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MMO addiction

My mission is to find MMORPGs that I would recommend to others and not feel worried. To discover why I will spend a hour trying to play a game that is lag bound. to have just one game icon on my desktop.

Author: Catdancer55

While I wait to recover my WoW account

Posted by Catdancer55 Wednesday December 26 2007 at 12:17AM
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Merry Xmas to me. Someone has gone and hacked my acct.  :(

I have discovered that without WoW I have nothing to do.  Sure I walk my dogs more which means I am getting more sunshine. But nothing can stop the depressive feeling of Rape I feeling the last 48 hours.

I can see what is happening to my 2 high level characters . My warrior has been changed from arms to Fury,  my Mage is now pure Frost as opposed to a Arcane/frost hybrid.  Only thing I can be close to sure of is that my armor will me ok.  I have never been to an instance  so my armor is basically "off the Rack" drops.   And I have been poor before.

But as I wait for Account Management department to answer my e-mail.  I have not found any KeyLoggers nor other Malware.  So it is a mystery As to how they changed my  acct  info.   Even My  security question is needed to change the password.  

wicked357 writes:

That sucks I wouldnt worry about your specs being changed  I would worry about your characters being deleted. I for one had my account hacked while I was away not playing wow came back 4 months later to find that it was hacked and ill I had to do was call blizzard took about 30 mins for me to get a password sent to my email and boom I was back in and luckily for me someone was actually playing my account so all they did was beef my char up more... lol and that was that no problems since. I hope all is good and your characters are still intact. Merry Christmas

Wed Dec 26 2007 1:20AM Report
Smithm001 writes:

I know how you feel. 

Back in March, the same thing happened to me.  I found no key loggers or malware or anything that would have but my computer our account at risk.  I had my characters completely stripped.  I spent two weeks dealing with Blizzard and recieved no help at all (I  was a friends and family member as well).  I took my computer to two different professionals, neither of which found anything compromising on my computer. 

To this day I have no idea how my account got hacked.  One of the guys whgo looked at my computer said it may be possible that the hack took place from Blizzard's side.  Blizzard denied this, but a friend who was a former employee of Blizzard stated that it was possible and has happened in the past, through a hacker or an angry employee.

All I can say is good luck to you on getting your account restored.  I know some had no problem with getting a restoration while others such as myself found Blizzard to be anything but helpful.

Wed Dec 26 2007 1:51AM Report
hellspit writes:

Right click at "My computer" > Manage . Go to local groups and users > users. Click on administrator and check if your admin acc has password. If it's password free that is one of the way they got it. Right click on administrator and "set password" to set new pass.

Right click "My computer" > properties > remote. Turn off "Allow remote assistance to be sent to this computer" and  "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"


Wed Dec 26 2007 2:19AM Report
paravion writes:

that happened to me one and i lost like 6000g...blizzard never restored them...and they asked for id confirmation and all that... it was a pain in the ass to retrieve my account back...good luck

Wed Dec 26 2007 11:33PM Report
Catdancer55 writes:

My off the rack armor worries me most  cause I can always  make more gold.  But without armor that would be quite difficult.

I am just happy there is "the Armory" so I can check on my characters

Thu Dec 27 2007 12:21AM Report
IronZ writes:

Do you use the official WoW forums?  Everyone tells me they are secure, but no matter what browser I use, it says it is unsecured.  Seems like an easy way to get hacked to me.

Thu Dec 27 2007 3:00PM Report
Norden writes:

Dont forget to write how things turned out. *fingers crossed*.

Sun Dec 30 2007 5:18PM Report
Catdancer55 writes:

Account admin cannot help me cause my e-mail doesn't show any account attached so I have to wait till billing is open.   Right now I cannot post to the official Forums cause login there is the same as to get into the game.   Also be nice to discover how someone could guess an obscure answer to my security question.

Sun Dec 30 2007 10:08PM Report
Catdancer55 writes:

Part one of my quest to recover my account is completed,  I can  now login.  Now I have to wait for the GM to investigate and see how much of my junk can be recovered.  I was wrong when I said that I could be ok if I had my armor and weapon. . .  you need packs too !

Stamina food and healing potions nice also.

Fri Jan 04 2008 7:46PM Report
Catdancer55 writes:

Blizzard was able to recover a few items on two characters.  although the best compensation would have been to see the hacker strung up using a delicate site of his anatomy.

Hmm hang hackers off the walls of SW or IF.. Pillory them and have a basket of rotten fruit.

Tue Jan 15 2008 12:08AM Report writes:
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