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Roleplaying Right

I am an avid player of the MUD, Achaea. If you are looking for a roleplay environment, with politics, combat, sailing, and more included, please consider joining Achaea. Seek me out if you have any questions or want help getting started! - Corbeaux

Author: Corbeau-x

Options for exploration in the top MUD, Achaea.

Posted by Corbeau-x Monday August 20 2012 at 9:56PM
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Some of us play our MMORPGs and top MUDs for pvp greatness, others for the writing opportunities and roleplay. There are a select group who strive to top the rankings, not of combat prowess, or of highest level earned, but of explorers.

These people have broken into (or gotten permission) to enter divine temples, have found a way to walk every city regardless of their allegiance, they are the first on site when a new location is opened and they tend to be the go to people in regards to quest information. These people take a great pleasure in uncovering the puzzles, exploring the tiniest details, even mapping the previously unwalked lands.

Achaea, the top MUD from Iron Realms Entertainment caters to the pvper, to the grind-fest basher seeking endgame fame, and the explorer type. While many articles cover the combative aspects and discuss hunting or roleplay, I want to focus a bit on what Achaea offers to the riddling, questing explorer type player.

Firstly, very simple, like combat rankings, or experience rank we have the Explorer Ranking. In respect to the number of rooms in the game, the number of rooms you have explored determines your Explorer ranking.

As the in game help scroll Explorers states:

As new lands are discovered, your rank in the Fellowship may actually decrease. This is because your rank in the Fellowship depends on how much of the known world you have explored. If you do not keep the boots dusty, as the Theran saying goes, your prowess as an explorer will diminish. Your rank may be seen in RANKINGS EXPLORERS ME, or just RANKINGS EXPLORERS, or SCORE. Others may see it in HONOURS or RANKINGS EXPLORERS.

To enable this type of player, the realm of Achaea is constantly being expanded, with quests and additions made all the time. A huge addition was the invention of ships, allowing players to own their own vessels, to sail across the wilderness map to distant islands and continents. Each bearing myriad civilisations, quests, shops, history and lore.

With so much to explore, if you enjoy solving puzzles and have great attention to detail, why not come and start up an intrepid explorer in Achaea or one of the other great free to play MUDs from IRE? Got to keep the boots dusty!

Accents and voices, a possible roleplay pitfall?

Posted by Corbeau-x Monday August 20 2012 at 9:52PM
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For everyone who plays Achaea, the top MUD from Iron Realms Entertainment, you have a race and your class. Some people use this to affect how their character speaks. Many others have a citizenship, or a place of birth that they've written into their backstory. This can often result in an accent or particular voice type.

Achaea has a wonderful roleplay implementation, a Voices and Accents system, complete with a guide on how to use it.

HELP 5.21 Voice or Accent

You may either choose a voice, or an accent, in order to express yourself more fully in Achaea. Choosing a voice clears your accent. Choosing an accent clears your voice.

In either case, your accent or your voice are part of what you say or, more specifically, how you say things, and are subject to all of the restrictions in HELP LANGUAGE RULES.

Trying it Out
How does this work? Try:

SET VOICE high-pitched, sibilant

SAY *haughtily to radekk hi :P

You will see:
You stick out your tongue and say haughtily to Radekk, of Allington in a
high-pitched, sibilant voice, "Hi."

Or try:
SET ACCENT low, guttural

SAY what?

You will see:
You say with a low, guttural accent, "What?"

This is great, I can have a city accent that references my place of living, or a rough, Dwarven accent, because perhaps I play a Dwarf. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, despite this being in place, some choose to ignore it, or even script it out in favour of a heavily accented speaking form. While some people love this 'extra' level of immersion (I've not met many, but I'm sure there are some) for others this makes interacting with the almost unintelligible dwarf or troll onerous. When you find yourself looking to avoid a particular character because roleplaying with them is OOCly a pain in the behind, well, it's clearly not an ideal situation.

Maybe you want to play a hefty, beer-loving Dwarf, but you've been turned off from it in the past by the hordes of roleplayed dwarves whose basic greeting takes fifteen minutes and a dwarven-English dictionary to decipher? If this is you, or you've wanted to play a softly-spoken, sibilant serpent without adding fifty S's into your sentences. Why not give Achaea, a free to play MUD, a try? There are some who insist on the above behaviours, but we do have a commonly used, and very successful alternative!

Mudlet Basics - setting up a basic target variable and using it!

Posted by Corbeau-x Sunday August 19 2012 at 4:06PM
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I'm aware that with the general gaming community there is a bit of a point-and-laugh attitude towards the MUDder, or text-gamer. In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, we see Sheldon frantically typing out, get sword, wield sword, swing at goblin over and over. While one can go hardcore, full-manual, this is just not the case for many of us who play the top MUDs of today.

