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Another Perspective

Hello, I'm Coma, I've interned in the industry, and recieved a degree to make games. 15 years of MMO experience in the pocket has given me another perspective. One that will usually make you hate me for it. That's the goal.

Author: C0MA

Why the hate?

Posted by C0MA Monday August 15 2011 at 7:25AM
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Are many MMO players transforming into a disease? A festering wound slowly destroying the functioning systems in place to provide us with similar but unique experiences from MMO development companies? Is it not a vivid representation of that gluttonous house pet devouring its bowl of food in mere minutes then left yelping for more? Why do you as a MMO gamer feel it’s okay to act like a virtual snob if something wasn’t designed specifically with your ideas in mind or your strong points of game play directly catered too?  Are you not that same person who detests the lady at the table across from you who complains about her mashed potatoes being too cold even though you can see the steam rising from them?   
The internet has evolved into an acceptable place for rigid reviews and hate mongering as with most, if not all aspects of life. While you have a voice and can use this voice for any reason your heart desires, Why would your heart desire to oppose your own interests? When you go to a third party MMO review site much like this one you will find a lot of hate spew. Even though moderators have been cracking down, there’s just so much and they will never get it all. Now if the person posting posts their hate mongering in a legitimate format it’s possible it didn’t break any rules and then regardless to the intentions will remain and like many threads of the sorts become 427 pages long of bickering.
Just for clarification, I’m not talking about a negative review of a game that’s detailed and explains in a fair way, the former player’s opinions and perspectives on why he felt that way. Hell in some cases it can be biased as long as it truly explains who, what, when, where, and WHY the product wasn’t this users cup of tea. What I am talking about though is the thoughtless hate, for instance I recently read a thread under the Age of Conan general forums here. What it basically said was
“What a piece of ****, I have to use their patcher to download the game? What is this ****, Why is the file so big??? This is a piece of ****, and finally I finished the download and they won’t even let me use the Ranger class in the f2p model? What a piece of **** avoid this $^%&#&$^”
This could be done about any game on the market and if I see this I’m running to its defense. This like many of the spam hate trolls today are only destroying the thing they claim to love. It comes of selfish and degrading.
MMO’s aren’t fun if there isn’t a player base to play with…
So why do so many people try so hard to destroy the player bases of games they don’t like? Do you think they will leave said game to join yours? I mean they picked said game over yours in the first place so why would they go there now? Would they go there because the games are similar? If they are similar why would they swap out to begin with? Furthermore I think it’s time to spread the love…
SPREAD THE LOVE PEOPLE; because everything grows with love… hate only brings more hate.
jinxxed0 writes:

The same reason people argue about PS3 and 360 being the best. Becasue they are dimwits that just want to justify the 500 dollar purchase they just made.


As for Guild Wars 2 and ToR, no idea why those games are pitted against each other, they seem to be made entirely different people. Thats people comparing a hair brush to a tooth brust.

Mon Aug 15 2011 9:05AM Report
dewypine writes:

you should not cry when people have a different opinion, they are like buttholes.. everyone has one, and some smell worse than others.

Mon Aug 15 2011 2:16PM Report
NovaKayne writes: Hate has it's place. If no one Posted the negative with the positive you would not have sort of picture of what to expect. What bothers me is the hate just because a game has been Uber hyped. If you have NO experience with a game why is there a need to get on the hate bandwagon other than to be able to come back in 3 months after release to say I told you so. The vocal minority has always been on the negative side. Because those with the positive experience are too buisy playing to post. ;) Mon Aug 15 2011 2:38PM Report
C0MA writes:

@ Novakayne

I said if a negative review happens, that is one thing, but to spend time and effort spreading negativity in every thread, every chance you get, regardless to what game it is, is not productive but deminishing to the industry. Negativity spreads if you like it or not, that's why in many cases people "Avoid" negative people, no one wants to be brought down.

Mon Aug 15 2011 7:45PM Report
C0MA writes:

@ dewypine

You did not read the post, so why reply and bury it? That's the trolling i'm talking about in the post.

Mon Aug 15 2011 7:47PM Report
daltanious writes:

Actually people with so much hathred just gives they personal ID card to public.

I had negative comments many times ... but based on what I have tried ... but nah, never was hathred. To many eye sight is covered with bloody red as soon they read wow .... that is problem for psichiatrists.

Tue Aug 16 2011 9:40AM Report writes:
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