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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 2

Posted by Ceejay9 Monday October 22 2007 at 1:02PM
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As I said before, I was moving this over from another blog, so that is the reason for so many updates in a single day.  I have one other that is only half written so not sure if it will get finished and posted today or not.)

Well, It's morning here, and I'm making my way through it with the help of a 20oz. Coffee from Wawa. If you don't know wawa coffee you are really missing out. When I lived down in Louisiana before Katrina, It's the one thing I truly missed about back east. Now that we ARE back east i enjoy a cup as often as possible. Anyway, on to the blog!

First let me say, thanks again for taking the time to actually read my ramblings. I know I can be rather long winded, and really I'm just doing this for fun, and possibly something to look back on in the future. But if you get any entertainment out of it also, I'm truly glad.

So, I log in yesterday, Daeven standing right at the gates of Silvermoon, waiting for my wife to finish up her daily quests on her other server. Yay, I have my resurrection spell now, Redemption, and I'm looking forward to letting her die so I can use it! Luckily she didn't know that! But now she's telling me she has to help this group kill a dragon real fast. Sigh.

Seems to me it should take more then four people to kill a dragon. But honestly, I've heard that three people post-TBC have solo'd Onyxia, so I guess it's not really that farfetched. Just seems odd to this old-time Table-top RPGer.

Ok, so she's going to be busy for at least another ten to fifteen minutes. Well, we do plan on leveling together, but BAH I'm not staring at my screen and doing nothing! So I caught the flying bat to the town in Ghostlands, and quickly run through some of the starting quests. Talk to this guy, who sends you to talk to so and so, and in turn wants you to go back and tell the first guy that he has a crush on him. Blah blah, highschool stuff. But now other quests open up. So the merchant hasn't gotten any supplies in? That's not good. Fetch them from Silvermoon? Sure thing! So it's off back to the main blood elf city to straighten out that lazy supplier!

I walk into the guy's store, and he's telling me I need a pack-mule to get the supplies out of there! I can't afford one of those! Luckily he says I can just go ahead and take back what I can carry. It was at this point I pictured a blood elf paladin, sword at his side, shield slung over his shoulder, chain-mail glinting in the afternoon sun, as he walked around attempting to balance a stack of boxes and bags on the way to the Bat to fly back to Ghostlands. I do wonder where I kept that stuff while on the Bat!

In either case, The merchant is very happy to have some supplies in, and I'm very happy because now he will sell stuff!

It was about this time that my wife logged on her warlock and it was time to get to some serious work. I invited her to group, made sure i repaired my equipment( 14 copper, man I love low level repairs. Much better then the 14 gold and up after raids), checked over my quest list to see what we needed to do, and she tells me, "I have to go start dinner."

Argh, foiled again. But! I want to eat, so it's a trade off I'm willing to work with. Ok, more free time, and what does any husband do to pass the time while his wife is cooking him something scrumpcious for dinner? Why run in circles around her bored until she's back of course! So, yeah, you may now close your eyes and imagine it for yourself.

She gets it started and comes back and we are off to the races! She grabs all of the quests and sets off towards number 1 target. (I usually let her lead, as I only ever did the Blood elf starting quests once, and she has done them at least four times, as well as a lot more recently then me.)

Die night elven spies, die! This was interesting. We went up to kill in the night elven camp, and wow did it get frantic. We usually kill stuff in about three seconds or so between us and her Imp, but at one point an elf ran away and aggro'd the Darnassian leader. Well, it seems the Darnassian Leader's "Yells for help" range is rather large, and suddenly we had 5 or 6 elves all trying to clean the ranks of the blood elven invaders! But let's face it, I'm a paladin, and as I've had a mid-level paladin before, as well as a lvl 60, and lvl 70 priest, I kind of understand the healing thing. I sat back and kept her and her pet up while getting a swing in here and there, a stun here, a chugged potion over there, and a lay on hands under there. And Wha-lah, we win!

Was fun, although it's a shame instinct kicked in and I totally forgot to let her die so I could give my rez spell it's first go. Ok, done with the night elves, and off to find the missing tools. It's just a short run down the path and up to the cart across the way, and we both have tools. Then the Imp must have dropped a ghoul snack, because four ghouls all charged us. Rinse repeat of last battle, although at her level warlock's don't really do a lot of damage unless they can get their Dots to do their full damage, it's funny how totally opposite that is at the higher levels. Especially since I will either be holy or protection later on, not retribution.

Off to the little ghost town on the coast. That debuff from the ghosts is rather annoying, mostly because you can't get rid of it! But it doesn't last long, thankfully. We easily made our quest quota in kills simply running around trying to find the summoning circle for her VoidWalker quest. Summon, kill, yay now she can summon a voidwalker! Well, once she turns the quest in. You can also tell she has played a higher level warlock before, as she is running around with a bag and a half of soul shards already made. She got those most dreaded of words again today, haha "inventory is full" but I happily looted things for her!

Next target, Beach for spines! I have never really liked hunting Murlocs, they are too handy with those cell-phones(See previous entry) and the fact that they always try to leave the party before it's done. But with a ranged DPS class at my back it was much easier! Of course in the middle of a full beach she goes AFK to do more dinner stuff and puts me on auto-follow. AHA! Another chance to put that Redemption spell to it's first use! But alas, she came back quickly, and we finished up that quest in just a couple of more kills.