In this article I'll attempt to give basic instruction on the simplest of coding, specifically a targeting and bashing alias directed towards using the Mudlet client to play Achaea, a free download program that is arguably the fastest, most reliable and best supported MUD client around.

First some useful documentation:;a=blob_plain;f=src/mudlet_documentation.html;hb=HEAD

We'll start out with creating a new alias. Needing at first a name, we'll call it Target.

Then we need the 'pattern' this is what you'll type in each time to fire this alias off.

In this case, I use ^t (.+)$

I know, I know, this looks like gobbledygook. But let's break it down, a simple lesson in a bit of regex (Regular Expression.)

The carat ^ - This 'anchors' the pattern, telling the client that the 't (and what follows)' will always come at the beginning of a line.

The t is our alias. So when we want to set a rat as our target, we'd type t rat, or for a goblin, t goblin.

The bit in brackets (.+) is the regex match, in this case it means a single character (signified by the .) and that it has one or more of the preceding element after it. This allows us to capture letters, punctuation, numbers, even whitespace.

Finally finishing the pattern is the $. This serves a lot like the ^ does, anchoring the end of the line. It tells the client not to keep looking and matching. Anchoring your aliases with the carat and dollar sign are simple ways of ensuring your scripting is tidy and ensures that the processing is optimal.

Now, we have our pattern defined. We want it do something when we use it.

target = matches[2]

This line takes whatever was caught by the regex pattern (.+) and assigns it to a variable, in this case, target.

target = string.title(target)

This nifty little line takes whatever we assigned to the variable target, and capitalises the string. Turning t rat, into Rat, or Goblin. Very handy when highlighting your target for PvP

cecho("\nTarget is: " .. target .. ".\n")

This line is my safety check, a coloured echo that tells me when I've changed my target and what I changed it to.

cecho("") denotes that it is to be a coloured echo
The \n inside the brackets tells the MUD to put it on a newline, this keeps things nice and tidy.
is one of the colour options supported by Mudlet, and is another.

.. target .. calls the information from the target variable, to use it in our colour echo. Note that the "s are broken for this.

Now save your alias and open up a new one, we'll use our new hunting target in a very basic bashing alias.

Name the new alias Hunt or something appropriate, then in the pattern simple ^h$

This needs no special qualifiers and will execute everytime you type h alone on a line.

Finally, to tell it what to do,

send("kill "

In Achaea, the coders have instituted a kill command that allows you to use 'kill whatever' and it will make use of your highest strength bashing ability, whether it be the newbie kick, or a monk's lethal combo. If you wanted to do something in particular say perhaps a metamorph's maul it is easily replaced.

send("maul " would accomplish this for you.

And it's as simple as that! If you want to give it a try, why not create a character in one of the free to play MUDs from Iron Realms and join us, kill some rats, take on the goblins, perhaps one day you'll kill Ugrach, Undead Lord of the Underworld.

The Art of Journalism in our Games!

Posted by Corbeau-x Thursday August 16 2012 at 4:56PM
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One aspect of the character I play daily in the top MUD Achaea is a contributing journalist for the newspaper that is sold in the city he lives in.

Sure this sounds simple, but in an organisation like a city where people of many cultures, classes, interests and religions come together, a lot of care goes into balancing the content. People have to shell out a bit of gold for a copy of the paper, and we want them to keep doing so. With this in mind I want to discuss here a bit of the decision process that goes into putting an edition of the paper together.

First of all, even if the paper only gets put out every two months, or fewer, any aspiring journalist always needs to keep an ear to the ground. Be available, and involved in anything that goes on, take notes. Lots and lots of them! Many people miss the smaller events that are run and the paper is a great way to give coverage to these (and possibly add a bit of factional propaganda or spin!)

Next, political intrigue. Yes yawn, I know it sounds tedious and for the most part continual elections and ministry changes are dull. But occasionally you'll get someone being outrageous, slandering the current leaders, stirring up trouble and generally being newsworthy. This sort of story is even sweeter if they gert slapped down and punished for making a mockery of the legal system. Make your writing live though, be energetic, perhaps humorous, tallies of voting numbers or copying newsposts verbatim isn't going to keep anyone reading.

Thirdly, perhaps you want to add some fluff, public interest piece. Perhaps someone got married, or a young citizen won a poetry contest, make a small feature piece of this. People like to think that the regular person matters and almost everyone wants a moment of fame.

Watch your length. While the newspapers that cover daily world affairs are thirty some pages long, people in a game will get bored fast of such length. Try to keep to less than 200 lines at a maximum, keep people engaged. If you need to fill a bit of space you might want to add a witty segment advertising a local contest, or lauding the greatness of a local shop. You could run a small informational column, a historical spotlight, or the ever hilarious Agony Aunt questions.

