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MMO addiction

My mission is to find MMORPGs that I would recommend to others and not feel worried. To discover why I will spend a hour trying to play a game that is lag bound. to have just one game icon on my desktop.

Author: Catdancer55

Why is future games going so heavy into PvP???

Posted by Catdancer55 Saturday July 28 2007 at 1:01AM
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I have been noticing lately that all the betas are touting "new spin on PvP"  They are total PvP or PvEvP(?) What is with this? I myself can PvP Casually (ie: WoW Battlegrounds) but Mostly give me a good PvE and I am happy.

My biggest Complaint about PvP is it brings out the most childish and immature behaviors. As an older Female Gamer, I find the constant "duel me" spams irritating and then when I decline for the 10th time be called a chicken - as if I cared.

After all, I don't have to prove myself, I am Female!  Nuff said.

Bardoc writes:

I think you nailed it. I'm an older male and so I'm not sure it really has to do with gender. However, I do think that PvP is gaining popularity because of two reasons:

1. The average player is pretty  young and is looking for a way to show their capabilities.

2. MMORPGs, unlike first person shooters on Battlenet, allow a player to build up a character so they can gank people with less gear.

What I find so humorous is how people have become to believe that gear = skill.

Sat Jul 28 2007 1:36PM Report
Stytches writes:

The future isn't really all about PvP. The only game that would really equate to being solidly built on PvP would be WarhammerOnline but that's Mythic building on what made them great in the first place via Dark Age of Camelot, Realm versus Realm. 

If WoW is looking like they are focusing on PvP I belive it's simply to keep those who enjoy that playstyle hooked and perhaps keep them from leaving for games such as Warhammer once released.

As for the Duel Monkies, remember our old friend "/ignore". I think there also may be an option in the interface to auto-decline duels now.


Mon Oct 22 2007 8:11AM Report
Elgareth writes:

I (now 19 ^_^) can of course only speak for me, but:

I found that PvE becomes boring, once you got a spin on PvP. PvE is always the same, scripted routines, which you can beat by your own "scripted" routines. Just watch at all those WoW AddOns who exactly tell you when what Boss enters what Phase, and where you have to go when to counter that. *Yawn* I say.

Then you got PvP. My Gosh, it's interesting. You can read your enemy, sense what he wants to do but you don't know for sure until he starts doing what you expected. You have unexpected twists and turns during a Duel or any kind of PvP. That Enemy Priest just flushed out two Group Heal Crits and suddenly a winning fight doesn't look as good anymore. PvP is always new (properly done PvP, that is, not WoW PvP), interesting, even "grinding" enemy kills is never boring, because you can never lean back and relax.

Of course I'm not talking about ganking or griefing, IMHO that is as boring as PvE, no challenge at all. I don't understand gankers... yes, sometimes it's rather funny to one-shot some poor fella who comes along, but after three times max it's utterly boring, to me. Unbalanced fights can be fun for a while, but in the long-term it's only balanced, even PvP that keeps me interested, PvE never is.

Thu Dec 27 2007 11:00AM Report writes:
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