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Blade Wars Developer Blog

Thoughts from ChangYou's Blade Wars Dev. Team about publishing a F2P game in the West, living the gaming life and the industry in general. To find more info about Blade Wars, go to

Author: ChangYou2

Knights of the Round Table?

Posted by ChangYou2 Thursday April 29 2010 at 1:23PM
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Welcome back folks, to the Blade Wars Dev Blog! :)
I thought I would take some time over the next few weeks to introduce you to the actual classes here in Blade Wars.  Most of you may ask the question, “Why bother introducing us to these characters?  Aren’t these classes just the same as in other games?”  Read on to find out more :)! 
  • Today we will take a look at the “Knight” class.
Not quite the Knights from Camelot in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” as pictured above, although there may be some singing and dancing at Zither Terrace :)
You may assume that the Knight is your typical "tank" class, but they are actually a fast attacker who wields a simple one handed sword or blade with deadly precision.  Relying on their mobility, the Knight is also a very formidable opponent in the Arena and in the wilds.  They are not the heavy hitters that the Warriors are, but they can be relied upon to consistently to put pressure on any opponent with sustained damage. 
  • Let’s take a closer and more visual look.  Here is what a Knight looks like on the selection screen.
Beautiful, yet deadly with her blade


The Knight excels at interrupting or disrupting enemy moves to help protect their teammates and one of the better arsenals when it comes to taking on and controlling a group of enemies.  For example, Whirling Leaves can hit multiple targets while  Whirling Punch can not only damage, but lift vulnerable enemies off the ground leaving them open to further punishment.
  • As with every class, you can acquire a mount at level 10 which will increase your speed covered on the ground by 20%!

The “Leap Chick” will not only allow you to travel faster, but increase the amount of experience you can gain by reducing your down time between quests.

  • At Level 30, the Knight can also get an upgraded mount for 30,000 Gold in game.  This level 30 mount will increase your speed by 50%!

Knight exclusive “Dark Spirit”, resembling the mythological Nightmare.
  • At Level 50, the next mount becomes available to the Knight for 25 mount orders and 1,500,000 coins!  You can acquire these mount orders by completing the "Princess of the Iron Fan" event!
The Divine Goose will allow the Knight to take to the air!
Every class also gets a selection of “Ultimate Skills”, each of which requires Rage in order to use.  These differ from class to class, so make sure to consider these differences when deciding on which class you wish to play!
  • Here are the descriptions of the Knight’s Ultimate skills:

Rage Blast

Endless Rain

Floating Clouds
Interested in some of the other classes in Blade Wars?  Make sure to check back often for more updates coming in the near future!
As always, Jaynestown signing off! - (
-Community Manager,


Blade Wars Miner's Delight

Posted by changyou Wednesday April 21 2010 at 4:50PM
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It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!
Within Blade Wars there are a number of “Life Skills”, which allow players to collect ore, chop down tress, catch fish, and even sew and forge new armor pieces.  Today, our Warrior Flex is going to venture out into the countryside in search of mining veins in order to acquire materials for a new set of armor.  Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have the skill yet :). 
  • In order to remedy this, let’s go to Luo Yang and Visit the Mining Master (173, 202).  He seems like a nice and approachable character, so I proceed to strike up a conversation.
The first thing he tells me is that I need to be level 15 before I am experienced enough to learn this craft.  Fair enough, besides, there are bound to be loads of monsters and other players who are out for the same ore, so no sense in worrying about it until a little later.  Being level 31 though, I think I can hold my own out there :).   I accept his training, and pay the master 1,000 coins for sharing his knowledge.
You can check what Life Skills you currently have by going to the following tab:
  • You can get to this screen by pressing “F6” (Skills & Formations), and then selecting the “Life” tab at the top.  You can tell which skills you have learned by their clear picture, compared to those you don’t by their red tint.  I have three known skills, and seven unlearned ones.  Your skill level and proficiency points are also provided for the selected skill.
Now that I now have some mining skill, let’s get out there and unearth some hidden treasures.
After heading to Solar Village, I check my minimap, and success!  I see some mining veins, which show up like small rocks on the landscape.
You can tell what mining skill level that you need to mine any particular vein by just mousing over the rock pile.  This does look rare indeed, but unfortunately I am only skill Lvl. 1, and I need to be Lvl. 7 to mine for goodies here.
Since these veins are too high level for me, I decided to head back towards Spring Avenue.  Here, I finally found a Lvl. 1 vein…but it was surrounded by monsters!  I guess I’ll have to use my axe first before I can start exporting these riches.
After dispatching these foes, I claim my prize! 
Every time you mine you consume some Vitality.  Also, you will usually obtain some ore, some jade, or some combination of both.  If you are lucky, you will also see your proficiency go up as you see above :).
You can take these pieces of ore and jade and further refine them into their usable forms.  You can see the interface in the following screenshot:
  • After enough mining, which should be no real problem if you mine most veins you come across, you will see your proficiency level rise.  When you get enough experience by collecting enough ore and jade, you will be able to go back to the Mining Master and “upgrade” your skill.  Each time you upgrade your proficiency; there will be more mining veins that will be available for your benefit as well as improved loot.  With each new ore and jade you receive, new armor and weapons will be available to craft.  Make sure to keep up with your other life skills with your mining so you can fully take advantage of this new loot you are now collecting! 


  • Some of the best items in the game can be gained by utilizing these crafting skills, so make sure to take some time to work on them!  They aren’t required by any means, but are a nice supplement to the regular loot drops in the game. 

Tune in next time when we will explore more of Flex’s adventures in the world of Blade Wars!


Combo Breaker!

Posted by changyou Friday April 16 2010 at 7:34PM
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Hello again Blade Wars fans! You may know by now, that Blade Wars is not your typical F2P MMO.  Fighting in Blade Wars should be familiar to you, until you come across the following menu:    

You can access the Skills & Formations menu by pressing “F6".  All of your current skills will be listed here, and you will even get a sneak peak at your next  one (which can be differentiated from your current by their red tint.)
Wait, what is this button here?
Hmm, let’s press it and see what happens.
Ahh, this is the combo interface.  Here, you can customize up to four combos that can be tailored for different lengths, offensive or defensive situations, or even to exploit enemies with certain weaknesses. 
For every 7th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 27th, 35th, and 42nd consecutive hit, you will earn a damage bonus.  I have been playing around with my skills and have been able to get a 27 hit combo so far!  Course, you can get up to 99 hits, but I haven’t come close to that thus far.  I have seen videos of it though, so eventually someone who is better than me will be able to figure it and beat me handilyJ.
Anyways, let’s get a combo up there...let’s see…How about this one…
Raksha Hit,  Sharp Punch,  Raksha Hit x2,  Acalantha,  Raksha Hit x2, Defense Breaker
This combo gets a good amount of hits, usually at least seven, but if everything goes well it can get to 10+ with the next additional damage boost!  The higher in level I reach, the more moves I gain and the higher combo strings I can put together.  I guess that experience will have to come out on a later blog :). 
There are countless ways I can go with these, so I’ll have to keep tinkering.  Pre-Closed Beta is still going on, but we will be going to open Beta in not too distant of the future, where hopefully more people will be able to experience this fighting and combo system first-hand.  We need some more people in game to test my Warrior’s skills against, so don’t be shy! 
Check out the Blade Wars website at the following URL if you have any other questions: A link to the forums is located at this following link as well:
Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook:!/BladeWarsGame
You can also follow Jaynestown on Twitter as well :) -
Take it easy everyone, and hope to see you next time!

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