This is just one way I get involved and when the new edition comes out, we love the outraged feedback, hearing people defend themselves, or say how funny a piece was, or even declare that they cannot believe they missed so and so event. Getting reactions from people, whether good or bad, is the intent and this leads to roleplay, and that is ultimately what we're looking for!

Is there a budding journalist in you? Does getting the scoop and digging for information sound like something you'd enjoy? Create a character in one of the free to play games from Iron Realms and come join us. We're always looking for new people to play with!

The Animals went in two by two! A quick look at mounts in Achaea.

Posted by Corbeau-x Monday August 13 2012 at 6:26PM
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The animals went in two by two! A quick look at mounts in Achaea.

In many of the MMORPGs we play some classes or professions make use of the ability to summon loyals, creatures of different varieties. These can be invaluable not only for combat, but also serve as an inspiration for roleplay. With this post I'd like to look at the different options outside of the 'class summons' for pets, focusing on the top MUD from IRE, Achaea.

There are two main routes the player can go to get a pet, mount or loyal creature outside of the classes. One can quest or earn a special creature, like the zombie gryphon from the Valho Coast. However, these tend to only remain yours until someone else completes the task. So while a cheap method of earning your special steed and stalwart companion, their loyalty to you is questionable!

Ramping up the cost a bit next you can buy small pets or mounts from different shops and traders around the land. Ranging from the cheapest common pack mules and ponies up to the heavily expensive (but still in gold) blood steeds, tigers, storm bulls, giant tortoises and many many more. The limitation at this stage is the depth of your virtual pocket. While Achaean mounts aren't strictly pets, they are handy. If you are mounted, you take less damage while hunting or in combat, they have some interesting combat applications such as the decimating trample, or being able to spur your creature to mountjump over obstacles assisting in chasing down that elusive bad guy, or allowing a quick escape the gleaming swords of the Paladin horde. Some mounts can even fly, and in the Achaean wilderness where mountainous landscapes can slow down the traveler on foot, a man on a flying horse laughs and skips across the skies.

Finally, we come to the top end of the price range. Depending on what you want you can pay in Mayan Crowns or Credits and possess a steed and companion of near unbeatable calibre. Whether you purchase a legendary Pegasus that does not need to be fed and that will never die (permanently) from the renowned Shop of Wonders, or stretch your imagination and design your very own, one of a kind 'Pet' that can then be mounted, the options for you are pretty limitless.

Sure, many look at the costs and think "Hell no!" But along with combat advantages and travelling enhancements a pet or steed can be used to enhance your roleplay, adding an extra facet of depth to your character and if you have a mind for it, giving you some interesting, tavern-suitable stories to horrify and inspire the wide-eyed and young!

Perhaps you have a desire to own an ebon-coated Pegasus, or to earn one of Valnurana's nightmare steeds. Maybe you want to see what other people have created for themselves. From giant insects, baby leopards, miniature golems to a whole host of creatures, why not log in to Achaea one of the immersive MUDs from Iron Realms and start a character (it's free to play!) You'll soon be seeing pets, mounts, loyal summons and a whole lot more!

Bringing a character back from dormancy

Posted by Corbeau-x Saturday August 11 2012 at 6:06PM
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Life happens to us all, perhaps monetary worries come up and we lose our internet connection, maybe school or work takes priority, or God forbid, you have a health issue that takes you from your favourite MUD or MMORPG.

For most of us though our characters go what is termed as 'dormant.' We step back from the responsibilities, apologise to our friends, give away all the decayable virtual belongings to some newbies and then just don't login for a time. Perhaps it's a couple of months, maybe it's a year or longer.

Eventually though, at least in the case of myself and other addicts, we are drawn back. Perhaps you surreptitiously visit the forums to keep up with what is going on. Maybe you keep in touch with your friends via email or an instant messenger and they're tormenting you with how cool some big changes are, or they're being stomped by a winning faction and cannot survive the crisis without you.

Whatever the reason, we eventually log back in. Finding yourself standing naked with no curatives, surrounded by young strangers and with a giant backlog of news to catchup on can be daunting. But a few days of pushing through it all and some willing friends to help feed/clothe/deck you out and you can be back in the swing of things.

Perhaps the mistake some make is before going dormant they burn all the old bridges. Leaving factions, forsaking virtual family's and friends. If you're wanting to make a change, this is a great strategy. But, if you want a break from things, this will make your eventual return much harder. Friends, city/guildmates can be a great assistance to you when you make the big return. While none of us really want to lean on or rely on others to get us going, many people will offer assistance with the basics to get you back and playing as the valued member of the virtual community that you once were.

Whether you had an old character in a MUD, or are looking to try something different in the world of gaming, why not give one of the top MUDs from Iron Realms a try? They're free to play and the player community as a whole cares. Create a character, build a friendship and loyalty base and you too can enjoy the support and camaraderie that keeps me logging in and others coming back.

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