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Audition Dance Battle

Enjoy the Dance Craze and so much more!

Author: EXHarmonix

Audition's Snow Show

Posted by EXHarmonix Friday December 28 2012 at 1:52AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner

Hello and what’s up everyone! My name is Harmonix, the Community Manager for Redbana Audition and I am here today to talk about our recent event called “Audition’s Snow Show”. Now, I know I’ve promised to talk about the different game modes but it would be boring and would appear like some sort of a lecture so every once in a while, I’ll be pitching in a few things like this in my blog. We all cool with that? Great!




This is the banner we used for the event. Cool isn’t? The objective of this event is to make a music video/animation together with any of our tracks and game features. The video should also revolve around the concept “Christmas in Audition”. The entries were highly anticipated, the competition was fierce and the prizes were tempting. A lot of entries were submitted but only three of them emerged victorious.


The Winners:

   First Place: Mush
   Second Place: Vichea
   Third Place: Ero
You may click on their pictures/avatars for their entries. Enjoy!

Alright everyone, this concludes Redbana Audition's weekly blog. Hope we can meet up again next week for more of Redbana Audition’s game modes! See you around!

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Audition Dance Battle: Normal Mode ( CC4 and CC8 )

Posted by EXHarmonix Thursday December 20 2012 at 12:49AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner

Hi guys! I shall now fulfill my promise. Introducing one of Redbana Audition’s game modes, Normal Mode! This is one of the most basic modes and probably where the gameplay of Audition came into being. 



              As you can see, it follows the steps that I have mentioned in my previous blog (Dance Lessons). That blog is highly applicable to the CC4 mode, however, in CC8, that’s where the variations come in. There are only 4 directions for CC4. On the other hand, at CC8, we have 8! Alright, that rhymed. Aside from the four general directions, we also have Upper Left (7-Numpad), Upper Right (9-Numpad), Lower Left (1-Numpad) and Lower Right (3-Numpad).  I prepared an example below for your reference:


That’s how CC8 looks like.

You must be wondering where the red arrows came from and what are you supposed to do when you see them. Worry no more because I will get into that right now. The red arrows just indicate that you need to press the opposite of the displayed key. So, if it shows a Red UP Arrow, you have to press its opposite which is DOWN or 2-Numpad. To activate this twist, you will have to press on Delete to get the C? icon as shown in the picture above and get these reversed keys. It is called Reverse Chance. It also gives you higher points when entered correctly.

Alright guys that’s it for this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more info on Redbana Audition’s game modes.


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Audition Dance Battle: Dance Lessons

Posted by EXHarmonix Friday December 14 2012 at 2:37AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner.

Hi everyone, as promised, here’s my follow-up blog regarding Redbana Audition’s game modes. But before I go there, we must know the basics first and later on throw in a couple of variations. Alright so let’s start!




Step 1: Know your keys.

Since it is a key presser game, you have to know what to hit to get the buttons needed. Each direction has its own corresponding key. Up – Arrow Key (UP/8Numpad), Down - Arrow Key (DOWN/2Numpad), Left – Arrow Key (LEFT/4Numpad) and Right – Arrow Key (RIGHT/6Numpad). Of course, we are not going to the variations yet so I’ll be leaving this step as it is right now.




Step 2: Time that ball perfectly.

After pressing the required keys, you still have one task left and that is to look after this ball. See the part highlighted in blue? You have to let the ball glide through its shiniest part and hit SPACE BAR.




Step 3: The score.

Each complete cycle of Steps 1 and 2 will earn you a score and those scores will come in different tags. Namely, they are the ones above. The scores will range from highest to lowest, with Perfect, being the highest and Miss, being the lowest.

Okay everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little guide on how to play Audition. On my next blog, I promise, I’ll be running over the different game modes in Redbana Audition’s server, so please keep it tuned here. Again this is Harmonix, See ya ‘round!



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Audition Dance Battle: The Warm Up

Posted by EXHarmonix Thursday December 6 2012 at 1:20AM
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Hello everyone and welcome to Audition Dance Battle’s Blog. My name is Harmonix and I am Redbana Audition’s Community Manager. I’ll be taking you on a tour inside Audition Town and give you an overview on what you’ll be experiencing there.

Alright, so first off, whenever we hear the word Audition, the first thing that pops into our minds is, Try-outs. Well, common sense and human instincts can sometimes be right. Here in Audition, you can try out your skills, music and fashion sense.

The game requires skill. Of course, in try outs, you will need skills as they will be the basis if you can be tagged as the best. 



Like any other performances, you will need music and costumes. Each song piece will differ in pace and rhythm, beautifully mixed with our game modes.  Do you like playing musical instruments? How about moving your feet to the beat? We got you covered on that! We’ll be discussing more of those in my future blogs here.

Last but not the least, the best part about Redbana Audition? It’s the community! We are not all about playing and competition; we also form bonds between players as well as Staff to players.  YOU can be a part of our community as well! Just follow this link and be on your way in finding your destined online family.

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