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Cathal's Blog

Well, I was sitting around one day and I figured, I may as well start up a blog. Were you expecting something more?

Author: Cathalaode

My revision on perma-death.

Posted by Cathalaode Saturday November 3 2007 at 3:22AM
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Here goes.


Original Idea:

Step One: You Die


Problem with that is that it's unforgiving like a mother fu... nk... Anyways. The gameplay gives you a reason to run (Good), but more reason to want to kill (Get the bastard). I see that this is going to turn into a ramble-fest, so I'll cut right to the new idea.


New Idea:

Step One: Death

Step Two: Take a hidden roll to check against your Constitution/Willpower.

Step Three: Take a permanent defect from the fight, along with a level loss.

    Permanent Defects include: Bad Arm (Less effective arm), Limp(Slower movement), Soft Spot(Higher crit chance against you), Stubborn Limb(Limb will go from fine to handicapped randomly), Loss of Limb(Inability to use said limb), Loss of Eye(Higher perception checks), etc

    Once an amount of defects have been gained, that is equal to (and maxing out at) 1/10th of your level, you will instead begin to lose 2-4 extra levels per death; which brings the level loss to 3-5 levels per death. If you do not have enough levels than you will permanently die.


This way, when you die (which you will), you will still be given a major and permanent reason to avoid death, but you won't lose all your time and investment because your keys locked and you went off a cliff, or you got knife in the throat when you weren't looking. There's still a way to die permanently, but it gets harder to reach the more you put into your character. It shouldn't be too unbalanced for the higher levels, because the higher your level the more likely you are to have died multiple times.

I'd like to hear some of your comments.

grimfall writes:

So if you die you both perma-gimp your character, and lose experience?


Sat Nov 03 2007 3:44AM Report
Cathalaode writes:

It's not a huge gimp in most of the cases, but I can see why you would not like it. It's directed at a more hardcore group. Which is, albeit, a much smaller group to be sure.

It would just go from moving 1 to moving .7 and needing a wooden leg. Besides, everyone's gimped. So it wouldn't give your opponent an unfair advantage.

Sat Nov 03 2007 3:53AM Report
teyc writes:

No sorry, that idea sucks. PvE after each dead sucks for PVP players and pvp is alot more fun than PvE ;)


Sat Nov 03 2007 11:28AM Report
Electricdawn writes:


This is the most sucking idea I've ever heard. We're still talking about games, right? Well, I want to enjoy my games, not fear them. You must be a Darkfall Fan...obviously even that game is not hard enough for you.

What are you guys, masochists? ;-)

Sat Nov 03 2007 11:51AM Report
Davod writes:

I actully like the idea or something similiar. The people that dont like it is perhaps the none hardcore players that is afraid of dying.

Sat Nov 03 2007 5:48PM Report
Loke666 writes:

While permadeath sounds cool, it has a few issiues:

If you lagg out or something else technical messes up your dead.

PVP and permdeath is not a good combo.

Permdeath makes no room for misstakes, one misstake and you can lose a year of gameplay.

As an pen and paper player im not really opposed to a hardcore MMO with permdeath but forget PvP unless you duel to first blood and find a way to make sure players dont die of lagg and similar problems. With regular PvP no one would live long.

Sat Nov 03 2007 9:37PM Report
Cathalaode writes:


No, not a masochist, nor am I a big fan of Darkfall. Also, if you had read any of my earlier blog posts on the subject, you would know that I have ways of making it less "frightening". Thanks for the criticism, even if that's all it was. I was kind of looking for some feedback though, not just "No, and your dumb for thinking this up" kind of response.



What? I have no idea what you're trying to say. If it's something about having to level up every time you die, then you should take the advice that I gave to Electricdawn, which would be to read my previous posts. I'll give you a quick summary though, you can level through PvP more so than PvE. Thanks for reading the post though.



This isn't really permadeath, this is a way that you can lose a lot from a death, but you wouldn't permanently die from an accident. Maybe you should read this blog entry.

Sun Nov 04 2007 10:14PM Report writes:
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