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Mein raging blog on everything mmo related and more.

My mission is simple, to group up and pwnd midget marshmellow ninjas and beat their mothers with a crowbar... This isn't Kansas anymore.

Author: Coldrain_13

Why I think Bioware should re-consider their stance on non-combat classes.

Posted by Coldrain_13 Wednesday June 10 2009 at 9:16PM
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Bioware has long stated that there will be no non-combat classes. If someone can find me a interview or some piece of VALID info that saids otherwise than please comment here, or pm me the said info.

If my memory is correct, and if my summary of their statement was "doesn't make the player feel heroic." This is my shorten, might be correct summary of one of their interviews. I can see why they think since this will a be heavy, heroic, action filled story. Guess there is no room for dancers to entertain the weary travler on his travels. I bet you guys already know what i'm about to say. But first let me remind you, behind every army is a supplier of goods.

One thing I felt SWG did deliver on was it's crafting system and the 4 trader classes that delt with various parts of the trade. For example for those who nevered play any version of the game, if you wanted a set of armour you didn't spammed "looking for trader to craft UBER l337 @4m0ur!" No, instead you stated you were looking for a armoursmith, do we know anything of their crafting and remaining classes? No, we don't...yet

So let me move onto another non-combat class that impacted the game. Entertainer, these are important for many, many reasons. In older versions of the game, they could heal fatigue. And more important they could re-design your character as you saw fit. That's right, no longer being stuck with a toon you didn't think out their looks. Their moves improved various stats and etc.

I know I am using a lot of swg to back up any point I have. But don't mistake that with my main objective, to prove that without people behind the scenes even the mighty hero will fall.

Death1942 writes:

EVERY game should reconsider their stance on non combat classes.  It's shocking how poor some efforts are (fluff spells, crafting, seasonal events...ect) and they really need to put some effort into these aspects of the game.


bottom line is we aren't killing 24/7 ingame so why should the game focus 100% on combat?

Wed Jun 10 2009 11:40PM Report
Coldrain_13 writes:

Exactly man, not every one wants to do combat 24/7. There are tons of lore Bioware can draw from to make a non-combat class. I can see why they wouldn't want an entertainer. As SWG already has one, and we all know they're going to keep swg up. *cough* BS!

Thu Jun 11 2009 6:18PM Report
Reklaw writes:

I always hoped that MMORPG would offer more then what multiplayer games offered, meaning non-combat should be mandatory within a MMORPG as a MMORPG should go beyong the multiplayer game in many way.

unfortunaly it looks like hte majority just want a melee/magic online game, cause lets face it many seem to have this need to skip most content to get to cap lvl, which to me is the same what single/multiplayer games already offer, as the multiplayer part has no story, you get right into the action and can still upgrade at cap lvl, just like we can in today's regular multiplayer games.

Still hope that one day developers will simply creat regular Multiplayer games with a focus on melee and magic in it, so perhaps MMORPG can go back at becoming a game genre that goes beyong the regular multiplayer playstyle.

Fri Jun 12 2009 1:37AM Report
Coldrain_13 writes:

Yeah man, the current mmos are lacking some serious context in certain areas. As for the story, let’s face it. Mmos never had a great story, was always about one faction plus one against each other.
Non-combat classes drive the economy more than combat classes, while others gave players more reasons to interact with other people.

Fri Jun 12 2009 3:58AM Report writes:
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