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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

Welcome to yet another one...

Posted by Ceejay9 Wednesday October 10 2007 at 3:41PM
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Welcome to yet another one. Another blog that is, created by someone who thinks that just possibly other random people on the internet are going to be interested in what they have to say. Kind of a silly theory really, yet here I am doing it just like everyone else. Will anyone read it? Who knows, but what the heck.


It seems to be a rather popular trend to introduce one's self in the first blog so that the readers can get an idea of where you might be coming from, and see if your introduction does anything more then bore them to death. So, I will skip tradition and leave myself a total mystery!

Ok, not really. I have been an online gamer for, sadly, longer then most people have been alive. My very first graphical MMO would have to be Neverwinter Nights on AOL. Now, It's hard to call NWN on AOL an MMO, afterall only about 250 people could log on at a single time, but hey it's history as I remember it. And when you get into history as *I* remember it things can get pretty scary. In any case, let's see if I can give a small tidbit of information on where my virtual buttocks have taken up a temporary home in my gaming history.

NWN on AOL(Mentioned that already, if you missed that part but see this part, go see an optometrist immediately please.) Battletech online on the Genie gaming network. (Anyone else remember paying by the hour to play games online?) Ultima Online, Everquest(the first one if you need to ask), Dark age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, City of Hero's, World of Warcraft. These were simply the only games of which I actually paid to have an account after the first free month. I've also tried out many more. Beta-tested a few, some only in open others closed, and tried most on the market at some point or another.

I have a rich history of gaming, and playing in MMO's. Does that make me qualified to start a blog? Hah, there is no qualifications for starting a blog! As can be attested to by many of the Blog's out there. Hopefully I can find some reason or another to make it worth the few minutes you take to read my blog, but if not, Go complain to the management about putting up requirements for creating blog's. :P


I'm sitting here typing away, and a thought entered my head. The first real 'Blog' as it were that i remember reading was Tweety's. For all of you EQ1 player's out there, I hope some of you remember good old Tweety. Last I heard she had went to work for Mythic on DAOC, i hope things are still going well for her. But I digress..

Tweety was a Guide in EQ1. Guide's  were players that had joined a volunteer customer service program to try and help out players that had problems in the game. Like items disappearing, broken spawns, you are stuck behind a book case because you were so curious you just had to see if you could get behind it, and now can't get out. (True story there btw, if it wasn't obvious by the amount of more detailed info included. Although, it wasn't me who got stuck, i was there, and found it rather hilarious.) Sorry, I have a knack for tangents. In any case, Tweety posted a rant that became famous on the internet. To sum it up, she was sick of how much player's complained and whined about things, and how insulting they could  be, and all over the stupidest things in the world. I encourage you to read it if you can find it. She's mentioned in onlinegamers wiki, but I don't have the motivation to link it currently. It's funny how the wiki also calls her an online blogger, when what she really did was just update her own webpage. I miss tweety and her mean and nasty comments towards the moronic people in the world. Because, truth be told she was only putting into readable format the things that run through all of our minds anyway.

The rather entertaining part of all of this is that she became the community manager for mythic on DAOC. A more famous person at that time in the gaming community would have been hard to find, but the reason for that fame and the job title and responsibilities are what most people would call Ironic.


Ah well, I guess my first little blog is about a woman after my own heart. Tweety, this old timer salutes you and hopes you are still doing what made our hearts do a dance in our ribcage way back when. Life and MMO's have moved on, but you will always be in many of our hearts.

So for everyone who complains about customer service in their online games, and feels it neccessary to bitch and moan because it took them an hour to get to your petition, I leave you with the title of Tweety's Famous dissertation on online idiocy, "Try being a Guide you Nutless Assmuncher!"

Regiko writes:

Well, Welcome to the blogging world in MMORPG I suppose. It seems you state yourself as an "oldtimer" ? I don't suppose you're over 60.(Though if you are, that's perfectly OK)


I know it is kind of frustrating for typing about community managers, and it's even more frustrating to find a good one. It's sad when you can't find a good customer service in large market games and how hollow people can act when they are paid to do this kind of stuff, just like robots.

"I'm stuck, help please"
"Thank you a member of our team will be by shortly"
"Hello ___ how can I help you?"
"Im stuck I need to get unstuck"
"Please press the "Unstuck" button and we will be with you shortly"

"Hello ___ I see that your problem is solved, thank you!"

However, when you can find people that respond to the community as friends and managers, it can be much more enjoyable. I'd perfer a friend over a robot any day.



Wed Oct 10 2007 3:50PM Report
Ceejay9 writes:

Hey there, and thanks for your comment. Well, I did some research after this blog, and found out just how wonderfully Sanya Weathers(tweety) was doing at her job over at Mythic. She recently left(at the beginning of this year) But during her time there, from everything I've gathered, she changed the face of customer service in the gaming community. She created a bridge between players and dev's and made the position of Community Manager a true position, that you can even train for now a days. It's nice to see gamers get ahead, but it's even nicer when it happens to someone you can have respect for.

I'm not an old-timer in thta sense, I'm a 36 year old father of two girls. But I've been around gaming for as long as i can remember. I'm pretty sure my first game was Ultima, on a single floppy disk that I played at school on the apple's there. My first PC was a Commodore 64, and I'm pretty sure the first game for it I owned was Lode runner.

Thu Oct 11 2007 8:42AM Report
Deatrix writes:

i read tweety's rant.... my god it was beautiful, ive been in customer service and dumb people seem to need the most help. (grant it, i wasnt in game-realated service, i was a genie garage door tech, over the phone service................  /cry )   I will bookmark that post...and love it forever..

Thu Oct 11 2007 9:50AM Report writes:
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