure how much new things it will bring to the MMO world, but you know... It's shiny, and new. When the NDA is lifted, there will be floods of posts, good and bad. I will defiantly be talking about it when it is. I'll be perfectly honest when that time comes. I wish the NDA would be lifted by now, and I would love to see more voices show up that have actually played the game, and can talk about it. It's not a huge issue to me really, but I find it curious enough to question what the hell is going on with that. Zenimax, let's get the ball rolling. Maybe they fear the hate? Maybe the fear that it will destroy the pre-purchase. Who knows? I think will all MMOs a lot of them will get hate, and love at the same time. I'm hoping they aren't living in fear right now. I don't need to see any signs of weakness coming from them. 

Subscription/Micro: We all know the game will require a subscription, which is uncommon now a days, with a lot of games running the Free to play route, and working off microtransactions. Which do I prefer? Well, I don't care either way, if the game is worth the subscription fee to me, I will pay for it gladly. A lot of people say, and I mean A LOT, say it will go free to play within a year. Maybe so? I don't see what difference it makes. Will it keep the game alive? I don't think anyone really wants to see this game flop. They worked hard on it, and hopefully their dream will come true, so either way. I will be playing this game. I do however dislike the fact that it has a 59.99 tag on it for the box. (But you get the first month free)! Yeah... I guess, but I would rather it have a 29.99 tag. Sort of like FFXIV, but hey... I'm still buying it, it's their marketing, I would have done it differently, but i'm no business major. They are out to make money with this game, and I don't blame them. They are running on a big IP, there is no doubt about that. I honestly want to see this game do well, and not flop.

All in all, I haven't joined the hype train on this, I've done that so many times and have they have failed me. The game looks impressive, and if the hype other people have set it up to be... Well, hooray then. A lot of new games are on the horizon, ESO being one of them. It will be a struggle for most of them to compete with each other. I'm curious to see which one will come on top after it's all said and done. I personally won't be playing Wildstar, or the EQNext. I will however watch their progress, and see how they will be doing. I'm curious person like that. My focus will be on ESO. Zenimax has made some mistakes I believe with how they are marketing the game. Should they have gone straight for the buy to play route? No, I don't think so... I don't even think they should go straight for the Free to play route. I personally want to see how it does as a sub game. I want to see actual numbers. We have the titan of subscriptions World Of Warcraft. Will it match up to that? No, and I hate comparing it to that, but it's kind of a good comparison. I don't know how many subs the game will have. I hope they do eventually want them to release some solid numbers, not just "Oh this is how many people signed up". I want actual subscription numbers, not how many accounts have been made. It's really shady when companies release numbers that aren't actually what we want to see. Sure, they are high numbers, but is that what it's really showing in-game? Let's hope Zenimax can deliver on the truth, and not have some facade out.

If I'm making the game out to be some sort of MMO savior, I apologize, I'm not trying to do that at all. I'm not trying to hype the game for anyone. I'm being realistic. I want the game to be a success, and I would like the same for WS, or EQNext. I don't want the fan boys coming out of the woodwork, and starting a fire that shouldn't be started. Which, I know will happen, but let's pray it won't be for a long... long time. Nah mean? I'm excited to see what ESO will bring to the table, now and the future... 4/4/14 is the date they set for the release. It's coming quickly, I'm not prepared, but when it's here, I will be playing it. This will be a shorter post the usual, I didn't actually plan on writing today, but... Since I pre-ordered the game, I thought I would share my thoughts. Impulsive behavior, it sucks sometimes. (No, it wasn't an impulse buy). Until then, I will likely be playing Firefall, and Dota 2 until the release. I would love to hear what you all think about ESO, Pre-purchase, and etc. I've given my thoughts, I will likely be posting a new Let's Talk Monday. Cheers! writes:
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