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The Secret World Walkthrough

This blog will help you and give you tips, walkthroughs and guides for The Secret World.

Author: Chri5123

The Secret World The 3rd Age Mission Guide

Posted by Chri5123 Sunday August 12 2012 at 11:20AM
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In this post we are going to give you a guide for The 3rdAge Mission in The Secret World. This is one of the new missions that you will pick up in Egypt.

NOTE: If you are looking for an in-depth guide to all of the missions with walkthroughs and pictures check out the full TSW Domination guide.

Here is the walkthrough and remember if you want to complete this yourself or you do not want spoilers look away now!

Zone: City Of The Sun God
Starting Location: Nefertari – (295,900)
Pax: 25,000
Tokens: 4

Tier 1:

First off you need to search the camp for Artifacts.

All you need to do to start off is he to the green arrow on your map.

You will find the Artifiact at co-ords: 422,877 it is a clockwork key.

Next up you will need to search the camp for cultist’s excavations and you will find a map of dig sites at 427,879.

Tier 2:

Now you have the new map you need to go to the first excavation site. You will find this at 355,839.

Here you will find a little robot and you should activate it.

Follow him and he should lead you to a big skeleton and point up. You should now be at co-ords: 382,790. To find your way up the skeleton you need to head too co-ords: 421,758.

You will find a weird piece of metal about half way up.

Tier 3:

You need to consult the map and head to the next excavation site.

You will find another little robot to follow at 353,478.

He will stop at 378,466 and point east.

You need to find what he is pointing to and it is a lever that is quite difficult to see on a rock. You will find the lever at 390,469.

Once you use the lever a cave will open and you can go in to get another strange metal piece.

Next up you need to have to the next excavation site and you will find another little robot at co-ords 35,617.

He will stop and point towards a spider web you need to break this and get the next metal piece.

Now we have the fourth excavation site and it follows the same formula.

Find the robot for the fourth site at 105,392 and he will lead you to 63,385 and points west so you need to turn right and follow the path.

Keep on going until you come to some rocks.

You will arrive at a Locked Orochi transport container and if you are having trouble finding it you should be at co-ordinates 12,377.

Use the laptop and you will get a password clue “Horse feathers”.

Now this is referencing an old black and white film from 1932 and you need to go and check out the script to get the answer:

Here is the part of the script that will help you:

Baravelli: [through speakeasy's door] Who are you?
Professor Wagstaff: I’m fine, thanks, who are you?
Baravelli: I’m fine too, but you can’t come in unless you give the password.
Professor Wagstaff: Well, what is the password?
Baravelli: Aw, no. You gotta tell me. Hey, I tell what I do. I give you three guesses. It’s the name of a fish.
Professor Wagstaff: Is it Mary?
Baravelli: Ha-ha. That’s-a no fish.
Professor Wagstaff: She isn’t? Well, she drinks like one. Let me see: Is it sturgeon?
Baravelli: Hey, you crazy. Sturgeon, he’s a doctor cuts you open when-a you sick. Now I give you one more chance.
Professor Wagstaff: I got it. Haddock.
Baravelli: That’s-a funny. I gotta haddock, too.
Professor Wagstaff: What do you take for a haddock?
Baravelli: Well-a, sometimes I take-a aspirin, sometimes I take-a Calamel.
Professor Wagstaff: Say, I’d walk a mile for a Calamel.
Baravelli: You mean chocolate calamel. I like that too, but you no guess it. Hey, what’s-a matter, you no understand English? You can’t come in here unless you say, “Swordfish.” Now I’ll give you one more guess.
Professor Wagstaff: …swordfish, swordfish… I think I got it. Is it “swordfish”?
Baravelli: Hah. That’s it. You guessed it.
Professor Wagstaff: Pretty good, eh?

So the password is “Swordfish”.

Once you are in the laptop you will see the passcode for the box which is 1053.

Next up you need to assemble the metal pieces you have.

Tier 4:

You need to find out what the key is for and for this you will head over to 371,256.

It is dark in here but you just need to head straight forward.

Head to the room at the end of the hall, then take a right towards the door.

You should now be at co-ords 609,170.

Once you get inside simply click the Sarcophagus to complete the quest!

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough for The 3rd Age Mission in The Secret World.

If you want a walkthrough for ALL missions, the build system, PVP and dungeon guides you need to check out the full guide here >> writes:
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