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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #26 A Graceful Promise, A Tragic Lie(The End Of Me)

Posted by Limitations Saturday February 27 2010 at 12:34AM
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How often do we get lied to in our games? It could be by other players, or by the developers. Whatever the case may be, it shouldn't happen. It leads to hatred, and most importantly disappointment. I personally, hate being lied too. To be given such high hopes, and then being crushed by words. I take every lie personally, as a strike to the heart. When caught in a lie, of course the person(Or people), will try to defend themselves, trying to bargain, or give you a new date. Even if they say, it will be alright... Will it really be? I don't mind player's lying to me, because it's part of life, but it still hurts me. The thing that bugs me the most, is when developer's lie straight to our faces. It could be about the game before release, release date, features, patchs, expansions. Whatever it is... If they tell us one thing, and do another, is that considered a lie, is that just a "change". Deception and lies, is the cause of my lost hope in gaming. Yes, there is some honest people out there, but they still have their secrets, and deceptive ways. Free to play games, have a lot of lies with them. "Come play with us!! Completely free to play! *Cash Shop items will defiantly enhance your gameplay, and make you better*. They don't come out and say that, with a little time and research, you will clearly find that the case. Don't get me wrong, they need too make their money, and apparently that is a good way to do it, but what happens to your players, your community as soon as that is revealed? Some feel crushed, some feel happy, because they get the items, and they feel better than everyone else. Techically, they didn't lie, since the game is free to play, just the quality changes when you buy an item. Sucks eh? Well, thats business for you, and that is how they roll now. Well, we can still play the game right? I guess, it's better than nothing i guess. Hindered game-play is still game-play.

Pay to play games, i feel there is a totally different story, because there is more at risk. One small mistake, one small lie can feel like the end of it all for many players. This patch will bring so many fixes, and will bring so much more content into the game. The patch gets released on the set date, you download the patch, or whatever it is, and nothing seem's new at all. Every bug is still there, where is the content at? So, of course, what do the players do? Bring it to the forums! Vent your anger, try to get some well deserved answers out of the developers. They bring up an excuse, a deception, to try to lure you out of your anger, and focus on the next set date, which the promised you, that it will come that day, and you will be happy, and of course they apologize for this, and hope you happy gaming. We believe them, because we love the game, and we love the changes that the patch will bring. Of course, we are hurt, and angry, but we have something to look forward to, so it evens out after awhile, and we feel okay, and we go back into the game, and try to get our mind off it. Sucks does it not? Does it happen a lot? Sure it does, it takes one spark to start a fire. Don't get me wrong, not every company is like this, some of are honest, some are corrupt, just depends who it is. (I will not give out names, because i don't want to begin a flame war, i want this peaceful). I talked to this about a friend, and some people love their games, and love is the same as anything... In his case it was a relationship, you play your game, as in a relationship, you give it time, you play around with it, but when your lied too... The pain is the same feeling all around, i sort of agree with him too a point, when you are lied too, it's harmful.

It's difficult to handle a lie, but we get told, it will be okay, it will come soon, it will happen soon, whatever it may be. I know, this post can seem more... "Real life" then gaming, and i guess, it can be applied like that, however you apply it, you get the point. One of my all time favorite songs, is Where'd you go, by fort minor. I always apply that song about trust. Even though, it's meant to be about people, i listen to it, and apply to it to trust. "Where'd you go, i miss you so" You get my point.

I'm sorry for this post being a little... Personal/Emotional. I had to write, my friend just passed away. He commited suicide. Sorry for the sloppy post all. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

biofellis writes:

Sorry to hear that. I agree with you completely about the lies.


(The Streets, Original Pirate Material, Turn The Page)

Sat Feb 27 2010 2:04PM Report writes:
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