Now we started killing off spiders on our way towards the gnoll mines, and of course for the ten we killed we each got a single crunchy spider leg. On the way there we stopped by the mana elemental place and knocked that quest out real quick, then off to gnolls. We arrived on the wrong side of the camp, so we fought our way through to the quest giver on the other side, and was halfway done with our kill quest when we got the ore quest. So back out into the fray! Those gnoll shamans really hurt, and it was right about this time, at level 13 that I realized that only having quest and looted gear really stinks. I only had 20 more stamina then my wife's warlock. Now I know warlock's can get a really sick amount of hit points at the higher level's but pre-twenties I kind of figured I would have a solid lead. Not so. I definately needed better gear, but was still unwilling to spend my 10 gold!

During our search for the ore, a blood elf rogue ran by with about 6 gnolls on him. He didn't make it. (I had seen him running away earlier from farther away but that time he had used sprint) So there it was, the first casting of Redemption on a poor rogue that had sprint on cool-down and aggro'd just a few too many. I was really hoping to kill off my wife's character to use it on her, but oh well, it would have to do. He thanked us, and actually came to our rescue a couple of fights later so it worked out well in the end. :-)

Last piece of ore looted we turned it in and being close to level, we decided it was time to turn the quests in back in town. Sure enough we both hit 14 so we could train again. (Which was our goal for when we would return to town). Of course it was also time for dinner now, so we made the Inn here our home, and flew back to Silvermoon to train, log and eat yummy dinner!


The food was good! Want more!

Anyway, we did check the AH this time, and sure enough I found a belt of the bear and a new shield that was worth using. All for 57 silver pieces! Not bad I still had my solid 10 gold, so it was ok with me. We hearthed back to the ghostlands, and went to kill the nerubia guards and grabbed the quest to kill the named fella from the body on the path. It didn't take long at all, but afterwards it was time for her to log over to her other server for a raid. They were making their first trip into Serpent Shrine Cavern, and I wished her luck. It seems it was Solo time.

My goal for tonight had been 16, and I really wanted to make that goal, so I was opened my quest log, and did what she normally does, Start at the top and work your way down. I ran down to the sanctum of the sun to turn in a quest, then up to the farstrider post. I took their advice and culled some of the giant cats in the area, then made my way across the lake to the island to get the medallion quest. Knocked out the spirit quest while getting the medallions, then turned it in and got the "summon the big bad elemental quest." Ok, not really big and bad, but he was underwater, and he was kind of big. But easy, nonetheless. Off to shore to get the kill some trolls quest, wrap that up in a jiffy(The drop rate really loved me on this one, only a single troll didn't drop an ear forcing me to kill all of 7 of them.)

Turn it in, then back to the post, turn in spirits, And made level 15! Yay, and boo! If I had been far away I would have logged and gone to bed, but now that my goal was in sight, I had to stay up to make it!

Killed the bats on the way down the hill, and made my way across the zone to kill zombies in the dead scar. Both of the lvl 21 named elites were nice enough to make an appearance, so I had to do some interesting pulling, but still went by rather fast. Then it was off to windrunner village. Actually, for some reason I thought the dawnspire was over by the village, but it was actually windrunner spire, which wasn't uncovered yet on my map. I fought my way up to the top of the long ramp, and when it opened up I realized I was in the wrong place, so I bubbled and jumped off the side. Landed safely, bubble ran out, and a ghost, a spider and a shadow priest guy attacked me. Not good. This, of course, was one of those times you can look back on a situation and realize you aren't used to a class yet. I could have survived this so many ways, but they never came to mind. Lay on hands was up, potion timer was up, and i still had the health stone from my wife before she logged. I just screwed the whole thing up, but I look at it as a learning experience, hopefully next time I will have learned from it. :-P

So I run back, rez and have to kill another 15 spiders before I get my last crunchy spider leg. Then I see I'm near windrunner village, and sure enough I DO have to go there. So I lay into the gargoyles that are all over the place. 5 dead, 10 dead, 15 dead...WTH! I check my quest log, sure enough I need gargoyle parts. 20 dead, 25 dead, oh come on! Not a single gargoyle part has dropped yet. I'm starting to wonder If i'm in the wrong place! So I go kill the other shade guys for the other parts. 6 kills, 6 parts from them. Must be the right place. Back to gargoyles. 27 kills and got my first part. Wow, now that's what I call a horrendous drop rate, and I need FOUR of them! Of course I got them within the next ten kills, so perhaps they just needed to get kick-started or something.

At this point, I'm only a few bubbles from 16 so I hearth back to town, turn in my quests, and DING 16! Yay! Time to train! Retribution aura, oooh, fun one, and something else I wasn't nearly as excited with heh, but don't remember what it was. So I ran to the city entrance again and logged for the night.

I can say that while it is not like playing the game for the first time again, I am truly enjoying being back in Azeroth. And once again, I really look forward to logging on tonight when I get home from work in order to level again!

I'm really hoping we can make it to 19 or even 20, but being realistic I am shooting for 18, my next spell level. If i thought there was a decent chance of getting an instance group, I'd love to do that, great experience in there. I imagine it would be Wailing Caverns, which is a pretty good hike for us here in ghostlands, and no flightpaths out there.

Well that's it for today, Thanks for stopping by!

-Cheers! writes:
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